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The Episode starts with Ishita consoling Aaliya. Doctor comes and tells them that Mihir’s surgery is done, but he is critical. Aaliya starts shouting on him calling him inefficient and asks him to call his senior. He says we have to monitor Mihir. Aaliya asks him does he not know his work, if anything happens to Mihir, I will sue you. He says you can’t threaten me. Ishita apologizes to doctor and asks Aaliya to stop it. Raman asks Ruhi why is she busy on calls, whats the matter. Ruhi tells Raman that Ishita left as Aaliya was in problem, she did not want Pihu’s mood to get spoiled, it was some emergency, I feel its some accident. Raman says tell Pihu that I went to attend office meeting and leaves.

Ishita asks Aaliya whats wrong with you, behave yourself, sit here. Adi comes

and Aaliya hugs him. She cries and says Mihir had much bleeding, there was no one to help us. She holds his hand and tells everything. He looks at her and says nothing will happen to Mihir, we all are with him. Ishita looks on and thinks I hope Aaliya did not tell Adi what she feels about Mihir. Adi asks about Mihir and goes to get medicines. Vandu calls Ishita and asks her not to worry about Mihir, he will get fine. Vandu prays for Mihir and thinks I should tell Mihika.
Mihika is crying in her room. Vandu knocks the door. Mihika acts to be sleeping. Vandu sees Mihika’s tears and leaves from her room. Mihika cries and thinks I can’t trouble you all. Vandy wonders why is Mihika so worried, don’t know how to ask her, I have to find out. She goes out and sees Romi with Sanchi. Sanchi asks Romi to tell Mihika. He says she won’t understand, you leave. She says she left you, I will tell her if you don’t say. Vandu says it means this is Mihika’s problem, not of he friend.

Mihir lights the candles. Aaliya comes and asks whats the occasion. He says dinner, just you and me. She asks did you do all this for me. He says yes, should I have not done this. She says I mean…. He holds her and asks her to say what she wants to say. He says I know you love me, I want to hear it from you. She says Mihir I love you. They smile. He says I love you Aaliya, why did you not tell me before, I love you a lot. He holds her. She turns shy. Someone stabs him. She sees the knife in his stomach and shouts. Her imagination ends. Aaliya shouts Mihir…

Ishita says Mihir is inside, he is fine, relax, whats the problem, he is not conscious. Shagun comes and hears them. Aaliya says I will confess my love to him, I can’t live without him, let me go. Ishita slaps her and asks are you mad, you love Mihir, what do you know about him, do you know his age, how will mentalities match, leave all that, this is hospital, is this place to confess love, doctor said he is under observation, pray for him, be sensible, else I will slap again, you act maturely, you won’t tell anyone that you love Mihir. Shagun goes. Mani comes and stops Shagun.

He asks about Mihir. Shagun says his surgery is done, doctor kept him under observation. He says thank god, we will meet Ishita and Aaliya. She says not now, its so awkward. He asks what is it. She says you know Aaliya is like your daughter, I know Ishita should not cross this line, I have seen Ishita slapping Aaliya, I know she is like Aaliya’s mum. Mani says she loves Aaliya a lot, she never slapped Aaliya, I m sure Aaliya did wrong, Ishita is not like her mum, but her mum, she will never do wrong, I completely trust her. She says I know, I just felt so. He says its fine, I understand your concern, come.

Ishita asks Aaliya to go out and have food, you have to take care, how will you meet Mihir. She asks Adi to take Aaliya out, and make her have something. Adi says I know Aaliya is worried for Mihir, we will go and have coffee. Ishita asks Aaliya not to get mad. Aaliya nods and leaves with Adi. Mani comes and asks for Aaliya. Ishita says I have sent Aaliya with Adi to have some fresh air. She thinks I should not tell Mani about Aaliya and Mihir now. She says sorry to slap Aaliya. He says relax, I trust you, you are like mum. She thanks him. Shagun thinks so much trust, Aaliya will help me in breaking this trust.

Adi and Aaliya reach the café. He asks Aaliya to sit, will you have coffee or tea, I know you went through big trauma, you will like hot soup, I will order it. She asks why don’t you understand, I don’t feel like eating. He says I know you are tired, Mihir will get fine. She asks how will he get fine. He says relax, doctors are treating him, sit we have just come, you will feel good after having food, atleast have water. She throws glass and starts shouting, saying you want me to have food and water, I told Ishita that I can’t live without Mihir, I love Mihir, she has send me with you here, I love Mihir a lot, why don’t anyone understand. Adi gets shocked. She hugs him and cries. Adi holds her away and gets tearful eyes. He leaves.

Adi goes to washroom and cries recalling Aaliya’s words. He slaps himself angrily. The gift falls from his pocket. He picks it and cries seeing the gift for Aaliya.

Adi tells Ishita that you knew about Aaliya’s feelings, why did you not know Aaliya loves Mihir, you knew I love her, why did you not tell me. She says I got to know in hospital. He says you should have told me that time.
  1. Saina says:

    The Episode starts with Falguni saying I will kill you, else you will kill my mum. Suyash says look we shall talk, I got your fav cake, won’t you have it. Uttara says don’t listen to him, he is very bad. Suyash says I m your friend, how did you forget me. Uttara says don’t waste time, kill him. He says pistol is not a good thing. Falguni says you want to snatch my mum, I will kill you, then me and my mum will stay happily. Uttara says shoot him Falguni. He says no Falguni. Falguni shoots…. He falls down. Uttara hears the gunshot and gets shocked. Falguni sees Suyash.

    Uttara says my Shravan Kumar has gone to his real mum, Lord give his soul peace. She cries for Suyash. Falguni recalls Suyash’s words. She gets memory flashes. She thinks of Suyash and her past. She recalls shooting Suyash

    and faints there. After some time, Suyash wakes up and checks himself. He stays fine. He sees Falguni fallen aside and asks her to wake up. Niyati comes there.
    She says you are thinking why did anything not happen to you, I stopped Falguni and changed the real bullets with fake ones, I knew she won’t listen to me, will you believe me now, you have seen it yourself. Uttara says you were my sister’s son, but I always loved you as my son, and taught you that nothing is imp than mum, but you chose Falguni and saved her from fire, not me, you worried for her more than me, why did you do this mistake, I will remember you Suyash. Suyash and Niyati get Falguni home. Uttara gets shocked seeing him alive.

    Suyash goes to Uttara and holds her face. He asks what was the need to do all this, to kill me, if you had told me, I would have given my life happily. Niyati says Uttara would have got shocked seeing Suyash alive, she wanted to kill Suyash by using Falguni, Suyash didn’t die and her truth came out. Uttara thinks what to do, Suyash got to know everything. Niyati asks why are you not saying anything, find some reason, why did you give gun to Falguni. Suyash asks why did you do this, say something, else your silence will take my life. Falguni gets conscious and holds her head. Suyash goes to her. Falguni gains her memory. She hugs Niyati and behaves normal. Uttara and Suyash get shocked. Niyati happily cries. Suyash signs yes to Niyati.

    Falguni hugs Suyash and cries. Uttara thinks her memory came back. Niyati says you remember everything now. Suyash says thank God you are fine. Falguni asks where are Jayant and Vidhaan. She sees Uttara. She recalls Gayatri’s death. She asks Suyash for Gayatri and cries. Uttara starts her drama and cries. Suyash goes to her and asks her to say why is she silent. Uttara pushes him away. They get shocked. She says you doubted on me, why did I do this, why did I give gun to Falguni to shoot you, you didn’t think how did Falguni regain her memory, how she got fine, I have done this, I made Falguni against you, I knew she loves you the most, when she shoots you, she will gain her memory and this has happened, Falguni regained her memory, I have hidden this from you so that my plan doesn’t fail. Falguni and Niyati look on shocked and cry.

    Uttara says I changed the game, Suyash loves me more as he thinks you got fine because of me. Niyati says I will bring your truth out. Uttara says he may go mad when he knows the truth.

    Update Credit to: Amena

  2. Saina says:

    The Episode starts with Angad asking Adhivan is he his friend or enemy. He reminds his old promise of supporting them. He says I m not your friend, but your enemy. Adhivan says its a lie, you can tag me anything, i can’t do this. Angad says Arak is a fool, I m ashamed of his identity. Adhivan says he is our brother. Angad says show your emotions in your room, not here, you and Arak won’t go anywhere, you will get caught if you run. He goes.

    Haran gets shocked seeing Madhumali. He gets his sword. She says I m not an enemy, I m your friend, because of whom you are alive. He asks what. She says yes, I stopped Angad till Pranali saved you. He smiles and asks friend, how shall I forget that you and your son troubled me, Maharaj and Pranali saved me twice. Madhumali says forget the past friend,

    accept the future, you will get money, power and much more, Pranali has not give you any status, I will keep real friendship. She goes. He asks her to listen.
    Everyone prays in palace. Maharaj does the aarti. Angad wears his hand prints and controls him. Maharaj gets shocked when his hands start trembling. Madhumali says you can bring an earthquake there. She laughs. Angad makes Maharaj throw the aarti plate. Madhumali says I have to go and see this, I can’t wait now. Everyone looks on shocked. Maharaj goes out of control. Pranali asks him is he fine, what happened to him. Maharaj makes them away. He sees Paramdev and starts challenging him. He shocks everyone by his unexpected behavior. Angad makes Maharaj oppose Paramdev. Maharaj throws the diya and says I will end this superstition, no one will worship Paramdev. He raises hand on Maharani. Maharaj faints down. Everyone rushes to him and cries.

    Pranali asks them to call Raj Vaid. Madhumali looks on. Vaid comes and checks Maharaj. Madhumali laughs and tells Angad that she is very happy. Angad says I will please you and dad. Maharaj gets conscious and asks what happened to me. Pranali says you fell unwell and fainted, there is nothing to worry. Mandhari asks Pranali to say what happened. Garima says I don’t think this is the right time. Vaid says Maharaj is recovering. Dharani worries that demons are using powers on Maharaj. Pranali says this will go on till we find some way and face this problem we shouldn’t lose courage, we should stay united. Pranali goes and cries. Eshwarya and Garima console her. Pranali says I think Chegu can help us. She asks Eshwarya to call Chegu and Antara, they can find out who did this with dad. Garima says I will go and talk to Chegu. Pranali asks Eshwarya what’s the matter. Eshwarya says I will talk to Antara. Garima says I will go there. Eshwarya and Pranali make plan to talk to Angad and know his plans. Eshwarya says he will doubt and get angry. Angad comes to Pranali.

    Pranali says its impossible for me to become part of your world. Angad pushes her fall down the cliff and smiles.

    Update Credit to: Amena

  3. Shruti says:

    The Episode starts with Malai getting praising for everyone for her poetry. Imli gives her best wishes and makes big plans for Malai. Genda also tries her hand at poetry. Uncle praises her. Genda recites the poetry. He says wow, your poems have impressed me. Chaitu says Malai will become the winner. Khoji gives the news that Malai isn’t selected by the judges, her name isn’t the the final list. Malai cries aloud. Puttan gets angry and says I won’t let tha competition happen. Chaitu asks him to get judges home, they will accept their mistake. Puttan agrees and goes. Dhakad asks why are you angry. Puttan says I m angry, the judge rejected Malai.

    Dhakad says you love Malai a lot, judge can’t think she is best poetess like you think, this is not politics. Puttan says competition

    was happening just for her sake, Genda has got selected, I m very upset. Dhakad says its not right to threaten the judges. Puttan says stop this lecture. He goes. Puttan gets the judges home. Judge says we have done justice with our art, we can’t cheat art, Genda is better than Malai. Imli and Puttan scold them. They make Malai recite all the poems she wrote. Malai recites. Judges shut their ears. They pray her talent. They ask Malai to come in the competition. Puttan asks them to give assurance, they may change their word. Khoji comes to Genda and asks what does she have to say about the competition. Genda gives statement against Malai.
    She says if Malai was a good poetess, her poetry would have not got rejected before. He agrees. Uncle asks Genda to recite her famous poetry. Genda does poetry. Uncle asks Khoji how did he like it. Khoji says it was good, I was about to cry. He gets a call. He says what are you saying. He gives the breaking news. He says judges are pressurized for Malai’s rejection, they are detained. Genda says its Chaitu and Puttan’s plan, I will go with other poets and oppose them. Jha asks Chaitu to switch on TV. Chaitu sees the news. Chaitu says who cares for Genda. Jha says if you lose your image, you may lose in elections. Chaitu asks him to call Puttan. He says before media blows the issue, end this drama. Puttan says judges made Malai cry, I won’t leave them. Chaitu says just please the judges and send them, I will manage the rest.

    Khoji says there is much excitement in the city, we will talk to the judges. He asks were you detained in Chaitu’s house. They deny it. They get scared to say anything. Banjar comes and says the poet has to make a poem according to the topic. Chaitu asks Malai to prepare the new poem. Banjar goes. Dhakad says I will also come in the event, I will see the poets and their kind of poems. Puttan says all the talented poets will come. Dhakad says I can see, you compelled the judges to get entry for Malai, it seems that its an event only for her. Puttan says I love her a lot, so I m doing a publicity campaign for her. Dhakad says you broke all the rules. Puttan says Malai can do what she wants, I can do anything. Dhakad says you try to become good human first. Puttan says you are a troubling ghost. Dhakad says I will trouble you now. He gets in Puttan and tickles him. Puttan laughs.

    Everyone gets shocked hearing Malai’s poetry against Chaitu. Puttan thinks Dhakad has done this.

    Update Credit to: Amena

  4. Shruti says:

    Scene 1
    Zara starts bike riding, Kabir sits behind her, Zara laughs and enjoys the ride. They get down. Zara hugs Kabir tightly and says I love you, thank you so much. Kabir is surprised but hugs her back. Zara sees Miraj glaring at them, she gets tensed and loosen her grip on Kabir. Kabir sees Miraj and asks him to come. Miraj says I woke up early to pray, Kabir shows key to Miraj and says I bought this for my wife. Miraj says drive safely, you know people die of road accident. KAbir says dont scare her but Zara drive safely, if anything happens to you then what will happen to me? Zara looks on and leaves from there. Kabir leaves too. Miraj says she have made game interesting, the one who wins will win the world.

    All sit down for breakfast. Miraj asks where is Kabir and Zara? Zeenat

    says Kabir doesnt come to table till his wife allows him. Ayesha says they are not home. Nilofar says where they went early morning? Ayesha says they will comeback after two days. Miraj says we have a lot of work, did he tell you where he is going? Ayesha says no he didnt tell. Miraj thinks where they went?
    Reema, Imran, Kabir and Zara are on road trip. They come to a hill and take picture, Zara hugs Kabir. They have two scooties and ride them all the way. Zara rides her bike while KAbir sits behind her. They all enjoy, zindagi do pal ki plays. Zara says to Imran that you lost the race. Imran says this Reema drives so slowly. Kabir says lets take food. He goes to stall. Zara recalls how Miraj threatened her. She thinks I can tell Miraj’s truth to Kabir but will he understand? Kabir asks what happened? Zara says I want to ask something, Kabir ask anything. Zara says till we are together, till divorce, till death, Kabir stops her. Zara says till we are together, I want to be with you, at home, office, site, anywhere you go, I want to go with you, I wont interfere but will you give this to me? Kabir smiles at her and says okay. Zara thinks I wont let anything happen to Kabir. Kabir sees Miraj calling him, Zara takes his phone and says your every moment is mine. He nods and leaves. Zara messages Miraj from Kabir’s phone that he is out with his wife for two days and wont be able to be in reach. Miraj gets angry reading it.

    Kabir, Zara, Imran and Reema drinks lassi, Zara lovingly wipes Kabir’s lips. Kabir gives piggy back ride to Zara.

    Nilofar comes to Miraj, Miraj calls his goon and says find Kabir and Zara and when you find them, kill Kabir. Nilofar says your ego will destroy you, you have planned all this but your step will destroy everything. Miraj says I have already taken the step so now Kabir will have to die.

    Zara, Kabir, Imran and Reema comes to dargah, Zara goes to pray. Zara prays that God please protect the one who has my everything, bring any trouble on me but keep Kabir safe, please give all his problems to me.
    Reema says to her group that lets have a girl vs. boys race. Imran says we are not scared. Reema says Kabir sits behind her. Kabir says I am not backing down, he takes scooty keys. Zara gets Miraj’s message that dont leave Kabir alone, anything can happen. Zara says to Kabir that you will sit with me on scooter, he asks if she is scared? she says yes.

    Zara and Kabir are on one scooty. Miraj’s men are in truck, his man calls Miraj and says they are both on scooty, we cant kill one. Miraj says then kill them both. Truck starts approaching Zara and Kabir.

    PRECAP- Kabir and Zara are on scooter, a truck is following them to kill them.

    Update Credit to: Atiba

  5. Shruti says:

    Vibhu walks into Tiwari house thinking is bhabhiji having any male hormone oh no thats never possible,theres so much of women into her,and she is so curvy and all where is she but and starts looking for Angoori everywhere and hides outside her room and sees her shave and is shocked, Vibhu says oh my god,this is not done,and starts crying.

    Vibhu drinking with Tiwari and says your situation reminds me of a story,in a jungle a donkey dressed as lion marries a deer,Tiwari says let me narrate ahead,he had a neighbour who was also the same,Vibhu says let me tell you a truth that will screw your life,bbhabhiji s turning to male,her hormones are changing,Tiwari asks are you drunk,Vibhu says i saw her shaving,Tiwari starts laughing and says you really are drunk,Vibhu says i would love if

    im lying,i cant see this happening.
    Vibhu in bedroom says god if you turning bhabhiji to mmale turn me to female i ccant love a man, please i wanna be a female,Anu walks in and says what did you just say,you wanna be a female,Vibhu says baby its deep please,Anu says forget it im getting flirty calls asking for Shaila and more than 100,Vibhu says how is that possible, Anu says looks like someone is diverting the calls,Vibhu thinks iits all pprem fault,and ask is this your friend,and i think this female is involved in some phone racat,Vibhu says whats your problem let them do theor thing,Anu says i have problem,i hate such people,they litter our society.

    Boys decide to trace Shaila call and then go see her,Tilu says good idea but who will trace her call,Hapu joins them and boys stare at him,Hapu asks whats wrong,Tilu says we need to trace Shailas number,Hapu says are you mad we need commissioners permission for this, Commissioner walks to them and hands permission letter and leaves.

    Angoori gets a call from amaji,Amaji says theres one more thing you need you have to do,Angoori says i will do anything,Amaji says remember Tiwari should know nothing about it and what you have to do is,take handful of rice take a round of male washroom and throw ot behind it okay,Angoori says okay i will.

    Vibhu buying vegetable and bargaining,Tiwari walks to him and insult him,and says you should be thrown out of Kanpur,how could you say that Angoori is turning to mmale and they see Angoori outside male washroom,and are shocked,

    Vibhu shares Angooris state with Prem he is shocked too,and says she is turning male how will you love her now,Vibhu says i love her soul and tthats it, Prem says but when you will love a man you will be a gay,Vibhu says i will turn to female,Prem asks wwhat about Anu bhabhi

    Hapu calls Shaila, Hapu says your love is calling,Shaila says oh my Love muaah, Hapu says i dont wabt this virtual ones, your fever i tell you,Shaila says go to a doctor then, Hapu says its your love, Shaila says okay close your eyes,Hapu says no i want to see you,Shaila says i will why so impatient, Hapu says look enough of this iim into police remember tell me when are we meeting or else it wont be good,Shaila says okay i will see you today evening at jhakarkati circle, wearing purple saree and you come hug me,Hapu says deal.Comissioner hears all this.
    Prem says are you mad to see him,Vibhu says no him its just because he was showing off.Comissioner asks Hapu who it is,Hapu says my Aunt she is unwell, Commissioner says is she named Shaila,Hapu says iim sorry please forgive me, Commissioner says on one condition even i wilk come along with you.

    Pre cap: none.

    Update Credit to: Tanaya

  6. Shruti says:

    The Episode starts with Krishna coming inside the house. Everyone looks on. Shukla asks haven’t you seen a human before, serve me food. Lali gets scared. Shukla praises the daal made by Lali. Lali shivers in fear and drops the bowl down. She says I m sorry, I will clean it. He says its fine. Gajanan asks her to work carefully, apply ghee on roti. Shuklain does it. Shukla taunts Gajanan. He says this guy could never become a man. Shuklain asks him to have food. Shukla says I m praising my family, look at Lali, she proved that Gajanan can’t say anything to her, keep it up Lali for your amazing work. Krishna recalls Shukla’s doing. She cries and packs her bag. Radhe comes and asks what are you doing. She says I don’t want to create a scene now, I can’t life here, please don’t stop me.

    He says you can’t leave this way, dad used to punish me and mum, but I didn’t leave home, I know wrong happened with you today.
    She says wrong happened when my dad couldn’t understand that he is ruining my life by getting me married in this house, when your mum insulted me, when your dad pushed me inside the room and asked us to have suhaagraat, whatever happened today is a crime, your dad would have killed me, everyone was watching the drama. He says you didn’t see how I tried to stop dad, I didn’t let him harm you, I promise you, I won’t let you get harmed. She says I feel suffocated here, I can’t live here anymore, I thought to win the bike and everyone will be happy here, I valued your dreams and wanted to get bike for you, but this didn’t happen, this house is a jail, I can’t suffer more here, I will leave this house in morning. He says no, I will talk to dad. She asks do you have courage to ask him, can you tell him that he did a crime today, he has to apologize for it, no, whatever your dad does here is right, can you raise voice against him, gather courage first and then talk to me. He gets angry and goes to Shukla.

    Shuklain asks him to sit and have dinner, everything will be fine. Radhe asks what’s the big deal if Krishna went in disguise to participate, she did this to get a bike for me, you think she will stay here now, its your fault this time. I come and apologize to you when I do mistake, today you have to apologize to Krishna. They all get shocked.

    Shukla asks what. Radhe repeats himself. Shukla says fine, come. He stops and asks what happened, come, you feel weird, don’t you, you have lost your mind, you are asking me to apologize to your wife, I spend loads of money to get trophy bahu, I will not apologize, I will beat you to pulp, run away from here. Radhe says I won’t run away, you have to listen to me. Shukla says you will listen to me, you are good for nothing and raising voice against me. He warns everyone. Radhe says come with me. Gajanan shouts enough Radhe, you have said enough, leave from here, we all have to suffer because of you. Shukla asks them to clap, Gajanan spoke up today, he can vent out anger on younger brother, he can’t say anything to his wife. He says I thought you have become a man, you were behaving like a girl before, if you were a man, Lali would have not got Guddan as Krishna here, she planned all the drama. Gajanan gets angry.

    Gajanan beats Lali. Krishna hears Lali screaming and runs. She says I will break the door if no one helps me. Radhe and Krishna break the door and see Lali injured.

    Update Credit to: Amena

  7. Shruti says:

    Karan tries to explain to Rishab that there is nothing, Rishab asks Preeta about the truth, Karan sys that there is nothing, Rishab says that this is not the truth and he has not asked her about anything but she must tell him as he is not blind, Rishab says that the things that happened today were dangerous and this could have proved to be a bad thing for her, Karan says that that was the truth,
    Preeta stops him and says that she must tell him, Karan says that they agreed that they will only tell him after they have gathered a proof, Preeta says that she knows but it is the right time as they have gotten into a situation that they cannot handle, She starts to tell him and is worried, Rishab asks and she says that she must tell him, she says that Sherlin is having an affair with some other guy

    and she is about to become the mother of that person’s child. Rishab gets shocked and then they both starts to tell him about all of the incidents that occurred in their live and how they found out that Sherlin was pregnant, Rishab starts to cry and hears them.
    Prithvi is walking angrily in the room throwing everything in the room, he picks up the glass, Sherlin stops him, he in anger says that he is about to drink a glass of water, she asks him about to what will happen as Sanju will tell everything to the Luthra’s and everything that have worked will be ruined. Prithvi says that they will then go to Jail is that is the place which was created for them, Sherlin says that this will not happen and they hug, Prithvi wonders if this will be their last Hug, Sherlin gets angry and sys that they both must think positive and ask him to think of something.
    Rishab is very angry and says that they both have done something very bad, Karan says to Preeta that he told her that Rishab will not understand, Preeta asks Rishab for forgiveness but he says that he is not angry that they did such a thing but rather did not tell him anything as this would directly affect his life. He says that Kara is his little brother and must have of thought of this first, He thinks that if Sherlin is really pregnant then this will cause their marriage to end, He goes to sleep along with Karan.
    Sarla is sleeping when her phone rings she wonders that it is Preeta and wakes Bi Jee, she ask her to go and check, Shrishti picks up the phone and angrily asks who is it, Prithvi says that it is him but she still talks angrily saying that he disturbed her sleep and asks him about what th matter, he asks her to and the phone to her mother, she at first says that it is someone who is mad but then says that it is her son in law, she takes the phone from her.
    Prithvi sys that she is right and wanted y listen, he feels that {Preeta must also have to follow those rules and is really worried that Karan is trying to take Preeta from him and Karan does exactly that and what will happen to him if Karan takes Preeta from him, She consoles him saying that he must not cry as she is the one who has arranged for their marriage and she will see to it that this happens.
    Sarla ends the call, Shristhi ask her as to what was it, she says that Prithvi feels wrong about Karan and tis might lead to the end of their engagement, she orders Shrishti to go back to sleep.
    Sherlin asks Prithvi what was all this, Prithvi says that this was their insurance as when Karan will accuse him then Sarla will support him, she asks him as to how will this help them now and he says that this will cause him entry in the Luthra’s house, he will be able to says that he came for Preeta, he leaves Sherlin follows him and ask for the plan, he says that there is no point in telling her as it will mean nothing, she asks to go with him, he says that if they go together then Luthra’s will find out and their plans and this will mean the end of everything, Sherlin finds that it is right and says that she will stay behind.Prihivi goes to the house and sees Sameer sleeping, he feels relieved that there is only one guarding Sanju.
    Precap: Prithvi applies some chemical to make Sameer unconscious, he is about to loosen Sanju when Mahesh and Rakhi come and see him.
    Precap: Prithvi applies some chemical to make Sameer unconscious, he is about to loosen Sanju when Mahesh and Rakhi come and see him.

    Update Credit to: Sona

  8. Shruti says:

    Sikander rests Kulfis head on his lap and puts her off to sleep,he picks her up and takes her to her room, Mohinder sees them and says 7 years back they ddidnt even know about existence and are now together but are unaware of being father daughter.,and i am so helpless.

    (Tonny asks Lovely do you want to keep this baby or abortion, Lovely says abortion how could you think of it,Tonny says not just this but many other, I’m launching a guy Sikander Gill he is very innocent and down to heart,marry him and give your baby a father.

    Drunk Tevar reaches lovely house,a man there says wedding is tomorrow, Tevar shouts Lovelys name,and waits for her to call and keeps drinking )

    Lovely looks at Amyra and says i choose you Amyra,you are the sign of our love,i love you the most

    in my life,this step took me away from Guddu but your future was what mattered most,
    Kulfi dreams of Sikander as her father and wakes up saying i ccant be greedy no,he is just Amyras fathers and remember how he was always there for her too.
    Mohinder goes to dadi and says what are we doing,for Lovely and Amyra,we are doing so bad and injustice with Kulfi,what when her hopes will break.

    (Lovely marries Sikander,Tevar sees her get into car along with Sikander,he follows her car,but they leave. )

    Tevar drinking says Lovely from the time you left me iim into this alcohol, Lovely looks at Amyra says no one knows that you are guddus daugther and know one will ever know about it.Dadi asks what can we do, Mohinder says we need to give everything she deserves like Amyra,Dadi says i want that too,Mohinder says i have a way.

    Mohinder gathers everyone and says past few days i was thinking,i dont know how correct it is but now i think it is,Gunjan says enough of puzzles tell us please,Mohinder says Gunjan you akways wanted to have a family so do i,and so i made a decision to adopt Kulfi, Lovely says what,Mohinder says you heard right,i want to give her good life, Lovely says Kulfi is Jagiras grandson, Mohinder says that doesn’t matter all that matters is principals and also if he wasnt there we wouldnt have ma with us,Gunjan says did you talk to me before taking this decision, Mohinder says i thought this would make you happy, Gunjan says i want my own baby not someone elses, dadi says Kulfi is our own,

    Lovely says i think bhabhi is right, Kulfi is cute but that doesn’t mean we will adopt him,Dadi says he will get parents abd them a baby, Lovely says we know Kulfi mom is dead but her father,Mohinder says he would never come,Gunjan says how could you be so sure, Dadi says because of he wanted them he would never leave his mother and him,i think this is Kulfi fate,see i think it was his fate to come to us,iisnt it strange that he came to us in such big city and not anyone,and i support Mohinder decision.

    Lovely says i get you but we are looking after him why adopt him,Amyra hears all that and says wwhats wrong with them, what are they discussing its so confusing,Mohinder asks Sikander what you think, Sikander says i was thinking that you should talk to Kulfi once,Mohinder asks but what you feel, Sikander smiles and says good decision,and who wouldnt love to have a father like you and a mother like bhabhi,let me go talk to Kulfi

    Sikander looking for Kulfi, Kulfi playing in her room,sees Sikander walk to her dressed like Setu and gets scared and says wwhats wrong and closes the door and says i shouldn’t think of all this.Amyra asks whats wrong dad,and asks what was everyone discussing, Sikander says we were discussing about adopting Kulfi, Mohinder uncle is thinking of adopting him,Amyra says meaning he will be my cousin brother, Sikander says yes and leaves,Amyra says never he will never be part of my family,Lovely thinks if they adopt Kulfi i will have no control over him and then how will i make him sing for Amyra.

    Pre cap: Amyra and friends click Kulfi picture and prepare a poster reading do you want a son?.

    Update Credit to: Tanaya

  9. Shruti says:

    Kanhaiya confronts Kunti that he became electric man due to her greed and must have asked something illegal from Bhole/god. Kunti says she just asked boon to make her lalla more energetic for Vimla’s son’s sangeet ceremony. Kanhaiya asks till when he will be electric man, when is the expiry day. She members asking boon from Bhole till Vimla’s sons’s sangeet ceremony. Prathana says still there are 3 days. Kanhaiyaa says what if someone dies from his hands, his won’t digest without touching maiya’s feet. Kunti and her bahu’s panic.

    Pratap tries different dry fruits to check if he gets electrocuted or not and gets very happy. He dances in happiness. His jokergiri starts. He mimics and acts insane.

    Kunti asks bahus to call doctor to treat

    lalla. Pratibha says they should call electrician and calls one. Kunti scolds to call sundar electrician. Kanhaiya says whole Meerut will know he is electric man if if outside electrician comes. Kunti says they don’t have any electrician in family. Panjiri says sasuma did not seek book of electrician bahu. Kanhaiya reminisces Khatru was electrician, he informs maiya and calls Khatru. Khatru is busy attending customer in shop and says he does not need tooth powder. Kanhaiya scolds him and asks to come home with electric tools. Khatru reaches home and after greeting Kunti and bahus asks which fuse is off. Kunti says electricity is running in lalla’s body. Bahu’s say same. Khatru mimics and jokes. Pratibha demonstrates with electric bulb. Khattru panics and then says only god can help Kanhaiya. Jokergiri continues. Kanhaiya touches Khartru. Khatru gets electrocuted and runs around..After few more drama, Khatru runs away.
    Next morning, Kunti searches her heating pad and asks Kanhaiya to check with Pratap. Kanhaiya goes to Pratap’s room. Pratap comes out electrocuted. Laggaye 440 volt chune se tere….song plays in the background. Pratap finallly realizes that peanut did not have electricity, but Kanhaiya has. His jokergiri starts and he asks Kanhaiya to touch Kunti. Kanhaiya sees whole family afraid of him and decides to stay at shop for 2 days. Kunti and bahus try to stop him, he says he will be back on 3rd day when boon vanishes. Pratap asks him to hug Kunti once and go. Kunti shouts as usual….

    Precap: No precap.

    Update Credit to: H Hasan

  10. Shruti says:

    Scene 1
    Tune says to the Sooraj do you have any shame? Richa screams nimki save me. Tune says you locked your own daughter. He says she is my daughter. I can do what I want. Nimki says this is wrong. Its a crime. They lock them outside. Nimki says I am going I will bring police here. Sooraj says to richa keep quite or I will kill you.

    RItu says her phone is off. Babbu says must be at BDo’s house. Ritu says no she isn’t. Sooraj calls Tettar and says handle your daughter in law. She is bringing police here. He says don’t worry nimki can’t do anything. SHe has no power. He breaks the phone in anger.
    Moraylal says elena is very close to sweeti.. If she wasn’t married. Abhi says shut up.

    Scene 2
    Ram says to Nimki I challenged Tettar. Ram says what did you do? Mauha says she did right. Ram says think about people. Nimki says I did what was right. I wont let them ruin Richa’s life. I will plan something.
    Nehar comes to nimki’s house. He says want to talk to you. Mauha says we don’t talk to people like you. Please go., Nehar says you are doing very right. I know you need support but tettar is opposing you. This chiragh should be punished. I have a news that can help you. Nimki says I know your game. Tune says go from here. tettar tells them what he knows. He says I will bring chiragh in your trap. Nimki says okay go and do it. Nimki says lets see what he does.

    Kundan says to tettar I came to you for my problem. Tettar says its not the right time. We have to wait. Ritu says sooraj didn’t even listen. Nimki said she will get chiragh punished. Chiragh says she is your daughter in law stop her. Tettar says you are also kundan’s son. Why did you do all this? Ritu says if she goes to police station your name will be ruined. Chiragh says but.. Kundan slaps him. Tettar says get them married but don’t accept her. after election kick her out. Kundan says okay I will do that. Ritu says I will go and prepare.

    No precap.

    Update Credit to: Atiba

  11. Shruti says:

    Shivaye comes to Anika’s house. Sahil’s mum welcomes him. He looks at the house’s conditions. She asks are you finding Anika, she isn’t here. He says I didn’t come to meet her, but you, I want to know about her, family, her clan, everything. She asks what did she do now. He says tell me about her. She says I feel ashamed to tell about her, she is my brother-in-law’s daughter, I m her aunt, but I looked after her like a mum, her mum is someone’s mistress, she eloped with a rich man when Gauri and Anika were young, I know the hardships, how I worked hard and raised them, what did I get in return, disgrace, she ruined my reputation, she wants to trap a rich man and spend a life of leisure, she is more concerned about her boss than her work, so we had to live your house, no one respects and cares

    for me, both the sisters just do as their wish. He says this is Anika’s salary, tell her that she must not be seen around my sister. He leaves. He says how could I make a big mistake in judging someone, why did I believe her every time, everything was a lie, why didn’t you listen to your heart, not mind, she is not different than other girls. He sees Anika with Daksh.
    Anika says Payal is pregnant with your child, she is upset as you are avoiding her, you are doing wrong with your child, Priyanka and Payal, its not too late, you can set everything right, just tell the truth to Priyanka and break the marriage, accept Payal. Daksh laughs and asks why do I you think I will do this. She says you have to do this, else you can’t imagine what Shivaye will do. He says you can’t even imagine what I can do to you. She says I don’t care for myself, I care for Priyanka, Payal and that child, I give you 24 hours to set things right, else you will lose everything. She goes. Shivaye looks on from far.

    He says I made her out of the house, she came here to meet Daksh, if she does anything to stop the marriage, I won’t leave her. Maid cleans the room and gets letter. Priyanka is on call and asks someone to come urgently, as her mehendi artist didn’t turn up. She says she didn’t agree, she said she can’t leave the puja at her home, how will my ceremony happen, I wish Anika was here, she would have managed everything. Omru ask her to relax. Shivaye says everything will happen, the best mehendi artist will apply mehendi to you. Tia comes with mehendi artists. Tia says we got your mehendi blessed by Guru, as Shivaye wanted this. Shivaye says how did you think your marriage ceremony will be incomplete when I m here, you don’t need any wedding planner now, as I m your wedding planner now. Priyanka thanks him. Maid says I got this from your room. Rudra says leave this, else this mehendi artist will go. She says I want to see who has sent this letter. Rudra says let me read it for you, its in Hindi, Priyanka I…. Om takes the letter and says you won’t be able to read it. Daksh gets some gifts. Omru help him. Priyanka asks Shivaye to read it. Shivaye gets a call and asks Tia to read it. Priyanka says give it to me, I will read it. The girl asks Priyanka to apply mehendi first.

    Shivaye says Daksh, I saw you meeting Anika today. Daksh recalls her words. Shivaye asks what was she telling you now. Daksh says she isn’t able to handle rejection, she is asking me to break marriage and marry her, she said she will lie to Priyanka about my illegitimate affair, she is linking me with Payal, she is trying to break Priyanka’s marriage, can you believe this, she will try to make Priyanka against me. Shivaye says she tried, she came here yesterday but I have kicked her out, she won’t meet Priyanka, she won’t come between you two. Anika says why didn’t Priyanka call me, maybe she didn’t get the letter. Payal calls her and says Daksh isn’t answering, I m scared, if he marries Priyanka, my life will be ruined. Anika says so I asked you to tell the truth to Priyanka, when she breaks the marriage, Daksh will come to you, if you are ready to tell her the truth, I will come. Payal says okay, come, I m ready to come with you. Tia slaps Daksh and asks do you know the consequences if everyone knows Payal is pregnant with your child, not just your and Priyanka’s marriage, but Shivaye and my wedding will also get called off, its imp for us, we are bankrupt, we want Oberois’ money.

    Daksh says I know I did a mistake, trust me, I will manage everything. She asks how, Anika will tell everything about you. He says she tried, but Shivaye kicked her out, I have instigated him against Anika. She says but Priyanka will listen, if Anika reaches Priyanka, that letter was sent by Anika….. we have to stop Priyanka. She runs downstairs and takes the letter from Priyanka. She says you will ruin your mehendi, did you apply clove oil. Priyanka says not yet. Tia asks the girl to apply clove oil to her mehendi. She gives the letter to Daksh and says Anika is not going to give up soon, she will try to break the marriage till it happens, if Anika meets Payal, we can’t do anything. He puts letter in pocket. Letter falls down. Gauri and Sahil’s mum attend guests. Anika gets ready. Gauri asks where are you going. Anika says I have some imp work. Gauri asks is it imp than shagun. Sahil’s mum asks can’t you stay at home, its your shagun today. Anika says I have some work. Sahil’s mum says what will I tell your inlaws if they come before you. Anika goes. Payal calls her and asks where are you. Anika says I m on the way, near your house. Payal says come soon, I m stressed. Daksh comes. Daksh pushes her.

    Anika asks are you fine. He hurts Payal and pushes her again. Payal asks him to leave her. Anika pays the auto driver and runs to her house. Payal picks her phone and runs upstairs. Daksh catches her. He ties up Payal. He sees Anika and thinks she is such a trouble, she reached even here. He goes. Anika gets in and calls out Payal. She sees the house state and checks for her. She goes to check back door. She sees Daksh leaving in a van.

    Anika says where did he hide Payal. Daksh asks men to take antique almirah carefully. Anika says the tempo didn’t stop on the way, where did Payal go then. She sees Payal’s cloth hanging out of the cupboard and says she is inside, I hope she is safe, I have to get her out of it, but how…..

    Update Credit to: Amena

  12. Shruti says:

    Ananya joins Setu, Rohit and Palak. She greets Palak. Reeva is still worried as she saw Palak here. This brother and sister are alike. She brings Reeva and Ritvik there. Ananya tells Ritvik and Reeva to get over it. It’s been 3 months. Palak is nowhere at fault. Palak was your friend and she still is! Why don’t you guys patch up for my sake? Her mother has arranged the function so well. You should say thank you to her. She tells Palak that this is why Ritvik never had friends since childhood. He does this since childhood. She convinces Ritvik. Palak tells her it is fine. Ananya hugs Ritvik relieved. Ritvik excuses himself. Ananya and Reeva also go from there.

    Setu notices someone and holds Palak’s hand tightly. Palak looks at the guy. She goes to him. What are you doing here? He is

    amazed to see her too. Rohit hugs his friend Kabir. Kabir says it was my wedding. How could I not come? Rohit says you were completely off social media after college. It isn’t so bad to be in touch. Setu’s parents also notice Kabir and go to Manjeet ji. Setu tells her parents that Kabir is speaking to Rohit. Palak shares that Kabir is his friend. Setu says I must tell Rohit he is my ex husband. Manjeet says he has told his parents already. Setu says it is a different thing to know and witness it. She tries to tell Rohit but Ananya pulls her for a dance. Setu’s parents are worried at the situation. Servant tells Mr. Verman that Mr. Puri is calling him. He goes.
    Kabir meets Ritvik. They catch up on old times. Kabir asks about Setu. Ritvik shares that she is the girl who Rohit is going to marry. Kabir says Rohit is marrying my ex-wife. Ritvik is taken aback. Setu tries to tell Rohit again but in vain. Kabir notices Setu’s family and Palak’s family there. Manjeet ji fixed my wedding with Setu. It broke in a year.

    Setu tells Rohit that he knows she was married earlier but he does not know who her ex-husband was.

    Ritvik asks Kabir if he met Rohit. Kabir nods. he does not know that I am Setu’s ex-husband or I wouldn’t have been invited here.

    Mr. Puri gives the property papers to Mr. Verma. Mr. Verma says I follow different ideals. I have spent my life in normal wages. This is a really difficult thing for me to do. That’s an agricultural land. I cannot allow you to make hotel there. It is against my ideals. I am sorry but I wont be able to do it! Mr. Puri says I understand. Every mother dreams to marry her son to a big house. We agreed to bring your daughter to our home. There must be a reason behind it. If you say no then it wont be the right thing to do!

    Mr. Puri tells his wife about Mr. Verma’s stubbornness.

    Ritvik takes Rohit with him. He asks Rohit if he knew that Setu was married before. Rohit nods. Ritvik shares that she was married to Kabir. Rohit is taken aback. Ritvik says Manjeet ji organized that wedding too. Rohit is still baffled at the coincidence.

    Kabir meets Manjeet. Are you still arranging alliances? How is it going? Palak tells him to stop it. Kabir asks Manjeet if she told these people how she charged lumpsome fees from his family. She says I got a good alliance but you dint tell that you are an alcoholic. My daughter’s wedding broke because of that! My name was also spoiled because of that! Mr. Puri asks them what’s happening there. Kabir gives his full introduction to them. Mr. Puri is taken aback to know that Setu was married before. He switches off the music. Rohit tells his father to wait. He asks Kabir to leave. His father asks him why they don’t know that Setu is a divorcee. His mother is also shocked. Mr. Verma says we dint hide from anyone. Manjeet says I tried my best but Mrs. Puri says this wouldn’t have happened then. You were afraid to lose such a big alliance right? Mr. Verma says it was Rohit who brought this alliance. We dint come after you. Rohit says we knew everything. Mr. Puri tells him to keep quiet when elders are talking. He questions Mr. Verma on his ideals. Palak stops him from speaking badly about his mother. Mr. Verma tries to calm the situation but Mr. Puri shouts again. We saw our son falling for you and followed him. Setu tells him to be nice to her father. He asks her if she will teach him now. Manjeet ji decided everything on her own! I can see that everyone is in this together. Rohit tells him to stop it. Why are you twisting the matter when I don’t have a problem?

    Ritvik questions Manjeet ji. You took money to arrange this then why do Rohit’s parents have no idea about Setu’s past? You knew it that they would have broken this alliance if they knew about her past. She wouldn’t have received her hefty commission then! Ritvik’s mother tries to tell him to keep quiet but he does not relent. Palak also tells him not to intervene. This is none of your business. Ritvik insists that this is his business.

    Kabir adds that Setu left him because he had no money. I had invested everything in my business and it wasn’t turning out well. Setu says I dint ask even for a penny from you. I still have the papers. You can see them. He says the papers say only what she is saying but he knows the truth. She wouldn’t have left him if he still had money.

    Ritvik asks Palak next. Palak shares that Kabir was an alcoholic and used to beat Setu. You should have kept quiet. You know nothing! Rohit tells Ritvik not to intervene. You don’t understand anything. This is my wish and my love. I break my relations if no one is eager to listen. I don’t care about anything. He holds Setu’s hand but Ritvik does not let him go. You will leave your parents for this girl? Setu stops him. No one has to do anything. I am breaking this alliance on my own. She leaves. Ritvik tells Mr. Puri not to worry. Rohit will thank us later. Palak stops Ritvik. This is how you took revenge right? You insulted my mother and Setu’s parents before everyone! You broke your friend’s heart just to show us down! You pretend that you are the man of the world but I will tell you what your problem is. I am your problem! I know you did all this to take revenge from me and my mother! When I see your face I feel like cursing you. I hope your heart breaks. You break everyone’s heart but one day your heart will break so bad that it wont be joined ever again! That day will come Mr. Ritvik! She leaves with her family.

    Rohit tries to stop Setu but she leaves with her family. Ritvik comes there. He asks him what he has done. Ritvik replies that he did the right thing. She left you for her family. Such girls come and go. Rohit tells him he knows nothing. Don’t talk rubbish. Leave me alone.

    Setu is crying. I decided not to fall in love again when I left Kabir. I became a bad person in the eyes of the world when I left Kabir. He was a drunkard and cheat! How could I live with him? I got the entire blame as I am middle class girl while he was rich. This is what the society sees and thinks. Palak asks Setu since when she started worrying for the world. Leave people like Ritvik and Rohit. We don’t need anything or anyone! We are happy. Someone knocks at the door. It is Rohit. Setu opens the door. Rohit requests her to listen to him.

    Precap: Palak says you (Setu) broke your own heart so Rohit’s family stays put. You did such a big sacrifice. I hope I never have to make such a big sacrifice in life! I don’t think I will be able to leave someone I love so much for his own good!

    Update Credit to: Pooja

  13. Shruti says:

    The Episode starts with Rajmata meeting Ananya’s in-laws. She says I have fixed Vishesh’s alliance. Ananya asks why did you get engagement invitation, don’t send me more. Rajmata says its tough for me, you gave me courage to get invite here, you said there is nothing imp than family, you are part of our family, I request you all to come in engagement. Saurabh says we will try, the way you rejected Shivangi’s alliance, we all felt bad, but seeing your love for your son, we accepted it, but Vishesh has chosen such a girl, we will be questioned because of her. Rajmata says this is your thinking, I respect your feelings and decision, I hope you will do the same. She keeps the invite there and goes.

    Ananya comes to Kanchan’s house. Kirti says really sorry, come. Ananya says sorry

    to come without informing. Kirti says come in, I will get breakfast for you. Kanchan and Ananya apologize to each other. She says Vishesh is imp for me, I have hurt him, I love him a lot, I had pressure from inlaws. Kanchan says its fine, you accepted me, I will give good news to Vishesh. Kirti gets snacks and tea. She takes selfie with them. Ananya makes faces and thinks to tolerate them to make Kanchan out of Vishesh’s life. Vishesh comes. Ananya apologizes and hugs him. He says I knew you will agree, I m happy. Ananya says I shall leave now, I have some work. She goes. Bhabhi sees Ananya with Kanchan. She leaves. Kirti goes to college. Saurabh sees his wife worried. He asks is everything fine. She says its strange, I saw Ananya with Vishesh and Ananya, surprisingly, Ananya has no issues with Kanchan, they looked much happy. He asks how can this happen. She says why did she hide this from us, she shows anger in front of us, its wrong. Sumer comes. Saurabh hides the matter and sends him for work. He asks his wife to forget the matter.
    Vishesh says I m happy, I wanted Ananya to get involved in this happiness, thanks Kanchan. She says I should thank you for support. Rajmata calls Kanchan and informs her about Jhanki event. She asks Kanchan to sit in the Jhanki as the Devi, as she wants to introduce her would be bahu to entire Mathura. Kanchan gets shocked. She says Rajmata wants me to sit in Jhanki. He says its great. She says just an unmarried girl can sit in Jhanki, who is pure. He says who says you aren’t pure, we have seen tulsi vivaah manthan. She says yes, its different as per our thinking, its about mum’s devotion, I can’t cheat her.

    She says if everyone knows this, their hearts will break, tell my past to her, or I will not sit in Jhanki. He says we won’t tell anyone, this will just be between us, not everyone who attend the jhanki are pure, why are you thinking so much, I love you, don’t blame yourself, forget this, move on. She says I can’t lie, you have to tell her. He refuses. Ananya knocks the door.

    Vishesh asks Kanchan to come for his sake. Everyone waits for Kanchan. Kanchan gets ready and sits in Jhanki. Kanchan and Vishesh dance in the ceremony. Manika gets the CD. She plays the CD and sees the shocking incident happened with Kanchan.

    Update Credit to: Amena

  14. Shruti says:

    Nandini set the flowers in the vase. Mauli asks if she wants to keep them in the house. Nandini says why punish flowers? They can throw them if they have a problem. Nandini walks inside. Kunal and Mauli tells Pramilla to throw the flowers out. Dida forbids them, Nandini wants to keep them, these are her flowers and decision should be hers as well.
    At night, Nandini lay in her bed thinking about Rajdeep and his apology. Dida comes to Nandini’s room. She tells Nandini that the reason behind flowers is more beautiful than flowers themselves. Rajdeep sent her a sorry, he might have changed after living away from her and in jail. Nandini tells Dida that Rajdeep isn’t an easy person. Dida advices Nandini that if someone is repenting and apologizes to you, you must give him another chance.

    Nandini asks what if he has changed. Dida says there is a possibility, but to realize than she will have to give him another chance. If these flowers are true, she must forgive him. She tells her to sleep now instead of overthinking. They turn to go towards Dida’s room when Dida stops Kunal. She says she adviced Nandini to forgive Rajdeep, if she did alright? Kunal doesn’t give any consent, he asks them to sleep instead as its really late.
    In the room, Kunal carries Dida to bed. Dida asks if she gave the right suggestion. Kunal says they must not advice anything to Nandini, she might abide by Dida out of respect. Kunal comes out and thinks about talking to Nandini. He hears Nandini’s phone ringing in the room. Nandini takes the call, it was Rajdeep. He asks if she received the flowers. Nandini replies she got it. Mauli comes out to Kunal. Kunal looked worried, he tells Mauli that Dida advised Nandini to give Rajdeep another chance. Mauli and Kunal knocks at Nandini’s door. Nandini cuts the call. Mauli asks if it was Rajdeep’s call. Nandini likes it was her aunt. Kunal wonders why Nandini is lying. He wonders if Nandini really thinks about returning to Rajdeep. Mauli speaks to Nandini that Dida spoke to her about Rajdeep but she doesn’t know Rajdeep well, maybe people weren’t as bad in her times. She shouldn’t think about Rajdeep and not even keep a contact with him.
    The next morning, Mauli opens the door. Mamma stood outside. Mauli cheers watching her there and calls everyone out. Dida calls from inside if the dyan is back again? Mamma says her voice is really high, she seems healthy. Mauli says Nandini takes great care for her. Mamma asks Pramilla to bring her suitcase. Mauli cheers about gifts. Mamma gifts a saree to Nandini. She then gives Mauli a Silver Suhag Thaal. Mauli cheers about it and says they will now celebrate Teej together. Nandini recalls when she decorated silver thaal Rajdeep insulted her for spending too much money, he threw it on the floor and harassed her for all the drama she created. She was weepy.
    Later, Pramilla receives a parcel for Nandini and brings it to her. Nandini accepts the parcel. Dida calls Pramilla. Nandini finds a silver suhag thaal and a note in the parcel. Rajdeep wrote that she is a nice woman, he has realized he isn’t worth presenting a thaal to her but he believes she would surely pray with it. If she gives him another chance he would wipe off all the bad memories and make new ones for them. Nandini hides the thaal in a wardrobe.
    Kunal wonders what Nandini must have decided? Mauli and Mamma come to leave. Mauli suggests about not discussing the matter with Nandini today, she might feel uncomfortable. Nandini comes to ask them take her as well. Mamma agrees. In the car, Kunal wonders if Nandini wants to pray for Rajdeep in the temple.
    Nandini wanders around the temple happily. Mamma asks her to come along but Nandini asks them to go, she wants to see the temple from inside. She comes to a corner and prays for help, she is confused to give Rajdeep a chance or not. One of the path takes her to happiness and independence, the other one leads to character. Which one must she chose? She opens her eyes to find Kunal stand in front of her, the temple bells ringing.
    PRECAP: Kunal tells Nandini she is falling weak, she must do anything thoughtfully. They leave the decision over Nandini now. Rajdeep arrives in the temple and looks towards Nandini skeptically.

    Update Credit to: Sona

  15. Shruti says:

    The Episode starts with Akhilesh holding the shade to keep Ira safe from rains. He says I m here, you take rest. She lies down. He smiles seeing her. Aaja tera….plays…. They hug and sleep. Its morning. Ira asks Akhilesh to wake up. He asks what did you do, you took advantage of me, you ruined my life. Ira says I…. He says you ruined my respect. She worries. Bhavik and Bhoomi wake up hearing the temple bell. They see the men and pandit. Pandit says congrats for the marriage. They get shocked. Bhavik asks what’s all this. Pandit asks don’t you remember. He tells everything. Pandit bleses them. They rush out. Bhavik and Bhoomi say we got married. He says sorry, we will forget this marriage, I will give you divorce if you want. Akhilesh asks Ira to answer him. He laughs seeing

    her face.
    He asks how did you like my acting. Ira beats him. She falls. Tere sang lagi….plays…..She says you used to stay angry, you are smiling these days, what happened to you. He says its because of love. She asks what. He says I love my life, so I got reasons to smile. She says amazing. He says you are my life. She asks what. He says nothing. She says I will do my best to win this competition, I know you kept something valuable as deposit, we will get it back.

    She goes to change. He says its Lord’s sign, Ira doesn’t know that I bought that valuable thing for her. Bhoomi asks do you feel I m so bad. Bhavik says no angel, I always dreamt for you, but you will want your level of guy. She says you are like superman, you were with me always, I never said but I also like you, I love you. He gets surprised. He asks a man to pinch. He screams and says its true. He lifts Bhoomi. She laughs. He says I love you a lot. She says its lucky day for us, our wedding’s first day. He says yes, but Akhilesh won’t like this, I don’t even earn. She says money is not everything. He says till I set up business, we won’t tell anyone. She says of course, we will know each other, you have to meet me every day. He agrees. They hug.

    Ira and Akhilesh wear competition costumes. She explains him the treasure hunt game. He says its fun. They get clues and read it. They go. Pushpa and Devina come there. Devina says BP will meet us here, don’t disappear. Pushpa puts a band to tie Devina. Devina shouts open this. Pushpa drags her. They look for BP. Pushpa and Devina get inside the water. They argue. Devina sees Ira and says what is she doing here. Pushpa says how can they be here. Devina says I just saw Ira, I swear, trust me, if we get her, you will be my servant forever. They follow Ira. Devina misses Ira. Akhilesh and Ira look for next clue. They get the clues.

    Devina sees Rajat’s pic in the newspaper. She makes a plan. Ira says we will quit this game. The man stops them.

    Update Credit to: Amena