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The Episode starts with Ishita consoling Aaliya. Doctor comes and tells them that Mihir’s surgery is done, but he is critical. Aaliya starts shouting on him calling him inefficient and asks him to call his senior. He says we have to monitor Mihir. Aaliya asks him does he not know his work, if anything happens to Mihir, I will sue you. He says you can’t threaten me. Ishita apologizes to doctor and asks Aaliya to stop it. Raman asks Ruhi why is she busy on calls, whats the matter. Ruhi tells Raman that Ishita left as Aaliya was in problem, she did not want Pihu’s mood to get spoiled, it was some emergency, I feel its some accident. Raman says tell Pihu that I went to attend office meeting and leaves.

Ishita asks Aaliya whats wrong with you, behave yourself, sit here. Adi comes

and Aaliya hugs him. She cries and says Mihir had much bleeding, there was no one to help us. She holds his hand and tells everything. He looks at her and says nothing will happen to Mihir, we all are with him. Ishita looks on and thinks I hope Aaliya did not tell Adi what she feels about Mihir. Adi asks about Mihir and goes to get medicines. Vandu calls Ishita and asks her not to worry about Mihir, he will get fine. Vandu prays for Mihir and thinks I should tell Mihika.
Mihika is crying in her room. Vandu knocks the door. Mihika acts to be sleeping. Vandu sees Mihika’s tears and leaves from her room. Mihika cries and thinks I can’t trouble you all. Vandy wonders why is Mihika so worried, don’t know how to ask her, I have to find out. She goes out and sees Romi with Sanchi. Sanchi asks Romi to tell Mihika. He says she won’t understand, you leave. She says she left you, I will tell her if you don’t say. Vandu says it means this is Mihika’s problem, not of he friend.

Mihir lights the candles. Aaliya comes and asks whats the occasion. He says dinner, just you and me. She asks did you do all this for me. He says yes, should I have not done this. She says I mean…. He holds her and asks her to say what she wants to say. He says I know you love me, I want to hear it from you. She says Mihir I love you. They smile. He says I love you Aaliya, why did you not tell me before, I love you a lot. He holds her. She turns shy. Someone stabs him. She sees the knife in his stomach and shouts. Her imagination ends. Aaliya shouts Mihir…

Ishita says Mihir is inside, he is fine, relax, whats the problem, he is not conscious. Shagun comes and hears them. Aaliya says I will confess my love to him, I can’t live without him, let me go. Ishita slaps her and asks are you mad, you love Mihir, what do you know about him, do you know his age, how will mentalities match, leave all that, this is hospital, is this place to confess love, doctor said he is under observation, pray for him, be sensible, else I will slap again, you act maturely, you won’t tell anyone that you love Mihir. Shagun goes. Mani comes and stops Shagun.

He asks about Mihir. Shagun says his surgery is done, doctor kept him under observation. He says thank god, we will meet Ishita and Aaliya. She says not now, its so awkward. He asks what is it. She says you know Aaliya is like your daughter, I know Ishita should not cross this line, I have seen Ishita slapping Aaliya, I know she is like Aaliya’s mum. Mani says she loves Aaliya a lot, she never slapped Aaliya, I m sure Aaliya did wrong, Ishita is not like her mum, but her mum, she will never do wrong, I completely trust her. She says I know, I just felt so. He says its fine, I understand your concern, come.

Ishita asks Aaliya to go out and have food, you have to take care, how will you meet Mihir. She asks Adi to take Aaliya out, and make her have something. Adi says I know Aaliya is worried for Mihir, we will go and have coffee. Ishita asks Aaliya not to get mad. Aaliya nods and leaves with Adi. Mani comes and asks for Aaliya. Ishita says I have sent Aaliya with Adi to have some fresh air. She thinks I should not tell Mani about Aaliya and Mihir now. She says sorry to slap Aaliya. He says relax, I trust you, you are like mum. She thanks him. Shagun thinks so much trust, Aaliya will help me in breaking this trust.

Adi and Aaliya reach the café. He asks Aaliya to sit, will you have coffee or tea, I know you went through big trauma, you will like hot soup, I will order it. She asks why don’t you understand, I don’t feel like eating. He says I know you are tired, Mihir will get fine. She asks how will he get fine. He says relax, doctors are treating him, sit we have just come, you will feel good after having food, atleast have water. She throws glass and starts shouting, saying you want me to have food and water, I told Ishita that I can’t live without Mihir, I love Mihir, she has send me with you here, I love Mihir a lot, why don’t anyone understand. Adi gets shocked. She hugs him and cries. Adi holds her away and gets tearful eyes. He leaves.

Adi goes to washroom and cries recalling Aaliya’s words. He slaps himself angrily. The gift falls from his pocket. He picks it and cries seeing the gift for Aaliya.

Adi tells Ishita that you knew about Aaliya’s feelings, why did you not know Aaliya loves Mihir, you knew I love her, why did you not tell me. She says I got to know in hospital. He says you should have told me that time.
  1. Saina says:

    The Episode starts with Ranbir thinking what did he see? Kritika thinks why the temple is known, and what is she seeing which is blurred. Ranbir thinks this is happening with me for the first time. He tells that there is something weird. Kritika thinks what is the sign which she wants to say? Kritika turns to go and her hairs fall on his face. They both pray. Ranbir thinks why did he feel that girl? Kritika waits for auto and thinks to take the lift. She thinks she will get late and asks for the lift. Akki stops the car. Kritika thanks him and sees Ranbir. Akki says she waved for lift. He asks him to give lift. Kritika asks him to do if he has a mind. She scolds Akki for supporting his brother. Akki calls her bhabhi ji. Kritika asks him not to call bhabhi and asks him to give some brain to his brother. Ranbir

    gets down from the car and tells that he is also possessive for his brothers. He says you are die-hard, an ardent fan of mine. Kritika says I am not your fan. Ranbir asks her to leave his way. Kritika says we both will not follow each other, and says I am not your fan, I have nothing in my heart for you. Ranbir thinks it is good that she is gone. Ranbir says Indian girls can’t bear rejection. Akki says if she went to suicide. They follow her in their car.
    Kritika and balraj come to the house. Malishka comes there and says we will meet daily now. She goes. Mahima asks who is this girl? Ranbir stops her auto and says there are more reasons to live. Kritika She thinks he is mad and needs help. She writes something. Ranbir says you can’t do this, as it is a crime. He says such things happen when depressed. Kritika asks him not to make imaginary Pulao. She asks him to read the note and says you will not regret. She says all the best and asks him not to follow her even if she dies. Akki asks Ranbir to read it. Ranbir asks him to read and tell him. Akki reads mental hospital number and address and says she has fooled you. Ranbir asks him to go and get paper-pen for him.

    Mahima tells Balraj that you did wrong by not informing Ranbir. Balraj says I have to agree to the condition to stay here. Mahima says what I will tell if he asks me. Balraj says let them come, I will explain them. Kritika calls Jiana and tells that the lawyer is unavailable. Jiana asks her to come home. She sees Ranbir and Akki in the car and tells Jiana that she is very unlucky. She ends the call seeing Ranbir following her. She turns to him and asks why is he following her. She asks him to stay away from her. Ranbir says this happens in such situation, and says I have a solution for your problem. Kritika says I gave you a solution and asks them to go to mental hospital. Ranbir says I have some stuff of yours and says all my sympathy is for you. He gives her envelope.

    Kritika comes home. Jiana sees money falling out of an envelope. Kritika tells her that she doesn’t know from where it came. Jiana asks her to relax.

    Update Credit to: H Hasan

  2. Saina says:

    The Episode starts with Prithvi playing a musical instrument. Vaid Raj comes and says you are inspiring to play music in this toughest time. He tells that he has heard that Mrinal is going to come with the more dangerous plan against him. Prithvi tells poetry and says she knows that she has to apply ointment on my wounds. Mrinal comes and throws Veena. Prithvi picks it up. Sulochana says Guru Aditya fulfilled his wish as he promised to hemraj. Prithvi tells that Guru Aditya brought it for him, and says thankfully it didn’t break. Vikramjeet tells Tailap that people are talking about mrinal and fears Chalukya Samrajya may destroy. Tailap says I would have to kill you if you were not our friend. Vikram says many kingdoms refuse to help us because of kiss incident.
    Tailap says it was a crime.

    Vikramjeet says there is one solution and says Mrinal have to leave. Tailap asks how dare you? Vikramjeet says I want to say that she shall go out for few days. Tailap says Akka will not go anywhere, her life and soul is here. He says don’t you want your sister to be fine. He says what you have seen, she has suffered. He says if she goes away then her mental condition will be fine. He asks him to talk to Mrinal and smirks.
    Soldiers bring wooden stand. Mrinal comes there. Prithvi smiles seeing her and tells poetry. He says she will be attracted to him more. Mrinal says I will break your ego. Prithvi tells poetry and says I may be alive or not, but my pain will be on your eyebrows. They tied him to the wooden stand. Sulochana asks Mrinal to think again. Mrinal asks her to do as she said.

    Satyashrah gets ready to go on a war. Jakala comes and says she can’t believe that her son is going on a war to show his capability. She gifts him sword. Satyashrah says you still remember, it is good that I am grown up soon. She asks him to win and tells the war is won by intelligence and not by strength,Satyashrah asks her to make arrangements for celebration. Mrinal takes big iron nail and pierces on his hand using a hammer. Prithvi writhes in pain. Vaid Raj comes to Guru Aditya and tells about Mrinal’s brutally torturing Prithvi. He asks him to kill Prithvi if he is enemy, but not to trouble him like this. Guru Aditya says Mrinal is going through tough times and she is like my daughter. Mausi comes to Kosha. Kosha tells that she is feeling pain. Mausi tells that she is feeling Mrinal pain and says today I believed that only woman is blamed in a society.

    Satyashrah comes to Vilas and says I am going on a war. He says I am going to change myself and will return for you. He leaves. Prithvi faints. Mrinal asks where is your strength, patience, ego and asks won’t you make me hear poetry. She is about to go. Prithvi tells poetry again. Sulochana gets teary eyes. Mrinal says your heart is your problem and today I will end it too. She takes a nail to pierce his chest. Prithvi asks her not to hesitate and tells poetry again. Mrinal is about to pierce nail on his chest when Guru Aditya comes and stops him. Mrinal goes angrily. Guru Aditya asks Soldiers to free Prithvi. Vaid raj takes the nail out of his palms. Prithvi feels pain.

    Bhilamp Raj tells Lakshmi that since he called Vikramjeet here, unexpected things happening. He suspects him. Vilas comes and gives him a gift. He hugs her and asks her to take care of mrinal.

    Jakala does aarti and prays to God. She turns to go and sees Kosha coming. She stops kosha and asks her not to take further more steps. She says this pooja place is for raj pariwar family. Kosha says everyone is same here. She says I will come in front of you when I make my place assured in Raj Mahal. Jakala is shocked.

    Mrinal is angered. Guru Aditya comes to her and asks how she can do such inhuman act with him. He says I had warned you that you shall not do anything wrong. He asks her to keep her feelings in control. Mrinal asks how can I let him smile on my face. Guru Aditya says he can understand what she is going through. Prithvi again takes musical instrument and plays on it. He feels pain. He recalls everything and kissing Mrinal. He plays veena. Mrinal says now you tell me what to do? He attacks me sitting in karagar. Guru Aditya asks her to keep him alive.

    Vikramjeet tells Tailap to choose between Satyashrah and Mrinal. Mrinal tells Tailap that she is doubtful that he is misguided against her. Tailap tells her that she is relieved from all duties. Mrinal is shocked.

    Update Credit to: H Hasan

  3. Saina says:

    The Episode starts with Sameer driving the car and gives perfume and googles to Munna and Pandit. Munna sprays the perfume. Pandit teases Munna and says he will give a flower to a girl. Munna says he loves frock Pandit/Swati and will always love her. He says we will set you somewhere. Pandit says I will do my own setting. Munna says if Naina would have taken admission in our college then it would have been good. Sameer gets emotional and teary eyes and wears google to hide his tears. Song plays….Preeti tells that she will make a list of rich guys. Kamya says she will make them brothers and take gifts. Preeti says she will woo someone. Swati says she is missing Naina today. Naina waits for Anand and thinks if Patel college will take fees today. Anand and Rakesh come there. Naina asks him

    if he is coming too. Rakesh tells that he came for some work. Anand says now we have to walk till school. Rakesh’s 50 Rs note flies with air. It gets stuck on a woman’s saree. Rakesh takes note. A woman slaps him. Preeti, Swati, Kamya and other girl come to the college and give money to auto. They see girl applying lipstick and other girls walking wearing heels. Sameer, Munna and Pandit come to the college. Sameer asks watchman to open the gate and says they are first-year students. Munna and Pandit get happy.
    Sameer imagines Naina in the college campus and he was thinking that Naina must be imagining him at another end. He stops the car and says it is not starting. Seniors come and tease him. Sameer says let’s come out and check. Munna asks them to go. Preeti signs Munna to come out of the car. She tries to open the car door and falls down. Her bag and tiffin fall down. Students gossip that she brought tinde to school. Principal comes there and asks why there is a crowd here. Watchman says a boy’s car stopped here, so you have to walk. Principal walks from there. Everyone greet her.

    Woman threatens to call Police. The man says you have misbehaved with her. Rakesh says you don’t know who am I? The man says you don’t know who is she? She is principal of Patel College. Rakesh says it is good that you told and says he will not send his daughter to such college whose Principal is such. The principal says she will also give admission to a student whose father is like this. Naina looks surprised. Anand tells Principal that it is a misunderstanding and Rakesh himself is a teacher. Principal feels pity for him and leaves. Rakesh tells Anand that Naina will not go to Patel college. Sameer, Munna and Pandit push the car and bring to the parking lot. Watchman says Karthik’s car is parked here. He is trustees grandson. Pandit says Sameer is also a trustee’s grandson. Karthik comes there with his friend and teases Sameer and his friends. Pandit says he is a hero type.

    Naina tells Anand that Rakesh is angry. Anand says I will take him to Patel college anyhow and asks Naina to go home. He tells Rakesh that they shall go to Patel college for Naina’s admission. Rakesh refuses to apologize to Principal. Anand says our daughter is competent and asks him not to be stubborn.

    Preeti, Swati, and others come to class. Kamya introduces herself to her new classmates. Sameer, Munna, and Pandit come there. Priyank tells Sunaina that he was talking about them. Sunaina says what is wrong with you and points finger at Munna and pandit and says they are looking dhooba. She looks at Sameer and says he is very cute. Karthik asks her to get her eyes checked. Professor comes and asks students to sit. He writes a name on the board and asks them to read aloud. They all read the name. Professor says it is good that you can read. He asks whose name is this? Munna says it seems to be the names of three friends.

    Professor says, duffer. He tells that his name is Jayesh Bhaumick Raval and asks them to call him JBR. He tells that today it is your first day and you might be thinking that girls are beautiful etc. Girls might be thinking what to wear. He tells that he teaches accounts and wants pin drop silence. He asks students to raise their hand who got less than 60 percent marks. Sameer, Preeti, Sunaina, Munna, and Pandit raise their hands. Professor says so many duffers and makes Sameer as CPR/Class representatives and says even I got less marks in class. Peon comes and calls Professor. Professor asks Sameer to take attendance and goes to meet Principal. Sameer takes attendance and says roll no 22. Naina comes and says, present sir. Everyone is happy and surprised. Sameer looks at her surprisingly. Naina smiles.

    Professor comes and tells Naina that she has no place in his life as she came late, but as Principal gave her admission, he is letting her stay in his class. Naina thanks him and goes to sit with Swati and Preeti. Sameer is still surprised. Naina’s voiceover tells that it was a God’s sign to make her understand that she has to handle him. Munna signs Naina to go and sit with Sameer and he sits with Preeti and Swati. Sameer tries to move away and Pandit falls down. The professor goes again. Naina tells Sameer he might be thinking how she got admitted to this college. She tells everything and says it is God’s miracle. She tells that Shanti teacher recommended her and she got admission due to good marks. She asks Sameer to smile indirectly. Naina makes pen sound. Sameer tells Professor that the girl is troubling him. Professor asks her to leave the class. Naina goes out of class and gives a flying kiss to Sameer surprising him, and others. Pyaar me tere pagal huyi plays….She smiles and looks at him.

    Professor leaves the class after bell rings. All students come out of class. Naina makes a plan with her friends to cheer Sameer. Munna and Pandit sing pyaar hua iqraar hua.. holding an umbrella in their hand in front of Sameer. Naina comes wearing dupatta as saree and sings the song. She sings and dance Pyaar Kiya Toh Darna kya… jai jai shiv shankar…..Munna and pandit sing gabbar singh kehkar gaya, Naina, Preeti, Swati, Kamya, and Neha join them. They are shown in different costumes. Naina sings ude jab jab zulfe tere…..Munna and Pandit sing khilona…song. The sing Ramaiyya wasta waiyya. Naina’s voiceover tells that they tried to cheer him singing songs for 3 days, and says first few days were like Chitrahaar program. Sameer sees them upset.

    The song plays Aaya tha hero banke…..Sameer gets up from bench and gets some sound. Naina looks on.

    Update Credit to: H Hasan

  4. Saina says:

    The Episode starts with Harman seeing women workers holding dolls and tells Jasleen that they shall talk to them. Just then goons come there in the jeep and attack Harman and Jasleen. Harman fights with them heroically and beats them. Jasleen asks Harman to come with her. Harman refuses, but she takes him. Harman couldn’t talk to women workers. Preeto comes to Maninder’s house. Bebe says our life has become hell. Preeto asks what happened? Maninder says you know about our house and…..Surbhi comes and says Maninder is unwell as the weather is changing. She asks did you come to know anything about Soumya di. Preeto says there is a good news. Maninder asks Bebe to take medicine from Surbhi. Bebe takes medicine and goes inside with Maninder. Surbhi says Preeto about Soumya. Preeto says she is in Ludhiana.

    Nani and Surbhi get happy.
    Raavi is going out. Balwinder asks where is she going with nicely dressed. Raavi says she is going to her friend’s party. Balwinder insists to come with her, but she refuses and talks to him bluntly telling that he didn’t do any husband’s duty till now. She asks him to move and goes.

    Shop owner/local goon Gill comes to Sameer’s house and tells his mum that his men will not let those two persons reach Soumya but till when. He says I can’t do anything then. Sameer’s mum asks what you are saying? Gill says Soumya who stays here, many people are searching her. Sameer’s mum tells that her husband got married and her in-laws are behind her. Gill says I took money to kidnap her and handover her to them. He says I respect your husband a lot and had many favors on me, that’s why I have sympathy for you. I know that the girl is good and if she returns then she will get nothing, but if she stays here then your good days will continue. He says if you want I can stop people to reach her, it is your wish now. Sameer’s mum looks on.

    Raavi waits for her lover and gets his call. She tells that she has been waiting for him since long and starts the countdown. She turns and looks at the car which stops near there and a man steps down and starts walking towards her. They greet each other. He compliments on her beauty and says she is more beautiful than he thought. She also thinks the same about him. He says he was getting mad seeing her pics on friends book. Raavi asks what do you know about me. The man tells that you are an angel who is stuck in troubles, have a husband Balwinder who is useless, jobless and worthless etc. you both have a son. He says you don’t stay in Sasural and nobody understands you in Mayka. Raavi asks how do you know. He says he knows how to prepare for any test and asks her to come with him on a date to have coffee. Raavi is silent. He says as a friend and takes her. He thinks Harman Singh…your sister will become my weapon in a war against you.

    Sameer and Soumya are walking on the road. He asks if she thought what to do. He gets his mum’s call and disconnects it. Jasleen and Harman walk on the road and suddenly her foot gets sprained. He lifts her. Sameer asks Soumya why is she silent and asks if any girl will ever choose him. Soumya asks why is he asking? Sameer says I am saying as you don’t give me attention. His mum calls him again. He goes to a side to attend her call. She tells him everything. Soumya sees Harman walking holding Jasleen in his arms and follow them. She thinks if he is Harman ji as she sees his back. Harman makes Jasleen sit and checks her sprained foot. Soumya sees him, gets emotional and recalls moments with him.

    Harman asks Jasleen if she is fine. Jasleen says better. Few men gather there and ask them if they were romancing and asks them to go. Harman says her foot got sprained and I was checking it. The man says we shall teach a lesson to them and tell everyone that this is wrong. Jasleen says we are husband and wife, we are married. Soumya stops hearing this. Jasleen asks if a married couple can’t walk together. They ask where is her mangalsutra. Harman says she is a modern girl and don’t wear mangalsutra or apply sindoor. He calls them outdated. Jasleen says husband and wife’s relation is from the heart and not for show off. She says it seems they are not married. Sameer also sees them and asks Soumya if he is Harman. He says Harman came to search you with his new wife and asks shall I call him. He is about to call and says har….when Soumya keeps her hand on his mouth and stops him. Harman and Jasleen turn and then they leave. Soumya is sad and goes from there. Sameer looks on.

    Precap: Harman says he is feeling lonely and broken. Preeto says this can’t happen, nobody can take Soumya away from you as she will never give your place to anyone else. Sameer asks Soumya to promise him that she will not leave them alone. Soumya gives her hand in his hand.

    Update Credit to: H Hasan

  5. Saina says:

    Scene 1
    Pankti says thank you Reyansh. He says coming. He comes to washroom and checks his mask. He takes it off. Its JD. He says this is my real face. He says I am such a good planner. He says I can do anything for you Pankit. You have to be mine. Your life and death is in my hands. I planned all this to have you. He says I knew Reyansh will help me at any cost. I used his face everywhere. He says I used this mask. He recalls scaring Pankti. He says I wanted to be with you forever Pankti. You can’t go away from me. He takes out his mask. He says I forgave so many mistakes you did but I can’t forgive Ahan. He can’t be saved. I put bombarding material in jacket but he threw it away in performance nad it fell on pankti so I had to save her. He wears his mask.

    Ahan and Pankti are at london eye. Ahan says you showed us true colors of London thanks a lot. He gives him a paper. He says I am coming to India with you. Ahan says that’ such a good news. He says I will live there for two months. Pankti says that’s great. He says the journey has only started. Lets go. They land in India.
    Reyansh says I will get a hotel. Ahan says no you will live with us. Pankti says you have done so much for us. He says okay. They come home.
    Aparna hugs Ahan and Pankti and says thank God you two are home. She says I missed you two. Reyansh comes in. Ahan introduces him to family. Vikram looks at him and finds something weird. Ahan tells everything to Aparma. JD looks around and recalls what happened.

    Scene 2
    Virat says why did you kill Maharaj? She says I didn’t kill anyone. Virat says we should lock her in the room. Deep saays stop. Arohi did all this. she wants to get Tara in trouble. Roma says Tara you have to be careful.
    Aparma says you two should get married now. Manav says lets call pandit ji tomorrow and fix the date. Reyansh breaks a vase. Everyone is dazed. It cuts his hand. Pankti says are you okay? She holds his hand. he says I am fine.

    Tara darts at Arohi’s face. she says why is Arohi not arrested? They think she is Tara nd they saved her. But I have so many ways.
    Deep reads the letter and says you wrote it and wanted to tell everyone that you weren’t home. I wont believe rest that you have done. He burns it. arohi says you think I killed him? Deep says you might. You tried killing me too. I could tell everyone because I want to take my revenge. Go from here before Tara attacks you. Tara calls Arohi.

    Chawani calls Arohi and says please come and save me. Arohi comes to the place. Tara comes and says I calle dyou here in Chawani’s voice. Arohi says you did this. She says I have you little spy with me. She says see this gift. Arohi sees the gift and screams. She says how can you do this. You are an animal. She says I came here in a ship. I killed Mahraj. But you got out of this as well. i will play a game with you. These are four ace cards. Deep virat roma and virat. One of them will die tonight and you will responsible for it.
    Bindya is crying. Roma says don’t cry I have deposited a lot of money you will live your life peacefully.
    Virat says how will we stop this from going to media. Tara says you have to kill anyone of these. Or i will leak the video of Maharaj being killed and you will be arrested. Your London planning was really good. I am really impressed, You even killed Deep. Lets see who you kill tonight. You have to kill otherwise Chawani.. She gives her a card ad says you have to kill Prithvi. He has illegitimate relationship with my mom. I hate cheaters. He has to die.
    Roma says Deep we have to stop this blackmailer. She sent me this video. Deep says you promised me you will tell me about my parents but you didn’t. I wont do anything until you tell me truth. Roma says save my daughter and I will tell you everything about Wasundra. Deep says you said you don’t know anything. This means you know. Roma says I will tell you as much as I know. Please save my daughter. arohi comes in. Roma says Tara I asked you not to go out. Virat says people think you killed Maharaj. You might get arrested.

    Arohi says I can’t kill anyone. I didn’t kill Maharaj. Tara calls and says you have to kill Prithvi. Arohi says I can’t do this. Tara slaps chawani. He screams. tara says I will kill him if you don’t kill Chawani. He has to die. Arohi says what should I do. I can’t kill anyone. I am not Tara. I have to save Chawani as well. Should I tell deep? But he wont help or even listen. She comes to prithvi’s room. arohi says I have to talk to Deep. She sees a knife near Prithvi’s bed full of blood. Arohi picks it.. She says has tara killed Prithvi. She takes off his sheet. Prithvi wakes up and says you wanted to kill me. Deep Virat roma come in. Roma says Tara you were killing prithvi? Deep looks at Arohi.
    No precap.

    Update Credit to: Atiba

  6. Saina says:

    The Episode starts with Bismil telling the plan to everyone. He says our lives are going to change from tomorrow. They chant Vande mataram. Sarfaroshi ki tamanna….plays….. They get ready. Everyone forms a group. They leave for the loot. They pass through the jungle and reach the station. Lehri buys tickets for Lucknow. Lehri and others wait at the station. They see the time. Lehri says its time for the train to leave. Police comes there and catches them.

    They worry. Bismil and Chandra come there with others. They all disperse. Banwari says those guests are travelling with us. Bismil asks them not to take any decision in haste. Police questions some of them for travelling in second class. Ashfaque says I work as Munshi in zilla office. Chandra says its not right to stay here for long time, train is leaving. Police officer says you look educated and rich, I was thinking you would be at good post to travel in second class, go now, you will miss your train. They all board the train when police goes. Lehri sees the britishers inside.

    They get seated in the compartment. They all start the drama and pull the train chain, telling their necessity to get back to the station. Bismil and everyone get the guns. They ask everyone to sit silent, none will hurt them, just don’t move, they have come for british treasure. They rob the train. Lehri asks them not to move and sit back. He asks them to shut the windows. Chandra says I don’t want to kill you, don’t move. Bismil threatens the guard. Policemen reach there and start firing at them. Bismil hides and shoots at the police. Chandra fights with the policemen. They all try to break the huge chest of cash. The firing goes on. Chandra runs and gets some weapon from the engine. He breaks the money chest. They get shocked seeing an other train approaching.

    Chandra hides from police. Chandra says we can’t kill them.

    Update Credit to: Amena

  7. Saina says:

    Scene 1
    Suzzi makes Dada ready and asks him to go for a walk, Dada asks her to come with them too. Suzzi says you ask me to run your wheelchair, you are dependent on me, I want you to be independent, you have to walk and be fit and then you will be more dashing and I will like you more. Dada says okay I will walk 5km, he leaves. Suzzi calls someone and says come, he is gone.

    Naren comes to Dada’s room and closes door. Naren asks if something goes wrong? Suzzi holds his hands and says dont be scared, Naren says I wont be scared of anyone.
    Dada comes back home and says I got oranges from outside only, I will give it to Suzzi to make juice and then go for a walk.

    Suzzi asks Naren to come closer.. they touch their cheek to each others and Suzzi takes their selfie with them

    close. Dada sees them cheek to cheek and thinks they are kissing, he shocked and says why Suzzi did all this? she wanted me gone to do all this.
    Naren comes to Dada and says you camebakc? Dada says you wanted me gone? Dada I couldnt go very far away but some people did. Naren leaves.

    Dada comes to his room and sees Suzzi on phone. Suzzi says you didnt go for a walk? Dada says I was not in mood. Suzzi says you know walk is beneficial. Dada says you want me to walk to Africa? Suzzi asks him what he is saying? Roopa comes there and says Dada you threw oranges, Dada says these are not normal oranges, they came on time when it was not a good time. Roopa asks if his health is not fine? Dada says no my heart is not feeling good. Roopa asks him to for a walk. Dada says I am not going anywhere, I am sitting here whole day and keep an eye, Roopa leaves. Dada shouts at Suzzi to leave him alone, she leaves.

    Dada is angry recalling Naren and Suzzi closer. Naren comes to Dada and says I forgot my phone somewhere, can I check your room? Naren starts searching his phone. He finds his phone and says so many missed calls. Dada says you have no shame, who called you? Naren says just some girls. Dada slaps him, Naren asks why did you slap me? Dada says you are shameless, you have forgotten your manners, Naren leaves.

    Scene 2
    Prem is drinking wine. Dada comes there and sits with him. Dada says make a pack for me too. Prem says suzzi doesnt allow you to drink. Dada says dont take her name, I have something serious to talk. Prem drinks wine. Prem says now I am serious, tell me. Dada says what if Suzzi have affair anytime in life? Prem says it will happen sometime, I am shocked that she doesnt have affair outside but you have an eye on her. Dada says what if my eye is distracted and she have serious affair? Prem says then get her married. Dada slaps him and says God forbid Suzzi gets married from this house and comes back to this house only. Prem says what are you saying? Dada says dont I have right to ask Suzzi if she has affair somewhere? Prem says you have right to ask which medicine to take at which time but you dont have right to ask about her affairs, you are not her father. Dada says I dont want that. Prem pours wine for him and says drink this, today father and son will get drunk and talk their hearts out. Dada drinks from bottle.

    Suzzi is sleeping in Dada’s room, she silently leaves from there. DAda spies on her. Suzzi and Naren meets at night. Suzzi shows papers to Naren and says these are my registered marriage papers, just sign on them. Naren signs on them. Dada sees Suzzi signing papers with Naren, she hugs him and says yes! Dada fumes in anger seeing them together.
    Suzzi comes to Dada’s room and says you are awake at night? you usually sleep whole night? Dada says I am awake now and will remain awake, Suzzi says dont know what things he is saying today, she sleeps on floor. Dada is sad.

    PRECAP- Suzzi brings juice and says Dada brought this orange. Naren comes there and takes juice, he drinks it. Dada gets angry and shouts its my orange juice. Dada says to Roopa that Suzzi and Naren meet at nights hiding from others.. Suzzi you have started lying to your Raj? Suzzi and Naren and guilty. Roopa looks on.

    Update Credit to: Atiba

  8. Saina says:

    Scene 1
    Abhi comes to Elena’s room but finds her sleeping in bed. He smiles and leaves. Nimki is hiding inside sheet. Elena asks her to hide in morning, she says yes but let me sleep right now, she hugs her and sleeps.

    Tettar is in thoughts, he wakes up Mai. Mai asks what happened? Tettar says where could Nimki go? Mai says she can go to hell, I dont care. Tettar says listen, if she tells people what we did with her, false marriage, keeping her out of palace rooms and not letting her in. Mai says let me sleep, we cant do anything. Tettar says listen, what if Ram sent her to their some relative? Mai says she is gone but you are chanting her name, I dont want to talk. Tettar says if police gets Nimki then.. They both try to sleep.

    In morning, elena wakes up Nimki and says its

    morning, Abhi can come and give you to police. Nimki wakes up and looks around, she says I dont want to go to jail. Elena says dont wake up aunt, she is sleeping on floor. Aunt wakes up and is shocked to see Nimki sitting on bed, she has blur vision.. Nimki hides behind cupboard. Aunt puts on glasses and sees no Nimki there. She says how I slept on floor? Elena says you were sleeping on bed but then asked me to put mattress on floor and you will sleep there. Aunt says you must have kicked me on floor. Elena says you dont even remember your words, you are old. aunt says I am not old.. yes I must have called for mattress to sleep on floor for back pain. Aunt leaves. Nimki comes out from hiding and locks door. She says we are safe. Nimki asks her to bring omelet, juice and fruits for her. Elena says you are here to eat? will you think of saving yourself? Nimki says I have an idea, we can act like police and call Nahar to talk as police with him, I think this is all Nahar’s plan. Elena says idea is good. Nimki says let me call tunee to bring police uniform. Nimki sees Babbu’s many messages, she gets excited and says he is saying so many things like he is missing me, where I am? comeback home.. Nimki smiles.
    Scene 2
    Grandma says to Sweety that I am tired, I cant do it more. diamond asks for breakfast. Tettar comes there and asks Babbu if Nimki messaged him back? Mai says you sent her message? Ritu says we sent her a romantic and emotional message so she comes back. Babbu says message delivered but she didnt reply back. Mai says we got rid of her and you people are behind her. Babbu sees Nimki calling, Ritu laughs and says she is calling. Babbu takes call and asks where are you Nimki? Nimki says are you missing me? Ritu asks him to talk lovingly. He asks how are you? she says wow my hero, I am fine. Babbu says all are missing you, where did you go? Nimki says wow, you are missing me so much? Grandma says ask her to comeback to palace. Babbu asks Nimki to comeback home. Nimki says police can throw you in jail. Babbu says they dont have guts to put you in jail, nobody can touch you, you are my wife, just comeback. Nimki smiles and sees Abhi coming there, she says to Babbu that I am coming. She ends call. Nimki hides in cupboard. Abhi comes there and says Elena where are you? do you want to play hide and seek with me? he starts looking around for Elena. He says I know you are hiding behind cupboard. Nimki gets tensed. He says I will count till 3. come out otherwise I will come to you.. he starts counting. Elena comes there and says I am here, you lost. Abhi goes to her and says I am going to office, behave with aunt, he leaves. Elena says to Nimki that path is clear. Nimki thanks her for saving her. Nimki says I have to go back to palace. Elena says but there is police outside. Nimki says Babbu called me, he will protect me./ Elena says all the best. She hugs her. Aunt is in porch and starts jumping in Elena’s room from window. Elena hides Nimki behind cupboard. Aunt says to Elena that I keep feeling like Nimki is hiding so I wanted to see if she could jump from window but its very difficult so I dont she could come inside. Elena asks her to hear her rhymes. Elena takes her from her room. Nimki jumps from window and leaves.

    Nimki is running on roads and says what days have come, I cant walk more, I have to do something. She waits to get some lift. A car comes infront of her, Nimki puts veil on her face and sees Nahar and his goons in car.

    PRECAP- Nahar calls Tettar and says do you want to listen some news? we have caught your running daughter in law. Nimki is tied to a tree by Nahar’s goons. Mai, Babbu and others are shocked.

    Update Credit to: Atiba

  9. Saina says:

    The Episode starts with Imli planning to kill Vivaan. She damages the ceiling fan. She says your game is over now. Chakor looks for Saanvi and plays. She asks Vivaan did he see Saanvi, just help. Saanvi smiles. He says so much happened, you are still calm, how. She says because of Saanvi. He misses his child. She says yes, I regret for that matter even today. He says me too, if Imli didn’t lose the child, she would have not become an animal.

    She asks do you think Imli did that with you. He says yes, just Imli can get stamp in this haveli, I was her hurdle so she buried me in the room to end my identity. She says no, your identity is there, you are Vivaan, you are my friend, Saanvi’s uncle and Suraj’s brother. He recalls the lady’s word and gets rude. She asks him to see Saanvi till she gets the

    milk. Vivaan takes Saanvi. She goes. He calms down and plays with Saanvi in his room. Imli smiles and thinks he will be dying now. He rests Saanvi on the bed and goes to switch on fan for her. Imli looks on. Vivaan switches on the fan. He talks to Saanvi about Chakor. He goes to get Chakor’s drawing from cupboard. He hears the sound and looks at the fan. He rushes and saves Saanvi when the fan falls down on the bed.
    Imli gets angry and goes. Chakor comes there and hears Saanvi crying. She shouts and drops the milk glass. She takes Saanvi from him. Chakor sees the fallen fan on the bed and asks how did this fan fall, does anyone want to kill Saanvi or you. Mechanic fixes the fan. Chakor says no, just take the fan with you, we don’t want it here. The man leaves. Suraj asks what did you do, its an accident, if I fall down, will you throw me out of the house. Chakor says its not an accident, its done intentionally, someone did this to injure Vivaan. Vivaan says no, to kill me. Suraj thanks him for saving Saanvi. He promises to protect Vivaan. Vivaan thinks I want to kill him, he is saving my life. Chakor asks what are you thinking. Vivaan says nothing, accidents are planned. He goes.

    Imli gets angry that Vivaan got saved. Archana asks her to leave her dreams of ruining Chakor. Imli scolds her. Vivaan checks and finds a stool near the bed. He says how did this come here, it means…. someone stood on this stool and tried to damage the fan. Imli gets angry on Archana. She says Chakor will be scared, I m fed up of losing, see how I win now. Tejaswini feels unwell. Imli asks her to have deep breath. Suraj comes and asks Vivaan to come fast, they have to take Tejaswini to hospital. Imli asks how did you get unwell by having tea. Tejaswini says I m having stomach ache. Suraj says don’t worry. He asks Archana to tell Chakor that he took Tejaswini to hospital, take care of Saanvi. Imli asks him not to worry. Suraj and Vivaan take Tejaswini. Imli thinks of adding medicine in the tea. She says its just me and Saanvi at home.

    Chakor asks Archana to stop singing the bad lullaby. Imli shows her face and threatens her. Chakor scolds her back.

    Update Credit to: Amena

  10. Saina says:

    The Episode starts with Reyansh saying sorry, I will just come. He goes away and removes the mask, singing Babu ji dheere chalna…. JD’s face is shown. He removes the fake makeup and sings. He says you are good looking JD, you are more sharp planner…… He smiles and says who says one can’t have beauty and brains together, I have both, what I did for Pankti, I failed death for her, I had planned all this. He recalls putting a fake bullet in revolver, then injecting himself to fall unconscious. He says I wanted Ahaan to get arrested, but Sheetal came in between, she went to jail, it was tough for me to get saved from last rites. He makes a man wear his facial mask and sends the body for final rites. He says my biggest plan was to come with a new face, a new character, so I have come as

    Reyansh Deewan, I made a great entry in my soul peace puja, I have done everything in London. He recalls working out his evil planning. He says I wanted to have enmity by acting as a friend, I wanted to be around Pankti, so I booked a room on the same floor, my life was spent in forgiving Pankti’s mistakes, but how can I forgive Ahaan’s mistake, Ahaan’s biggest mistake is that he got saved again. He recalls the attacks on Ahaan.
    He says I had to throw the explosive jacket in water to save Pankti, Ahaan is a tough guy, but its no fun to win the fight with ease, see you soon Babu, JD will be around you as Reyansh, be careful because…. He sings Bade dhoke…

    Reyansh says last night in London right. Ahaan thanks Reyansh for showing London’s real spirit. Pankti praises Reyansh. Ahaan says we shall surely stay in tough. Reyansh says I think its time. He shows the ticket info. Ahaan asks three tickets. Reyansh says I m coming Mumbai with you two, I got two friends. Ahaan says its good that you are coming with us. Pankti says I didn’t wish this story to end. Reyansh says story just started, we need to leave now, everything is on time here, we will miss the flight, go, I will follow you. He says I will always be with you Babu……

    Ahaan, Pankti and Reyansh come home. Reyansh says I won’t come in, you should go. Ahaan says you saved my life, they will be more than happy to welcome you. Pankti says yes, give us a chance to thank you. Aparna gets emotional seeing Ahaan and Pankti. Reyansh meets everyone and recalls his old moments as JD in the house. Aparna says Sheetal is fine, she will be with us soon. Ahaan says its good Reyansh was with us in London, some crazy fan was arrested for the attack. He tells everything. They worry. Reyansh sees garlands on JD’s pic.

    No Precap

    Update Credit to: Amena

  11. Saina says:

    The Episode starts with Madhumali telling Angad about Haran’s message. She says Shil Aditya and his daughters are warned by Chegu, they are coming to meet Trishanku, whose presence is imp in your marriage. He worries. Pranali comes to market with Haran. The girls smile seeing Haran. A man attacks Pranali. Haran stops the man and fights with him. Everyone claps for Haran. Haran smiles. The fight goes on. Pranali prays and stops the fight. She sees his blood and faints. He holds her in arms.

    Shil Aditya, Eshwarya and Garima visit Mahapuram. Madhumali welcomes them. Maharaj asks about Trishanku. She says he is bit unwell, he will be here soon, you have come yourself for the ritual. Maharaj says I came to meet my best friend. Garima gets dizzy. Eshwarya worries for her. She takes Garima. Garima

    vomits over Adhivan and apologizes. He asks her to come. Arak sees this and laughs. Adhivan changes and goes to Maharaj. He says Garima is treated, he will be fine soon. Arak comes playing and stops. Maharaj apologizes. Adhivan says its fine. Maharaj says I want to meet my friend now. Adhivan asks him to come. Angad tries to stop him.
    Madhumali uses her powers. She captures a servant and gives his soul to Trishanku’s body. Maharaj looks for Trishanku. Angad gets tensed. Trishanku comes and says welcome, I was waiting for you. Angad gets shocked. He gets scared and stumbles. Maharaj asks how are you now. Trishanku says I got fine on seeing you. Arak comes in between and sees something in Trishanku’s eyes. He shouts he isn’t our dad, he is an evil man. He runs away and shouts. Madhumali comes and says Arak’s mental state is getting worse. She signs Angad. Adhivan says but he never behaved this way, can he see something imp.

    Angad says you also started now. Arak says I want my dad. He cries. Angad says come with me. Arak bites his hand. Angad screams. Arak runs out. Angad runs after him. Adhivan stops Angad and says I will manage him. He apologizes to Maharaj. Maharaj gets thinking. Madhumali says Arak couldn’t recover. Maharaj says I can see him in pain, I will pray for him. She asks him to come for breakfast. He says I want to talk to my friend in private. She says fine, just don’t touch Trishanku, else his pain can get high. Maharaj says I will be careful. She goes. Trishanku asks did you agree to Chegu. Maharaj says no. Trishanku says that attack was done on me so that I regard you my enemy, some black powers are after this, there is a Rajya who is using tribals for their motives, are you thinking about the marriage relations again. Maharaj says I don’t jump to conclusions by hearing one side, I hope you…. Madhumali feeds the words in Trishanku’s words and talks sweet. Maharaj apologizes. He goes to hug and stops recalling Madhumali’s words.


    Chegu says Madhumali will succeed if Maling and Mahapuram have a relation. Madhumali says none should touch Trishanku’s body dying marriage. Adhivan gets shocked seeing her and Angad’s truth.

    Update Credit to: Amena

  12. Saina says:

    The Episode starts with Rathod coming to meet Kanhaiya. He says I have come to meet Daali too, she is like my daughter. Kanhaiya says she went out, I will make tea for you. Rathod says you both got married now, I had many dreams for your marriage. He gives gifts. Kanhaiya checks the necklace. Rathod says I couldn’t give blessing and gift on marriage, so I have come today to give the necklace to Daali. Kanhaiya says its not needed, its costly. Rathod asks him to see intentions and love of person gifting, not the price of gift. He says you have tolerated a lot because of false blames, I m happy seeing you now, be careful of Maya, when will you tell everything to Daali.

    Kanhaiya says very soon, the time has come. He declares the date and says Kanhaiya will tell all secrets. Daali says Kanhaiya can’t manage the big responsibility. Kanhaiya says yes, look I m a servant, don’t worry. Daali asks him to be quiet now, and stop the drama. Janki says talk to him with respect, he is your husband, I made him company MD. She asks why, he is a servant, he delivered a child that day, like just a doctor, how can he do this. Janki gets impressed. She asks him not to joke and understand her.

    She says I have seen him wearing costly clothes and going as a rich man, did he steal anywhere that he got money. Janki says why will he steal. She asks Kanhaiya who is he. He says I told you, give me some days and then I will tell you everything. She says no need, I will find out. He goes. She tells Janki that she has many questions, she doesn’t know Kanhaiya and his parents. Janki says I don’t know anything. She says he told you something on wedding day, tell me. He says I don’t know anything. She goes. He thinks when you know, you will get a big shock.

    Daali gets a gift from Kanhaiya. He calls her and asks about the gift. Daali asks who are you. He says your secret admirer, I love you a lot, just wear the dress and look at yourself in mirror. She shouts on hearing his shayari. She gets shocked seeing a pearl necklace. She thinks of her childhood friend. She cries.


    Daali hugs the gifts and cries. Lambi judaai….plays…. Daali asks someone to trace the number, its him, whom I love since childhood. Kanhaiya hears her.

    Update Credit to: Amena

  13. Saina says:

    The Episode starts with Balwant asking Uttara why doesn’t she want to kill Gayatri. She says I want her to know how I treat my enemies, let her suffer, the spies shouldn’t reach Ambua. He asks her not to worry. Suman tells Teja about Lazer, who taught them to face problems. She tells everything what happened in his absence. She says you should have not sent Lazer. He says Lazer’s intentions are good, but way was bad, everything can be sorted by peace. Falguni talks to someone and asks about Shambu. The man says Teja asked me to help you, I will inform you when I get any news.

    Teja meets Uttara at office. He asks her for an increment. She says it can’t happen, company will be at loss, I was thinking to fix machines in factory, everyone knows I have a big heart, I think you can do any small

    work. She says I got a painting for one lakh yesterday. Teja requests her to give them an increment. She starts insulting him and his arts. He leaves.
    Teja comes to meet Falguni. She asks him to sit. She gets water for him. He apologizes. She says its big thing you have come to meet me. He says I came to meet Uttara, you were right, Uttara can’t give us an increment. She asks why do you have hopes from her, you are an artist and can show your work to the world without having an agent. He says I don’t know all this. She says I know who can help, Jayant will understand, I will talk to him as a poor worker’s daughter Chanda. She calls Jayant. Suyash answers. She hears his voice and asks for Jayant. He gives the phone. She tells Jayant that she wants to start her own work, she wants her advice. He gives her advice. She asks if he can help. He says don’t worry, I will help you. She says thanks Papa. He asks what did you say. She says my Papa is thanking you. He says welcome, all the best.

    Teja says I will leave now. She says I will get ready and come. He asks will you come village with me. She says not me, Lazer. He nods. Niyati says everyone liked my work. Vidhaan says its about me, they are complimenting me. She checks the commenters and says you made your friends praise you. They cutely argue. They miss their baby. He says we will have world’s best baby soon. Falguni tells villagers about their new work. She says there is no guarantee for anything, we have seen your talent, you will sell sarees on own, customers will get sarees on low rates, it will be good for both parties, govt. can give you loan for starting the new work. Naren says I feel scared. She asks why, don’t you see tv, don’t be scared, do something different. Teja asks Falguni to name the business. She names the business company Asha. They all clap.

    Shom comes to Uttara. She says I made you secretary as you give me news soon, you didn’t tell me about Lazer and Teja’s union. She says I told everything to Teja to threaten him, Teja and his artists are imp for our company, they shouldn’t make any company on their own. She calls Balwant. She asks Balwant to stop Lazer and Teja from reaching registrar office. He says think your work is done.

    Balwant follows Teja and Lazer. He kicks down the auto. Falguni and Tej with an accident.

    Update Credit to: Amena

  14. Saina says:

    Vijay returns home with team. Sadhna asks where were they since morning. Bulbul murmurs. BD says Chudaiya/Bulbul. Bulbul says she had gone to grocer. Gayatri says she had called grocer. Bulbul says another grocer. Mandra says she accompanied Bulbul. Gayatri sees lipstick on Agastya’s lips and asks where he had been. BD questions. Bulbul scolds she warned him not to have paan and come home. BD scolds Agastya. Sadhna asks everyone to freshen up, she will serve them food. They all rush to their room, Gayatri and BD stand surprised.

    Bulbul enters her room and sees Mandira already present there who taunts that once Pankaj is exposed, she will convince BD and get married to Vijay, so she is thinking which side of be she should use. Bulbul laughs and says all is fine except marrying Vijay.

    Gayatri wears Mandira’s gown and wig and praises her beauty looking into mirror. Resham walks in and seeing hr from bank thinks she is a foreigner, flirts with her and badmouths about Gayatri. Gayatri turns and tongue lashes him. He falls on his feet. BD walks in and scolds them they should close door at least.

    Yug prepares Mohini’s pamphlet and gives it to Agnad with Mohini’s sim. Vijay asks Agastya to wax well before meeting Pankaj. Gayatri asks Vijay where were they all yesterday. Vijay lies that he had a fight with Bulbul. She questions Bulbul who says she had gone on a date with Vijay. Gayatri gets suspicious.

    Raghav asks Angad to check Mohini’s details on net. Angad hurriedly messages Agastya to be careful as Raghav wants to check Mohini’s details. He opens laptop and says there are so many Mohinis in India. Panjak says he should check Mohini from Delhi or add Akbar Allahbadi. Angad gets more nervous. Vijay walks in as Akbar Allahbadi.

    Precap: BD tells Mandira and Bulbul that she has test for them and after 2 days she will announce winner, shows eggs.

    Update Credit to: MA