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The Episode starts with Ishita consoling Aaliya. Doctor comes and tells them that Mihir’s surgery is done, but he is critical. Aaliya starts shouting on him calling him inefficient and asks him to call his senior. He says we have to monitor Mihir. Aaliya asks him does he not know his work, if anything happens to Mihir, I will sue you. He says you can’t threaten me. Ishita apologizes to doctor and asks Aaliya to stop it. Raman asks Ruhi why is she busy on calls, whats the matter. Ruhi tells Raman that Ishita left as Aaliya was in problem, she did not want Pihu’s mood to get spoiled, it was some emergency, I feel its some accident. Raman says tell Pihu that I went to attend office meeting and leaves.

Ishita asks Aaliya whats wrong with you, behave yourself, sit here. Adi comes

and Aaliya hugs him. She cries and says Mihir had much bleeding, there was no one to help us. She holds his hand and tells everything. He looks at her and says nothing will happen to Mihir, we all are with him. Ishita looks on and thinks I hope Aaliya did not tell Adi what she feels about Mihir. Adi asks about Mihir and goes to get medicines. Vandu calls Ishita and asks her not to worry about Mihir, he will get fine. Vandu prays for Mihir and thinks I should tell Mihika.
Mihika is crying in her room. Vandu knocks the door. Mihika acts to be sleeping. Vandu sees Mihika’s tears and leaves from her room. Mihika cries and thinks I can’t trouble you all. Vandy wonders why is Mihika so worried, don’t know how to ask her, I have to find out. She goes out and sees Romi with Sanchi. Sanchi asks Romi to tell Mihika. He says she won’t understand, you leave. She says she left you, I will tell her if you don’t say. Vandu says it means this is Mihika’s problem, not of he friend.

Mihir lights the candles. Aaliya comes and asks whats the occasion. He says dinner, just you and me. She asks did you do all this for me. He says yes, should I have not done this. She says I mean…. He holds her and asks her to say what she wants to say. He says I know you love me, I want to hear it from you. She says Mihir I love you. They smile. He says I love you Aaliya, why did you not tell me before, I love you a lot. He holds her. She turns shy. Someone stabs him. She sees the knife in his stomach and shouts. Her imagination ends. Aaliya shouts Mihir…

Ishita says Mihir is inside, he is fine, relax, whats the problem, he is not conscious. Shagun comes and hears them. Aaliya says I will confess my love to him, I can’t live without him, let me go. Ishita slaps her and asks are you mad, you love Mihir, what do you know about him, do you know his age, how will mentalities match, leave all that, this is hospital, is this place to confess love, doctor said he is under observation, pray for him, be sensible, else I will slap again, you act maturely, you won’t tell anyone that you love Mihir. Shagun goes. Mani comes and stops Shagun.

He asks about Mihir. Shagun says his surgery is done, doctor kept him under observation. He says thank god, we will meet Ishita and Aaliya. She says not now, its so awkward. He asks what is it. She says you know Aaliya is like your daughter, I know Ishita should not cross this line, I have seen Ishita slapping Aaliya, I know she is like Aaliya’s mum. Mani says she loves Aaliya a lot, she never slapped Aaliya, I m sure Aaliya did wrong, Ishita is not like her mum, but her mum, she will never do wrong, I completely trust her. She says I know, I just felt so. He says its fine, I understand your concern, come.

Ishita asks Aaliya to go out and have food, you have to take care, how will you meet Mihir. She asks Adi to take Aaliya out, and make her have something. Adi says I know Aaliya is worried for Mihir, we will go and have coffee. Ishita asks Aaliya not to get mad. Aaliya nods and leaves with Adi. Mani comes and asks for Aaliya. Ishita says I have sent Aaliya with Adi to have some fresh air. She thinks I should not tell Mani about Aaliya and Mihir now. She says sorry to slap Aaliya. He says relax, I trust you, you are like mum. She thanks him. Shagun thinks so much trust, Aaliya will help me in breaking this trust.

Adi and Aaliya reach the café. He asks Aaliya to sit, will you have coffee or tea, I know you went through big trauma, you will like hot soup, I will order it. She asks why don’t you understand, I don’t feel like eating. He says I know you are tired, Mihir will get fine. She asks how will he get fine. He says relax, doctors are treating him, sit we have just come, you will feel good after having food, atleast have water. She throws glass and starts shouting, saying you want me to have food and water, I told Ishita that I can’t live without Mihir, I love Mihir, she has send me with you here, I love Mihir a lot, why don’t anyone understand. Adi gets shocked. She hugs him and cries. Adi holds her away and gets tearful eyes. He leaves.

Adi goes to washroom and cries recalling Aaliya’s words. He slaps himself angrily. The gift falls from his pocket. He picks it and cries seeing the gift for Aaliya.

Adi tells Ishita that you knew about Aaliya’s feelings, why did you not know Aaliya loves Mihir, you knew I love her, why did you not tell me. She says I got to know in hospital. He says you should have told me that time.
  1. Shruti says:

    Scene 1
    Kamla says to Roop that we will do as you say from now on. Roop says you all are welcome. He takes their luggage. Shamsher applies color on Kinjal and Kamla but stops from applying on Ishika. Ishika leaves from there. Kamla asks Roop to go and apply color on her.
    Roop comes to Ishika with red color and is about to apply on her forehead but she stops him and brings black color. She says you chose this color for me, lets play with this now, she applies it on his face with tears in her eyes. She says if you were my Roop then I would use red color but you are not same Roop, you destroyed our relation, you are not same Roop anymore. Dont think I am weak because I cameback, I am here because of Kamla’s tears, I will stop you for any mistake, you were my pride, my love

    but you destroyed everything, I will fight against you, I wont let you break my dream relation with Roop. Roop says fine then start facing this new Roop from now on. He takes black color and applies it in her forehead. Ishika is stunned. Shamsher takes Roop from there.
    Shamsher dances with Roop. All look on. Ishika recalls her moments with Roop, how he used to take stand for all of them, she thinks that my Roop was sensitive and cared for everyone, God bring my Roop back. She sees some burnt paper that Roop burned. She takes them and hugs it.

    Scene 2
    At night, Ishika recalls Roop asking them to leave house. Roop comes there and asks what she is doing? Ishika says I am handling your burned memories. Roop takes burned items and says its good they are here so I remember to live my new life. Ishika says you can try to forget but your dream is with dhaba, we have competition and I will take part in it, if you really love your dreams then I will wait for you. Roop says then keep waiting.

    Roop is looking for Shamsher. Kamla says he left. Roop goes behind him.

    Shamsher is in bar. Roop comes there and try to stop him from drinking. Roop says today is holi, you can leave wine today, lets go home. Shamsher says I have to listen to my son, he leaves with him.

    Roop says to Shamsher that you are owner and lion of this house now. Shamsher says you are my son. Roop says promise that you will drink alcohol in this house only. Shamsher says I promise. Roop makes a drink for him. Kamla says you guys can drink outside house. Roop says its Shamsher’s house and he will drink where he wants. Kinjal says but.. Roop says dont argue. Kamla and Kinjal leaves. Shamsher says I am so happy. Roop thinks to stop making Shamsher from drinking.

    PRECAP- Ishika thinks that she will bring her Roop back. She comes in dhaba and sees Kamla’s name blackened on board, she says who did this? Roop says I did it, you keep doing what I say no to. Ishika says you are not ashamed to blacken your mother’s name? I will keep trying.

    Update Credit to: Atiba

  2. Shruti says:

    Kulfi says we will fly, can’t we make something like flying lantern, Vaishali says it’s not possible,Kulfi says I will fly and find a way for it and escape, come let’s think, Vaishali says I have an idea we can fly in an hot air ballon, I read about in a book in library,kids get to library. And start looking for it, Vaishali finds it. Kids get in kitchen and start discussing about making an hot air ballon and start making calculations, Zinda says there are two many bed sheets in basement we will make use of it and also bed sheets and bed covers.

    Rocket asks how will we stitch so many bed sheets, Kulfi says why be negative we will give a try, and more important we are all together. Amyra forces to begin practising, Sikander says not today you are tired, amyra keeps forcing, Sikander

    finally agrees, amyra touches his feet before practice and says you are my dad but my teacher from today, sikander hugs her, Sikander and Amyra begun their practice.amyra very excited and says I will work very hard, sikander remembers how stubborn and spoilt Amyra use to behave, Sikander remembers his practice sessions with kulfi and thinks my music is incomplete without you,and so am I.
    Guards ask kids what are they doing with bed sheets, Zinda says Ama loves cleanliness and so she ordered us to clean and you want us to go against her, he gets scared and says go go please. Sikander and Amyra practice singing, amyra tries singing alone, and chokes herself, Sikander gets water, and asks Lovely to fall doctor. Vaishali makes arrangement for stitching. Doctor tells Sikander amyra is week and she shouldn’t sing now, Ama gets to kitchen, and asks where are186 and 404, Zinda says cleaning rooms, Kulfi and Vaishali act as cleaning when Ama enters and get to bed sheet stitching when she leaves.

    Sikander says for the first time amyra asked me for something, amyra falls Sikander and says don’t worry I’m fine when will we practice next. Ama asks kids where are 220 666,why is someone missing all the time, speak 186,Kulfi says if we all work here who will clean other rooms, so we divided the rooms, Ama finds it fishy and goes to kitchen. And says let them think I didn’t get a clue but will caught them red handed.

    Amyra says mom my wish won’t it be fulfilled, Sikander says Amyra will sing.

    Pre cap : Ama slowly approaches towards the room, kids busy stitching in.

    Update Credit to: Tanaya

  3. Shruti says:

    Scene 1
    Piya says to Vedsheree that I will do as I say. Vedsheree says we have to go pooja on eclipse night which is tonight, we have to go and do it in witch’s den. Piya says but I cant leave Adi alone, I will ask Ansh to take care of Adi, she goes to talk to Ansh. Vedsheree glares at Adi and says I am going with your mother, when we comeback then your mother will be a witch too and she will eat you too.
    Piya tells Ansh that Vedsheree has become a witch. Ansh says what? I didnt trust you. Piya says I have to go with her tonight. Ansh says its dangerous, I will go. Piya says no, we have to take this risk, take care of Adi, I will be fine. Ansh hugs her and cries. Piya moves away from him.

    Avi shows will file to Jiji and says its your husband’s will. Jiji says I am thinking to

    go back. Chitali says we will celebrate holi, Koel and Tara will be here. Jiji calls Tara and says we should stay here till holi. Tara nods and looks at file. She sees some pictures and sees Mayank, she says what he is doing in dad’s documents.
    Vedsheree calls witch tree in her room. Piya comes there. She tells Adi that I will comeback soon. Vedsheree says lets go Piya. She holds her hand. Witch tree pulls them both and vanishes. Adi cries. Ansh comes there and says dont worry, God is with Piya.

    Scene 2
    Piya and Vedsheree come to witch area.

    Holi starts, Chitali starts holika fire. Tara sees Mayank in ceremony and gets scared. She looks around and sees that he is gone. Avi comes to her and asks what happened? She says nothing. Jiji says lets do pooja.

    Nishant hammers nail in wall and says we will find answers ourselves. He takes eagle locket out of box and covers windows. He says now it will give us answers.

    Vedsheree says to Piya that you need powers to take my braid off and you have that power. Piya says but witch cant her braid to anyone, she fights for it. Vedsheree says thats why I brought you here, she makes a circle around her and says when moon falls down then I will be tied in this circle and wont be able to do anything then you snatch my braid. Piya nods.

    Mayank comes to Tara and says you will marry me only or I can forcefully do that, he leaves from there.

    Nishant says I will ask answers from this eagle locket. It will answer us tomorrow, he asks eagle how creature is following tha girl? He applies powder on eagle mark. Screen infront of it starts burning.

    Piya waits and see circle on fire. Vedsheree asks her to get ready and brings her witch braid out. Piya is about to take off her braid but Vedsheree throws her in circle and comes out. Piya is stunned.

    Nishant sees a 5 years old girl on screen. Saanvi says mom met girl with mark when she was 5 years old. Naman says Tara? Naman says I saw her name in college register. Nishant says what this means?

    PRECAP- Vedsheree brings a witch braid out and puts it in Piya’s hair.

    Update Credit to: Atiba

  4. Shruti says:

    Dr Daksh says they must break the coffin to check what’s inside. He reads a Mantra. Kanchan senses Niyati and Daksh are opening that coffin. She establishes a mental connection with Akshat and asks where he is. There, Akshat continuously wipes the sweat off his face. She now shouts Akshat’s name. Daksh says he has broken the Tantra. The devil soul in Akshat is restless and caught in the world, they must do the cremation of this corpse. He throws kerosene oil from a jar over the coffin. A tree branch fell over and hurts Daksh in his gut. He sends Niyati to hurry up and burn the coffin before it is again covered with the soil. The lighter didn’t work. Akshat appeared in front of them. He says Niyati is Akshat’s wife, not his. She intervened in his personal life now. Niyati counters what about him, he

    destroyed her personal life. She challenges that he won’t be able to ruin a single hair or hers. She will burn the corpse. Akshat was pushed back from the shield around Niyati. Niyati says the wandering soul already troubled them. Now, the game is over. Akshat picks the bottle of kerosene oil and pours it around Niyati. He burns the lighter and says today there will surely be ta cremation but of Niyati. He throws the burning lighter. Niyati was pushed back by the growing fire. Akshat takes the coffin from the hole and drags it along him. Daksh and Niyati were left helpless. Niyati was apologetic for being helpless to him. Daksh felt weak and asks her to go behind Akshat, it’s her last chance. Niyati wasn’t ready to leave Daksh, they will get such a chance again if God wills.
    Later, Daksh thanks Niyati at her house. He says he needs to meditate for a while. A number of dark forces might attack them and they need powers to counter them. Niyati gets a call from Prithvi. She returns to Jalsa. Everyone was tensed to find her filled in mud and blood. Prithvi was worried to see the blood on her arms. Niyati wonders what she must tell everyone. Akshat comes home and says he can tell them. He says he followed Niyati. She wasn’t in the room, she made a rope of bed sheets. He followed her outside. Niyati held a dog in hands and was fighting it fiercely. All at once, Niyati began to beat him them, he fell unconscious. Niyati is turning extremely dangerous. Niyati claims him to be a liar. She heads closer but Akshat was pushed back on floor by the shield. They all move to help Akshat. Sumati asks Niyati what this all is. Niyati tells Sumati that Akshat is under a deep grip of that devil soul. Akshat tells Prithvi that he is heartbroken, his innocent Niyati is turning powerful. He fears for Niyati. Prithvi says Akshat had taken the responsibility of Niyati. Akshat says he got a solution, the lady must be here anytime. Niyati wonders whom did he brought. A lady in white dress enters Jalsa. She smells around and says a dark power is present somewhere around. Niyati whispers to Sumati that whom Akshat brought here. Sumati says this seems a complete fraud. She comes forward and says she is the one. The lady reads something on a flower and place it over Sumati’s forehead. She announces it’s not in Sumati, but someone else. She now walks towards Nani, then close to Niyati. She says there seems a dark enclosing around Niyati, even in daylight. She reads the Mantra over flower and place it with Niyati’s forehead. The flower turns black.
    PRECAP: Kanchan tells Akshat he must feed this black powder to everyone, it will kill them. The lady Tantric offers everyone Prasad.

    Update Credit to: Sona

  5. Shruti says:

    Yamini comes to her room and closes the door from inside. She asks her husband to step outside. Why are you hiding like a woman? He complains it isn’t so but she reasons that he had a chance to prove his manhood today. Be a man. The eagle enters in their room. Arjun and Yamini hide so as to avoid it. The eagle flies away. Arjun teases his wife. It’s gone. Yamini looks around worried. He asks her to close the door. I told you that the danger isn’t over yet. Go outside now. She denies. You too shouldn’t go. Arjun is sure it isn’t an ordinary bird. Some enemy has sent it here especially for me. Yamini seconds him.

    Sitara begins to tell Viraj her truth when the conch blows. She takes him inside knowing that Rani Sa is praying for Ratan. Rani Sa prays for her husband’s well being. Yamini prays

    that he never returns. Arjun prays that he becomes the new Maharaj now. Viraj asks Ma to help him find his father. Sitara says I have to fulfil my duty and promise given to Baba. I cannot let a scratch come on Maharaj or my vow will break. Please help me Devi Ma. Samrat blows conch. Sitara notices the pearl garland around Devi Ma shining brightly. Rani Sa holds the vermilion box in her hand. You have its swear Ma. Don’t keep my husband away from me. Sitara recalls how the mystery doors could be opened earlier. Red pearl, white pearl, vermilion, all these things hint at the south gate! She folds her hands in reverence and goes from there.
    Vrinda is dressed like a new bride. She looks at Ratan lying unconscious on the bed in front of her. No one can stop our lineage from growing now. She moves closer to him but Sitara keeps her hand between Vrinda and Ratan’s mouth shocking Vrinda. Sitara pushes her away. Your every wish will remain incomplete till the time I am standing between you and the royal family. Vrinda asks her how she found out she is here. Sitara replies that she may have Mahamata on her side but I have Devi Ma. Vrinda says you are too proud of your Devi Ma. I will see how your Devi Ma will save you and your king today. She drops droplets of her blood on the floor and an eagle surfaces. It attacks Sitara. Vrinda says I will make Ratan mine in front of your eyes today. You will just stand here helplessly. The eagle picks a stone and heads towards Sitara. Vrinda orders him to kill Sitara as she heads towards the bed where Ratan is lying unconscious. Sitara uses her powers to stop the eagle. She ends up strangling him.

    Vrinda lies next to Ratan and starts unbuttoning his coat. Sitara holds her hand just in time and pulls her away. The eagle opens its eyes again. Sitara shouts Maa as the eagle hits her again. She asks Devi Ma to help her. Devi Ma sends her powers to Sitara. She burns the eagle in a second. Vrinda takes a step towards the bed but Sitara warns her she will meet the same fate if she tries touching Maharaj. Vrinda comes to her Vishkanya avatar. You must not be so proud of your powers. They will make you weak one day. You are alone whereas it is 4 of us. You will very soon fail in front of us! I will make a relation with Ratan that day. That day will come very soon! Sitara tells her it will never happen. I will tell your truth to everyone very soon. I will tell everyone that you and your sisters are Vishkanya’s. Vrinda asks her who believes her. Ratan says I trust her and will always trust her. Sitara tells him the truth about Vrinda and her sisters. I am also a Vishkanya. They have come to seek revenge for their sister Kalindi. Trust me. You all knew about this but they stealthily wiped out your every memory about them. They have come in disguise to seek revenge! I know you will find it to be some story but it is our truth. Ratan tells her he trusts her. I might not recall my past but I very well know you wont cheat us ever! You will never lie to us! Vrinda tells him not to believe Sitara. How can you trust her? Sitara tells Ratan not to fall in Vrinda’s trap. Vrinda tries again but Ratan tells her not to utter another word. I respect women so I am speaking nicely. If it was a guy in your place then he would have met a different fate! It will be good if you and your sisters leave from here! He asks Sitara to come. He again warns Vrinda not to mistake his silence for his weakness. I can still hold you and your sister’s captive here if I want but I am allowing you go people to go far from here. You will see my worst if you don’t leave! He leaves with Sitara.

    Vrinda recalls how Kalindi had died. You did very wrong Sitara. You will have to bear its brunt now. You must die now! You have invited your death this time!

    Sitara gives water to Ratan. Are you fine? He nods. Sit down. Sitara complies. Ratan says why dint you think I might refuse to accept you as my DIL after knowing your truth. I might ask you leave just like I asked those Vishkanya’s? Weren’t you scared a bit? Sitara says I am your Minister Kuldeep’s daughter. He made me the protector of this palace. Nothing is above this dharma. It was my duty to save you and not my truth. Truth was going to come out in front of everyone sooner or later. I was about to tell Viraj my truth. I just couldn’t understand how. Will you help me? Please tell Viraj my truth. Tell him that I wont be able to do my patni-dharma ever. He has every right to know it! Viraj asks her what she is speaking about. Sitara stands up noticing Viraj and Rani Sa.

    Precap: Sitara and Viraj are lighting Holika Dahan. Vrinda and her sisters come there. Sitara reminds them about Holika Dahan story. Good wins over evil. Your game is up! Viraj challenges Sitara. I will be the first one to apply holi on you. She challenges him back. They pick colours in their hands. Sitara throws colour in the air but seems shocked by something.

    Update Credit to: Pooja

  6. Shruti says:

    Neelam shouts that what Bari Amma told wasn’t complete truth, Shankar was her husband and she held illegitimate relationship with him. She and her son, recognized as Ghungru here, have come to revenge them of Shankar’s death. She blames Bari Amma who kept Shankar as a servant here in her house. She never thought about her sister and turned her life into hell. Kamli’s soul in Vaidika leaves Sahil’s collar and grabs Ghungru’s shirt now. She questions if Ghungru came for revenge to the house. Ghungru punches Vaidika who falls onto Sahil. Ghungru accepts it was all a drama. He was dubious of them already. Vaidika was no normal. She says she created all the drama because she wanted Bari Amma to tell the secret of 333. But she didn’t know Ghungru can so easily confess in front of everyone

    that he wasn’t crazy, he boasted about his abilities of hypnosis and mind control. Nani wonders what hypnosis is. Deepak says one controls the mind of others and force everyone to act as per her wish. Ghungru says he can show others what doesn’t actually exist. He calls Kamli. Vaidika says Kamli never actually died. Kamli reaches the room. Vaidika slaps Ghungru and tells the family it was the plan of them three. They used hypnosis to do all this. She deters to call the police. Ghungru was stubborn what if he doesn’t leave. Sahil drags Ghungru outside while Nani pushes Neelam out of Agarwal house, slapping the door over his face. Ghungru deters he would stay back until he has revenged the family. Sahil takes the challenge and shuts the door. Nani blames Bari Amma for her blunders. Sahil hugs Vaidika and boasts that she saved the family once again. It was her plan, and she unveiled the 333 secret. He thanks Vaidika, being appreciative of her.
    Neelam place a hand over Ghungru’s shoulder and asks him to forget what happened. Ghungu says she knows that whatever was said today isn’t the complete truth. Neelam says he must turn himself strong enough to turn not the situations but their enemy. Ghungru was determined not to spare them until his bruises are healed. Sahil and Vaidika would remember this date, and will be left with no option to include him in their lives and house. They will beg him of forgiveness one day, only then his revenge would be accomplished. Neelam questions what he is up to. Ghungru says one must only attack where it hurts the most, he found that sore. She must only see their destruction now on.
    Vaidika sat in her room, still thinking about Kamli, Bari Amma and the strange happenings in the house. She was tensed and restless. Sahil appears from behind and shuts her eyes; excited about what he brought for her. He playfully asks her to guess what it can be. Vaidika was happy by the excitement in his voice.
    Bari Amma wasn’t ready to give an explanation to Nani and pushes her outside. Bari Amma blames Vaidika for all this trouble, she forced her to speak this truth out. Nani wasn’t ready to accept this blame. She says Bari Amma kept a dead body in the house, naming it 333. She killed Yash’s mother, Anjana, hid Sahil and Bhoomi’s truth, stole Vaidika’s child. Puneesh counts what about Tej Pratab, Pankti’s father. Deepak comments on Bari Amma’s character. She warns to throw Deepak out of the city. Nani gets seated and asks what other secrets are left about her life. Puneesh says whatever Bari Amma did was for the wellbeing of the family. He requests Bari Amma to forgive Deepak and his mistakes as well. Deepak thinks Puneesh Tiwari is surely playing some game. He must figure out.

    Update Credit to: Sona

  7. Shruti says:

    Scene 1
    Zara comes to society and talks to women, all praise her work. She thinks they dont look like they would bicker about me. Zara says I am doing a campaign to free women from kitchen, we have to tell husbands that we are not their servants, they cant treat us like animals, we should get freedom from them. Woman says what are you saying? we are happy with our husbands, we heard a lot of praise for you but you have this mindset? we want to keep our families happy and we are happy with our husbands. Zara says I just wanted to know your thoughts, i am happy to hear all that, let me know why you lied to an old man? woman says what old man? no one came here, Zara looks on.

    Zeenat sees dream of Samir burning her alive. She wakes up and thinks I have to give Samir’s money back.

    Zara comes to sharia board. Kabir makes Rizwan stay in room. Zara says I talked to women, they are happy with their families and they said that they never talked to any old man. Kabir says I talked to those women, Kausar is not lying. Rizwan says I think Kausar wanted Zara to be on her side so she made women talk in her favor and they talked truth to Kabir, this is Kausar’s game. Kabir says yes, Zara take your case back, listen to me. Zara says I will keep your word but I wont let injustice happen to Kausar, you will listen to case and give decision in favor of truth, she leaves. Rizwan says I have a solution, if we can hide file of case and tell that we cant move ahead without file. Kabir says never, I will never lie.

    Zeenat comes to PCO to call. Kashan comes there and says when will you stop? He takes her from there.

    Suraiya asks Rizwan why he want to make Kabir and Zara fight? Rizwan says Zara will fight case in sharia board and it will tarnish Kabir’s image so it will be easier to seat from him.

    Case starts in sharia board. Kabir takes file from woman and says your date is not today. Zara says she is a woman that needs justice and had to bear pain for 10 days, doesnt she deserve to be heard? Rizwan says other cases are important too. Kabir says no, Zara please start your case. Zara calls Kausar there, all look on. Kabir is stunned to see her. He says you are Kausar and recalls flashback. Kabir says her husband is not here so we cant hear this case, you can go, Kausar leaves. Zara is confused to see Kabir nervous.

    Rizwan comes to Kabir and asks what happened? you can tell me. Kabir thanks him. Zara comes there. Kabir says Kausar is a liar, you know what happened to her? she can put false blames on anyone, ask her what happened 10 years back, she said yes to marriage in one family but one day before marriage she met Bilal and married him. Zara says I think this is a lie. Kabir says I know, she destroyed three homes, she is putting blames on Bilal. Zara says how you know all this about her? Kabir says because her marriage was fixed in our family. Zara is stunned. Rizwan hears it too. Kabir says Kausar was about to marry Kashan, she lied to everyone. Zara is stunned. Kabir says people started insulting Kashan but Zeenat married Kashan as she had taken debt from Kausar’s family. Kabir says that woman lied and played this game, I am witness to that, she knows how to dishonor respected families. He leaves from there. Rizwan thinks this twist will make game interesting.

    PRECAP- Shahbaz shouts at Zara to not talk to Kausar, she destroyed our respect.
    Zeenat asks Zara where are you going? Zara says to talk to Kausar, she leaves. Zeenat says what if Kausar tells truth to Zara then what will happen to me?

    Update Credit to: Atiba

  8. Shruti says:

    Naina tells Sameer she was hungry. Chachi ji told me to pack something to eat. Will you eat? He asks her if she really means it. Do you have any standard or not? Who wears cardigans over suits? You are eating Chakli in a 5 star hotel! You ruined all my plans. I could take you out from Ahmedabad but I couldn’t take out Ahmedabad from you.

    Voiceover – Naina:
    The love affair may be of years but you understand the real avatar of someone only after marriage. You begin to also wonder if you made the right decision of marrying this fool or not.

    Much to Sameer’s shock, Naina is still munching onto the Chakli as she sobs.

    Sameer wakes up in the middle of the night and isn’t sleepy. He peeks at Naina who is sleeping peacefully. He grabs the packet of Chakli stealthily

    and munches onto it. He looks at Naina to hide the noise.
    Voiceover – Sameer:
    Upon my return, when I told Naina about it, we both laughed over the incident like crazy. She very proudly told me that Ahmedabad’s Chakli came to help in the end. I would have remained Kud-kud-kumar if I hadn’t eaten it. Naina dint come to Ooty only to eat Chakli after all. I had to surprise her again next morning.

    Next morning, Sameer has covered Naina’s eyes and takes her outside. She asks him about it but he removes his hand only once they are outside. She looks at the table decorated with a heart made of rose petals and smiles. Waiters serve them breakfast there. Sameer asks her if he should get Chakli from the room if this seems less. He holds her hands and makes her sit down. He says a romantic shayari for her. Ae Kaash ke Hum plays as they feed each other breakfast. He asks for Aashiqui pose. This will be the most romantic moment of our honeymoon. He brings camera and his jacket. She suggests calling waiter but his camera has timer. He places it above two glasses. He also makes her remove her sweater. The click happens before he can actually wear his jacket. The camera clicks at all the wrong times.

    Voiceover – Naina:
    Back then, there were no smart phones or selfie sticks. It was a big task to place timer in cameras. We wasted an entire film while clicking the photo in our favourite pose. It is good that it dint happen as it is one of my best memories of life.

    Sameer gives up on the camera. Naina hugs him from behind and he calms down immediately. She kisses him on the cheeks as he turns around and runs inside. Sameer touches his cheek cutely. He jumps in joy.

    Preeti is on call with Naina. How are you both? Mummy is after my life. She wants me to study. Are you troubling Jija ji too? Naina tells her that it dint happen. We roamed around and are in a 5 star hotel right now. Preeti wishes she was there too. Bela talks to Naina. Are you both eating the snacks that I packed? Naina recalls the last night’s argument and lies to Bela. Bela tells Naina that girls have to do something special to make her husband happy. You will have to wash your and Sameer’s spoiled clothes. They smell when you keep such clothes in the suitcase. Men don’t like it. Naina readily agrees.

    Voiceover – Naina:
    Till now you saw Naina and Sameer’s beautiful dream. Now you will find out how it broke into pieces. Chachi ji told me the right thing but little did I know that that idea will ruin Sameer and my plans completely.

    Sameer asks Naina why she isn’t ready. She shows her clothes to him to choose. He selects a blue one for her. It will look perfect on you. She smiles. I heard what you told me. Will you listen to me now? He nods. She asks him if they should study a little before they go outside. Our final exams will start the moment we are home. He gives in but stands / sits romantically with her. He is busy caressing her cheek as she points at the topics. He asks her where she will go next. She asks him to study first but he gets upset. She closes the book. Tell me where we will go. He asks her to guess it. They are headed to Rose Park and boating (he write it all on her back using his fingers). He very smartly writes the word kiss too. He tries pulling her for a kiss but she keeps bringing the book in between. Cute song plays in the background. He ends up making her face him by a little force and leans closer for the kiss. She starts sneezing just then.

    Voiceover – Sameer:
    I thought Naina and I had come alone on honeymoon but she had brought along two guests namely cold and fever.

    Precap: Naina keeps sneezing at every right time (kiss time or photo time). Sameer walks away in a huff.

    Update Credit to: Pooja

  9. Shruti says:

    Scene 1
    Mahindra says to Dhanak that Raghu made me realize that I am missing on a lot by staying away from my daughter. Dhanak hugs him and cries.

    Aslam asks Raghu to play holi with him. Raghu says no, I am useless, I couldnt fulfill her one dream. Aslam says its not in your hands, your love is true, you are a lion, go to her and take care for her. Raghu says you are right, I am coming.

    Savitri makes everyone stand in line along with Dhanak and her family. She puts color on everyone. She comes to Dhanak but Dhanak stops her. Mai says you are stopping me? Dhanak says my father and husband has first right and then I will come to you. Bai mixes drugs in juices and gives it to Dhanak’s family. Dhanak drinks it too. Mai keeps giving her drinks. Dhanak gets dizzy.

    Maya says dont know what Raghu sees in Dhanak. She puts permanent ink in colors for dhanak.
    Dhanak is dizzy and looks around for Raghu, she says what is happening to me? She sees Raghu coming there and smiles. She goes to him. They both stare at each other but Dhanak suddenly starts laughing. Raghu smiles at her. Dhanak says you know Mai wanted to apply color on me but I said Raghu will apply first. She tries to apply color on him but he moves away. Aslam shakes his head so Raghu allows Dhanak to apply color on him. She makes him apply color on her face. In lamhon ke daaman mei plays. Raghu caresses her face and cant look away. Dhanak says you are so nice, you made me so happy today. Raghu thinks what happened to her? Dhanak says I want to dance. She dances with him.

    Mikka comes in function, he starts singing. Dhanak dances with Raghu, sawan mei lag gayi aag. Maya applies color on Raghu. Dhanak takes permanent colors from and applies on her face. Maya is shocked and runs from there. Mai comes to Mikka and asks if he can sing dekha jo tujhe yaar? He nods and sings, Mai dances with him. Bablu’s wife comes there and glares at Mai.
    Preeti sees Dhanak running and tells Raghu that Dhanak is drunk because of bhaang.

    PRECAP- Dhanak tells Raghu that I will work on a mission assigned by inspector, first target will be Bablu.
    Bablu’s wife attacks Mai on head.

    Update Credit to: Atiba

  10. Shruti says:

    The Episode starts with Rajjo asking Amma to prepare her son for the exam. Amma says Happu is ready. Rajjo challenges Happu and asks the children to make the test paper. She asks them to make it very tough for Happu. Kamlesh comes. Katori says tea has finished, I will make tea for you tomorrow. Rajjo says Happu may fail in the exam. Happu worries that he may really fail. Amma asks him to work hard and win the challenge. Happu goes to Benny and complains about Rajjo.

    Benny praises Vimlesh. He asks Happu to help him and do his setting with Vimlesh. He says my young days are passing by. Happu says I will talk, just use your smart mind and help me, make me rid of this problem, I swear I will get Vimlesh’s alliance for you. Benny agrees and asks what’s the problem. Happu tells the problem. Benny says its serious problem. Happu says just try to help me out.

    Rajjo takes care of Ranveer and asks him to focus on the students. She says you have to pass the test and come first. Amma and Rajjo’s arguments continue. Rajjo scolds Ranveer when he sings and goes. Amma says I know Ranveer can’t do this. She asks him to better close the books and go to sing songs. Ranveer goes. She calls Happu to know about his studies. He says I m studying 6 books altogether. She asks who will catch the criminals then. He says I m doing my work and studying also. She says you can’t do two things well. He says I m studying and also solving the cases, I m doing two things, why are you worried, don’t worry, trust me, I will pass the test. She says I don’t trust you after I saw your marks sheet. She warns him.

    Rajjo checks Ranveer’s paper and says I m sure that you will win over your dad and pass the test, you have to pass for my sake. Happu comes and hears her joking on her. Happu worriedly goes to get help from Benny. Benny asks her to just do cheating and win the challenge.

    Happu makes the cheating plan of leaking exam paper with Amma.

    Update Credit to: Amena

  11. Shruti says:

    Scene 1
    Jhariya puts hot water in Tettar’s feet. It burns his feet. He screams.
    Mauha is talking to Tune. Nimki says you keep talking to her Tune she has work. Nimki says mono lets go to school. Ramla brings lunch box. Nimki hugs her.

    All villagers complain to Nimki. She says you have to understand tettar is plannin all this and we have to fight against him.
    The lawyer comes and asks Babu what happened. He says Nimki was arranging a fashion show. He writes fashion show. Babu says when dad went to stop the fashion show. Nimki made him dirty. Lawyer says so write she tried killing him. Babbu says no she didn’t try to kill. Lawyer says no you don’t have to say that. Say that you were home having fun with your family. Suddenly your wife Nimki called you. Case

    is won with right story not truth. He says then say you went to meet her with love. To talk to her only. she was waiting for you. She wanted to meet you.
    Rekha says he is very clever. Babu says I was angry. Lawyer says anger is not the word you have to use. You were very happy when you went.
    Mono says to Nimki I am very scared. People of osawa pur took everything from us. Even your respect. Boys say weird things about you. Nimki says we shouldn’t care about people. She hugs him. Mmono says I am always with you. Nimki says don’t worry Babu will be punished. Mono says but he is out. Nimki says if court doesn’t give him punishment, I will kill him in market. Mono says I will clap.

    Lawyer says nice tea. Tettar says our DIL made it. He says one DIL is raped and other is making tea. Babbu says then I slapped her. Then I.. Lawyer says all that didn’t happen. You will accept that you slept with her but with her consent. She asked you to come there. Nimki loved you and wanted to be yours. She cried and tried to seduce you. And it happened.
    Babu says why would she file a case then? He says because she is greedy. And then she tried shaming you for money. Tettar says what an amazing story. You changed the story entirely. Lawyer says Nimki was crying and asked Babbu to go to bedroom. She asked for his love and it happend. Dablo comes and says how disgusting are you. She was raped. do you have any shame? Tettar says go from here. Dablo says Babbu say truth. God will forgive you.

    Precap-Sweeti meets Abhi and Nimki about the new lawyer. Abhi says they wont be able to prove it. Babbu sees Sweeeti with Abhi.

    Update Credit to: Atiba

  12. Shruti says:

    The Episode starts with Archie and Rajmata telling Yashpal about the fraud people. Rajmata says we should find the idol. The driver calls Archie and says just listen to me, I have your idol. Archie puts phone on speaker. The driver says I don’t need idol, I want your help, don’t call police, else you can’t get idol, I know you want this idol, meet me tomorrow at big haveli road. He leaves. Kashinath is also on the way. Nurse says Revati got conscious, she is asking for her family. Kashinath says handle her, I got medicines, I m coming. The man takes the idol to some place. Kashinath sees the man and says I can’t do anything now, I will meet Revati first. Revati shouts nurse. Nurse says I have called Kashinath, he would be coming.

    Revati asks why, call my family, tell them I

    m here. Nurse says Kashinath got you here from hospital. Revati asks why, who admitted me in hospital. Nurse says Archie and Rajmata admitted you. Revati says they are my family, call them, they would be finding me. Nurse agrees and calls hospital. Abhiram signs the discharge form. Nurse calls to tell about Revati. Abhiram takes the call and asks for address to pick Revati. He lies to the nurse and smiles. He says I will kill Revati, I was here in hospital because of her. He leaves.
    Yashpal stops the jeep. Archie asks why did we come here now. Yashpal says I wanted to check if this is Brahmanand’s plan. Rajmata says I felt that man really needs help. Yashpal says if you did police duty like me, you would have suspected everything. Vandana thinks to find out the matter first. Archie asks why did they call us to this haveli. Yashpal says I will ask him, you all stay here, I will hide and nab him. Archie says no, he told us that he won’t give us idol, you have to take a disguise. He says fine, I will inform the other police team. Kashinath comes and sees nurse unconscious. Abhiram catches Revati. Kashinath asks Abhiram to leave Revati, she is innocent. Abhiram says my dad is in jail because of her.

    Kashinath says you want the idol, I will take you to idol, leave her. Abhiram asks are you saying the truth. Kashinath says yes, just leave us. Abhiram faints them and ties them up. He takes them to the place. Its morning, Archie and everyone meet the driver who called them to meet. The driver says I m Sudhir, I have your idol, don’t worry, I have kept it safe, I will give it to you when you help me. She says I m worried for my family. He says I m also worried, I went to commit suicide, when I learnt that you saved villagers, I thought to meet you for a talk and ask for help. She asks what’s the matter. He shows the haveli and says it belongs to me and my brother Vali, he is a big creep, he kills people and kidnaps other’s wives. Vali is seen committing the crimes.

    Sudhir says I forgot that Vali can hurt us as well, Vali has caught my wife, he tried to molest her. FB shows Sudhir and his wife getting tortured. Sudhir says he had thrown me out and kept my wife and kids captive, I used to ignore his crimes before, now I m bearing the punishment, what option than I have than dying. Archie asks why didn’t you take help from police. Sudhir says police is in hos control. Yashpal says come with me, I will see him. Rajmata stops him. Yashpal says I don’t need police team to catch a cheap goon. Vandana thinks where did I get stuck. Yashpal slaps the goon and asks him to call Vali out. He beats the goons. Vali comes and stabs Yashpal. Everyone gets shocked. Yashpal falls down. Vali asks will these people stop me. He laughs on Sudhir and warns him to get out. Goons throw them out. Abhiram comes to that house. He opens the door and sees a dog. He shuts the door. Archie gets worried and thinks how to get inside.

    No Precap

    Update Credit to: Amena

  13. Shruti says:

    Radha walks to Krishna. Krishna snaps his finger, light focus on them, flowers fall on them and covers them till waist. Radha reminisces Krishna rejecting her request to accompany her to Mathura and gets angry. Balram asks Radha to play holi even with them. Radha says she is not interested and walks away towards home. Ayan follows her and asks her to go and rest inside peacefully while he guards outside. Balram with Chandravali tries to walk in, but Ayan stops them and says Radha has ordered not to let anyone in while she rests. Balram taunts him. He says his taunts will not affect him and asks to go away. Chandravali says Balram let us go Dau and Balram walks away with her angrily.

    Krishna walks into Radha’s room. Radha gets angry and asks why did he come here. He says he has

    come here many times and says she is angry on him, but why she is punishing her friend by not playing holi with them. Radha confronts that she did not help her or accompany her when she needed him most. Krishna asks if a woman always needs a man’s help to protect herself, she fought bravely alone and even rescued Ayan and proved herself. Radha says she was expecting him to come. He says he wanted her to understand her powers. Radha continues where there is expecting in love, it is selfishness and not love. Radha says his web of word was good, she will not forgive him until he apologizes. He asks is it necessary. She says absolutely necessary. Ayan enters. Radha asks him to send Krishna from here. Krishna walks away. Balram waiting for him and asks what was he doing. Krishna says Radha wants him to apologize for not accompanying her to Mathura and does not want to play holi till then. Balram asks what will he do now. Krishna says anything can happen during holi celebrations, just wait and watch.
    Ayan brainwashes Radha that Krishna is jealous of her and cannot see her as Mukhiya, so he will try hard to defame her. Radha says she will remember his warning. Krishna sitting asides looks at a pot and hides it when Balram enters. Balram asks what is he up to and threatens to inform maiya/Yashoda if he does not. Krishna asks not to call maiya for silly reasons and says he is preparing to play holi with Radha and even he will enjoy it. Balram asks again to reveal his plan. Krishna says just wait and watch. Balram sits confused. Krishna walks to Radha’s room holding pot while she is asleep and smears her face with color. Radha hurriedly wakes up in the morning to start panchayath. Everyone laugh seeing her and Ugrapath tries to alert her, but she continues walking. Krishna shows Radha’s holi smeared face to Balram. Even Balram laughs with everyone present there. Chandravali shows Radha’s face in a mirror.

    Krishna gives moral gyaan that musk is found in a deer’s navel, but deer wanders all around to find it instead of searching it in his own body; similarly music is in bansuri/flute, they just have to blow it; god is inside them and they search all around; in battlefield of life, they have to become their own charioteer.

    Precap: Radha throws mud holi on Krishna and says she took her revenge.
    Krishna says there are still 2 days left in holi, she should see what he will do next.

    Update Credit to: MA

  14. Shruti says:

    The Episode starts with Happy and Rocky thinking about each other. They stay sad. She thinks Rocky didn’t change, whatever he did with me in past, he has always been protective about Smiley, what was that then, he spent time with us, how can this happen. Smiley stays disturbed. Sandhya calms her. Happy looks on. Rocky says Bappi, make me talk to Happy once, she will understand that I didn’t do anything. Bappi says its not possible, media wants to know if Rocky is guilty or not. Rocky says I have to explain Happy and Smiley that I didn’t do this, Smiley is like my younger sister, how shall I explain that I didn’t do this, even dad is upset with me, I did many mistakes, but I can never do such a cheap thing. Madhu says I believe you. Bappi says I know you have changed, I m with you, its

    tough to manage without evidence. Rocky says Happy understands me, I wish I could talk to her.
    Happy says police said that they want to make Smiley’s case an explain to get immediate justice. Sandhya says but we haven’t found any lawyer. RV comes to meet them. He says sorry, I came without informing you, I heard about it, sorry to know, how is Smiley. Sandhya says she is sleeping. He says truth matters a lot to me, don’t refuse to this, I want to take up Smiley’s case, I won’t charge fees for this. Sandhya thanks her.

    Sania meets Rocky and says I know you are innocent, I have proof as well. Rocky gets shocked and asks are you telling the truth. She says permit me to give statement in court, I will save you, I was following you, I had come to the construction site after following you, I was very scared seeing all this, I recorded everything on my phone, someone else has done this. He asks her to show phone. She says they didn’t let me show the video, don’t worry, I will expose the real culprits, I won’t let anything happen to you.

    He says I did so much bad with you, you made evidence video for me, you are ready to come to court for me, why. She says friendship is most imp, Rocky, I m your friend, always. They cry. She says forget everything, let me help you, Smiley didn’t see the kidnappers, video will expose the culprits. RV says Smiley didn’t see anyone, I think Rocky and his lawyer will use this point. Sandhya says Rocky has done a similar thing with Happy before. RV asks what. Happy says he had kidnapped me once and tortured me. Sandhya says he troubled her and threw her on the road, none can trust him. RV says so much happened and even then you have become his business partner. Happy says I have seen Rocky changing after Chintu’s death. RV says what do you think, he did all this, what do you think, if Smiley’s family doesn’t trust her… She says I trust Smiley, I m afraid and confused. He says fine, I can say it after seeing evidence and reports, you will have to become Smiley’s support system, such thing can traumatize anyone, you have experienced this because of the same person, if you fall weak, this case will fall weak. He leaves.

    Rocky says thanks Sania, I saw Happy’s eyes, she couldn’t believe that I can do this, now everything will be proved, that I m innocent, everything will get fine between Happy and me. She says yes, Happy’s trust will not break. He says it I was not in prison, I would have hugged you. Madhu and Kulwant argue. He is much angry on Rocky and doesn’t believe his innocence. She says just now Bappi called and said he got a proof, you should come along and see. RV meets Happy at the court. Rocky is brought there by the police. Happy sees Rocky. He says don’t worry, I will be proven innocent in the court. Bappi asks are you sure that Sania will get the video. Rocky says yes, Sania recorded everything. He sees Sania. Everyone comes to the court. The case begins.

    Bappi tells the judge about Rocky’s intentions, he wanted to save Smiley, the accusations on Rocky is just a misunderstanding. Ranveer is also there in the court. RV says I request the court to call my client a survivor, not a victim, if something happens to girls, they are targeted and defamed, they are called at fault, I request the court to set an example by doing justice, Rocky has a habit to manhandle girls, it has become his nature now. Rocky had misbehaved with many girls until now, he had attacked my client’s family as well, he gets courage since he didn’t get punished, when he got caught red-handed, he is claiming that he is innocent, he should be punished, justice delayed is justice denied. Ranveer worries that his brother always finds the truth. Bappi calls Sania in the witness box.

    Sania says I saw Rocky kidnapping Smiley. Rocky gets shocked and asks why did you lie. She says you shouldn’t go back to Happy.

    Update Credit to: Amena

  15. Shruti says:

    A man Chandu with his wife walks to Dwarkamayi and requests Sai if he can stay in Dwarkamayi and help Sai in begging as he and his wife are very weak and get tired and ill with simple work. Sai says his hands are paining and he needs wood to cook, so Chandu can cut wood from jungle and bring it. Chandu thinks he came here thinking Shirdi people would be showering favors on Sai and he and his wife can spend rest of life here lavishly without working, but Sai is asking him to work, it is okay as it is for only 1 day. Sai asks him to accompany him to jungle, he will show which wood to cut. At Keshav’s house, Govinda takes bath before going to school. Rukmini asks him to come out soon as he is getting late. Chihu interferes and asks to bathe till he likes. Rukmini says Govinda likes playing in

    water and will spend a lot of time. Chihu yells at her if she does not know her son well and alleges that she is trying snatch her son from her. Rukmini walks away sadly. Once Govinda comes out, Chihu wipes his body and she will get him ready for school. Govinda gets happy and thinks if he had gone to school earlier, mom would have pampered him more. She takes Govinda to his room looking at Kulkarni and loudly says she will give him new clothes today. Kulkarni smirks hearing that. Chihu searches new clothes. Rukmini walks in and shows her new clothes. Chihu says she knew new clothes are in another cupboard. She then serves food. Govinda shouts due to spicy food. Chihu rushes to get water. Rukmini gets honey and feeds Govinda, says Chihu took spciay food prepared for her instead. Kulkarni smirks again hearing that and says he is going out for some work and will return by evening. Chihu then takes Govinda in and pushing out Rukmini locks door. Rukmini thinks Govinda is allergic to coconut oil. Chihu applies coconut oil on Govinda’s hair.
    Sai takes Chandu to jungle. Chandu tries to cut green tree. Sai stops him and says they should harm live tree and should search for dead and dry one. Chanduu thinks where will he find dry tree in this sunny afternoon, he himself hit his foot on axe. He walks behind Sai and tries to cut half dry tree. Sai stops him and says this tree is still alive. Chandu says what difference ti will make if they cut a live tree among so many. Sai says green tree will emit more smoke which will harm their health, so they should continue walking till they find dry tree. Chandu walks behind him angrily and steps his foot on a thorn. Sai gets worried. Chandu asks him to continue walking as they have to find dry tree soon and take wood to prepare food. He gets tired and his sweat falls on ground. Sai creates dry wooden log from his sweat and shows it to him. Chandu asks how did it come here, it was not here a minute ago. Sai says he must have not paid attention and asks to cut it into pieces.

    Precap: During class, Govinda scratches his head due to coconut oil allergy.
    Srikanth punishes him.

    Update Credit to: MA