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The Episode starts with Ishita consoling Aaliya. Doctor comes and tells them that Mihir’s surgery is done, but he is critical. Aaliya starts shouting on him calling him inefficient and asks him to call his senior. He says we have to monitor Mihir. Aaliya asks him does he not know his work, if anything happens to Mihir, I will sue you. He says you can’t threaten me. Ishita apologizes to doctor and asks Aaliya to stop it. Raman asks Ruhi why is she busy on calls, whats the matter. Ruhi tells Raman that Ishita left as Aaliya was in problem, she did not want Pihu’s mood to get spoiled, it was some emergency, I feel its some accident. Raman says tell Pihu that I went to attend office meeting and leaves.

Ishita asks Aaliya whats wrong with you, behave yourself, sit here. Adi comes

and Aaliya hugs him. She cries and says Mihir had much bleeding, there was no one to help us. She holds his hand and tells everything. He looks at her and says nothing will happen to Mihir, we all are with him. Ishita looks on and thinks I hope Aaliya did not tell Adi what she feels about Mihir. Adi asks about Mihir and goes to get medicines. Vandu calls Ishita and asks her not to worry about Mihir, he will get fine. Vandu prays for Mihir and thinks I should tell Mihika.
Mihika is crying in her room. Vandu knocks the door. Mihika acts to be sleeping. Vandu sees Mihika’s tears and leaves from her room. Mihika cries and thinks I can’t trouble you all. Vandy wonders why is Mihika so worried, don’t know how to ask her, I have to find out. She goes out and sees Romi with Sanchi. Sanchi asks Romi to tell Mihika. He says she won’t understand, you leave. She says she left you, I will tell her if you don’t say. Vandu says it means this is Mihika’s problem, not of he friend.

Mihir lights the candles. Aaliya comes and asks whats the occasion. He says dinner, just you and me. She asks did you do all this for me. He says yes, should I have not done this. She says I mean…. He holds her and asks her to say what she wants to say. He says I know you love me, I want to hear it from you. She says Mihir I love you. They smile. He says I love you Aaliya, why did you not tell me before, I love you a lot. He holds her. She turns shy. Someone stabs him. She sees the knife in his stomach and shouts. Her imagination ends. Aaliya shouts Mihir…

Ishita says Mihir is inside, he is fine, relax, whats the problem, he is not conscious. Shagun comes and hears them. Aaliya says I will confess my love to him, I can’t live without him, let me go. Ishita slaps her and asks are you mad, you love Mihir, what do you know about him, do you know his age, how will mentalities match, leave all that, this is hospital, is this place to confess love, doctor said he is under observation, pray for him, be sensible, else I will slap again, you act maturely, you won’t tell anyone that you love Mihir. Shagun goes. Mani comes and stops Shagun.

He asks about Mihir. Shagun says his surgery is done, doctor kept him under observation. He says thank god, we will meet Ishita and Aaliya. She says not now, its so awkward. He asks what is it. She says you know Aaliya is like your daughter, I know Ishita should not cross this line, I have seen Ishita slapping Aaliya, I know she is like Aaliya’s mum. Mani says she loves Aaliya a lot, she never slapped Aaliya, I m sure Aaliya did wrong, Ishita is not like her mum, but her mum, she will never do wrong, I completely trust her. She says I know, I just felt so. He says its fine, I understand your concern, come.

Ishita asks Aaliya to go out and have food, you have to take care, how will you meet Mihir. She asks Adi to take Aaliya out, and make her have something. Adi says I know Aaliya is worried for Mihir, we will go and have coffee. Ishita asks Aaliya not to get mad. Aaliya nods and leaves with Adi. Mani comes and asks for Aaliya. Ishita says I have sent Aaliya with Adi to have some fresh air. She thinks I should not tell Mani about Aaliya and Mihir now. She says sorry to slap Aaliya. He says relax, I trust you, you are like mum. She thanks him. Shagun thinks so much trust, Aaliya will help me in breaking this trust.

Adi and Aaliya reach the café. He asks Aaliya to sit, will you have coffee or tea, I know you went through big trauma, you will like hot soup, I will order it. She asks why don’t you understand, I don’t feel like eating. He says I know you are tired, Mihir will get fine. She asks how will he get fine. He says relax, doctors are treating him, sit we have just come, you will feel good after having food, atleast have water. She throws glass and starts shouting, saying you want me to have food and water, I told Ishita that I can’t live without Mihir, I love Mihir, she has send me with you here, I love Mihir a lot, why don’t anyone understand. Adi gets shocked. She hugs him and cries. Adi holds her away and gets tearful eyes. He leaves.

Adi goes to washroom and cries recalling Aaliya’s words. He slaps himself angrily. The gift falls from his pocket. He picks it and cries seeing the gift for Aaliya.

Adi tells Ishita that you knew about Aaliya’s feelings, why did you not know Aaliya loves Mihir, you knew I love her, why did you not tell me. She says I got to know in hospital. He says you should have told me that time.
  1. Shruti says:

    The Episode starts with Rajguru and Bhuri coming to know the matter in Raj mahal. They overhear Veer and Maharani’s conversation. Veer tells everything what Bhairavi told. He says the truth is I have seen the beheaded ancestors and it means any family member will die in two days, even Bhairavi told the same, I have to find out the illegitimate child of this family to save his life. Rajguru and Bhuri look on shocked. Kedar, Titu and Dolly look for Archie and discuss about Bhairavi. Titu says I don’t think this is true, if Bhairavi is Lord’s daughter, why does she want to marry Veer, I think its a plan to get the property. Kedar asks him to stop it. Dolly gets scared. She says I heard that Lali’s spirit wanders here at night, we shall go back home. Titu asks why did you come here.

    She says Archie didn’t listen to me. Sadhu Baba sees them and says if you get against Kaal, you won’t get saved.
    Bhairavi dances in her room on Maardala. Maharani comes to her and watches her dance. She says I know my family, there is no one illegitimate here. Bhairavi says you don’t know the truth. Rajmata hears them. Bhairavi says your family has illegitimate children of both types, one doesn’t have the royal blood and other doesn’t have the royal name with him. She says Lord knows everything, don’t lie to me. Maharani says I don’t know anything about this. Bhairavi says then ask Rajmata, she would be knowing it, go now, I have to practice dance. Bhuri meets Pavitra and tells about Bhairavi’s warning. She says your child in womb is also from royal family.

    Pavitra gets shocked and says its not the fault of my baby, I have lost everything, not this child now, Kaki do something and protect my child. Revati gets scared and hugs Jai. She asks Kashinath to do something, she doesn’t want to lose Jai. Vandana says I got some envelops from Yash’s drawer, once he fell ill and gave me a letter for you, I never checked this, I got this now and thought to give it to you. Veer checks the envelops. He reads Yash’s letter. Yash says I want to tell you a secret, even our mum has no idea about it, our dad had married secretly, he had two children too, he asked me to take care of his other sons, but he couldn’t tell me anything, I was angry that he cheated mum and didn’t try to find them, Veer if possible, try to find dad’s other wife and sons, get their rights.

    Vandana asks is Bhairavi saying about this illegitimate relations. He says maybe, but where will I find them. She says we should talk to mum. Veer and Vandana go to Maharani. She gets shocked reading the letter. She says I can’t believe this, we have no other children. She cries. Veer consoles her. He says the lives of those children are in danger. Vandana asks Maharani to tell them if she knows anything. Maharani says I have no idea. He asks everyone to tell him if they know anything. Veer goes and collides with Bhairavi. He apologizes. She asks him not to say sorry, they are going to marry. He asks her to say about the illegitimate children. She says Lord just shows the path, even he didn’t tell me, swear on you, its your work to find out. He goes.

    Kedar loses the way and talks to Titu. Titu is scared of Lali’s spirit. He sees Bhairavi leaving in the car and thinks where is she going. Kedar calls out Archie. He gets Bhairavi’s pic with a boy. He says she claims to be Lord’s daughter. He sees the dog and says people assumed him to be inspector Sumer, how can he be here, it means Bhairavi isn’t Lord’s daughter. Bhairavi asks what, Lord has killed Archie, what will we do, how will we get Archie back for Veer.

    Kedar says I shall catch this dog and take him to palace. He makes a video. He gets shocked seeing Lali’s spirit.

    Update Credit to: Amena

  2. Shruti says:

    The Episode starts with Jai thinking how to make Aadhya understand and thinks to do something. Aadhya thinks this relation will never break, she will give letter to him and then…She imagines Jai kissing on her cheeks and says life is set after that. She gets shy and smiles. Jai is running out of the house, when he collides with Rupa and the juice falls on him. Rupa asks him to go and change his shirt. Jai says my life is getting ruined and you are worried about the shirt. Rupa thinks I am getting mad. Aadhya gets ready. Diya asks where is she going? Aadhya asks how is she looking? Diya says Karol bagh’s kareena Kapoor and asks if you find jija for me. Aadhya says yes and tells that he told me that I have laddoo like cheeks. Diya asks who said this? Aadhya says I am joking and says just

    papa says this. Jai comes to Aadhya’s house and thinks if I shall go inside, and thinks if Aadhya had told her hitler dad then he will hut on my head. He thinks to meet her in the café. Aadhya calls Jai to ask where is he? She asks where is he and says she is waiting for him. Jai says he is stuck in traffic and asks her to reach café directly. Aadhya says ok and leaves in auto. She stops the auto and gets special bouquet. Jai thinks to talk to Aadhya loving and thinks to order juice and burger for her, and then thinks if she splashes juice on my face then. He gets worried.
    Aadhya reaches café and thinks Jai didn’t come till now. She thinks she forgot bouquet in auto and comes out, but the auto is already gone. She thinks now she has to work extra to speak her feelings. Jai reaches café and is tensed. Aadhya thinks to confess her feelings to Jai. Jai gets worried thinking Aadhya will end their friendship. Aadhya calls him when he enters the café. Aadhya thinks everything will be clear like a water. Jai thinks if she leaves me then, and asks himself to be confident and thinks I can convince her. He says I want to tell you something. Aadhya says even I want to say you something. Aadhya shows the letter which she reads for him and says she will tell about her feelings. Jai says he wants to speak first and says Aadhya, I am sorry for whatever happened yesterday, I didn’t mean anything and says you are my best friend and I can’t think of you like that and swears that he never saw her from that sight. He says whatever happened was a big mistake, I never felt anything like that and respects you so much. He asks her not to break friendship with him and asks her to understand. Aadhya cries. Jai still have his face turned and don’t see Aadhya crying. Aadhya asks if everything was a mistake for you.

    Jai says whenever I think about that, I wanted to slap myself, when you message that lets end everything, I was shocked and apologizes to her. He turns to her and sees her gone. He thinks Aadhya was upset with me that left. Aadhya thinks of Jai’s words and walks on the road. Chadariya Jheere Song plays…….She falls on the road when someone collides with her. She sees mud on her clothes and hands, cries badly. Judaai….plays…She asks herself not to cry and thinks this happens with everyone, you are not the only one. She sees a band playing music and recalls singing song for jai…mana ke hum yaar nahi…..Savvy sees Aadhya crying badly standing on the road and gets down from the auto. She asks what happened? Aadhya hugs her and cries. Jai gets worried and thinks where did Aadhya go? He calls her.

    Aadhya sees his call and doesn’t pick the call. Savvy asks Aadhya to pick Jai’s call. Aadhya nods no and cries. Jai thinks these girls go to silent mode when they are angry. He thinks talk to me Aadhya, but don’t be silent. He sits in his car and thinks I will not leave you. He sees Aadhya’s letter and thinks to open and see. Just then Rupa comes there and says hello. Jai says what you are doing here? She says she came to meet the client and asks him to drop her home. Jai says I am very busy right now and can’t drop you. Rupa thinks he might be going behind Aadhya and emotionally blackmails him and tells that she will do sit ups and holds her ears. Jai says I will take auto and asks her to take car. Rupa sits in the car. Jai thinks he must have gone to Aadhya and gets angry. Jai thinks I will not do this mistake again and feels apologetic.

    Savvy brings Aadhya to garden. Aadhya asks her to take her from there and says this is the place where I felt the most beautiful moment of my life. Savvy asks her to tell what happened? Aadhya cries. Savvy cleans the mud from her clothes. Aadhya cries and tells Savvy that her first love is remained incomplete. She says I really love jai, but he don’t love me and says that moment was special to me, which he thinks as a mistake, when he touched me, I felt like everything is changed, but he didn’t feel anything, I was nothing to him, I don’t mean anything in his life. Jai thinks you don’t know what you mean to me, if I go away from you then it means going far from myself and slaps himself.

    Jai sees letter with Wifi and starts reading the letter infront of Aadhya. Aadhya gets tensed.

    Update Credit to: H Hasan

  3. Shruti says:

    The Episode starts with Navin asking where is Prerna. Shivani says she is at home, Anurag tried to kidnap her, but didn’t take her away. Anurag says I tried to convince her, but she didn’t back out, she said she was helpless, I had no other option than this, sorry, my ways was wrong, but my intentions was right, Madhuri helped me today, this happened suddenly, I was going from the room and saw her. FB shows Anurag going to see Madhuri. She cries. He holds her. She gets shocked. He says you are crying, what happened, is everything fine. She says yes, I m fine. He says I understand, your husband is marrying someone else. She says Navin isn’t my husband. He says I know, you got married to him, if this marriage happens today, your life will be ruined as well, if you be silent, the truth

    won’t change, you love Navin, I care for Prerna. She says I wish I had a friend like you, I did everything for Navin, but now… He says you don’t want this to happen, stop this, please, save Prerna, I have nothing, I m helpless, you can help me, tell me who is Navin. She says he is a very dangerous man. He says I know, we can’t let anyone’s life get ruined because of this fear, I beg you, I need your help, I have to stop this marriage. She asks but how will you stop Prerna. He says she is sleeping now. She asks what shall I help. FB ends.
    Navin says she is lying, she is my Bhabhi, why did she do this drama in mandap. Anurag says it was imp to save Prerna’s life and exposing your true face. Navin says they are lying. Moloy says if they are lying, you are only one to say truth, Anurag has seen you making Madhuri wear mangalsutra, Madhuri is saying she is your wife, she isn’t lying. Navin thinks I just want Prerna, I don’t care for them, its good Prerna isn’t here, everything will be fine, Prerna will come with me, if Anurag can kidnap her, I can’t spare her, how shall I go to her.

    Prerna looks for her phone. Veena says thank God, our daughter got saved, she didn’t marry this man, thanks Anurag. Rajesh says we didn’t wish this to happen, Navin doesn’t deserve any girl. He scolds Navin. He asks Anurag to call Prerna, she should see Navin’s poison. He gets shouting in anger. Everyone holds him and calms him down. Prerna calls Shivani and asks her to answer. Shivani says Prerna is calling. Anurag says go and get her, she should know this too. Shivani goes. Anurag says relax uncle, Prerna got saved. Prerna asks Shivani to come and unlock the door. Shivani goes to window. Prerna asks her to open the door, she has to get married, Anurag has locked her. She scolds Shivani for telling truth to Anurag. Prerna says its my marriage, open the door, people would be finding me. Shivani says Navin has got married, nobody is finding you.

    Prerna asks what, Navin got married, no, how can this happen, I m here. Shivani says listen to me, he has got married to Madhuri. Prerna gets shocked and says no. Shivani tells her everything. FB shows Shivani and Anupam coming to Prerna. Anurag says she is resting, Madhuri will be marrying Navin now. Anupam asks what, don’t marry Navin, he is a bad man. Anurag says don’t question much, Shivani observe Prerna, we have to get same clothes and jewellery for Madhuri. Shivani says we may get sample lahenga in Mohini’s cupboard. Anupam asks Madhuri to do bridal makeup until they come. They try to find bridal clothes for Madhuri. Anupam sees Mohini and worries. Mohini asks what are you doing with this sample lahenga. Anupam says I have come to take this. She asks why. He signs Anurag and Shivani. They quickly hide. She asks Anupam to answer her. FB ends. Prerna says it means Anupam told the truth to her.

    Shivani says no, Anurag has saved him. FB shows Anurag signing Anupam. Anupam says I wanted to try this lahenga, I love this. Anurag comes calling Mohini and says pandit is calling you. Anupam keeps lahenga and goes. Anurag says I have a request, send Veena to get Prerna to mandap, she is Prerna’s mum, she will like it. Mohini says fine. Shivani asks did you involve mum in this plan. FB ends. Prerna says so mum agreed for Navin and Madhuri’s marriage. Shivani says no. Prerna says but how did mum take Madhuri to mandap. Shivani says just Anurag, Anupam and I knew this, so we had lied to mum. Prerna says you got Navin married to Madhuri, its bad, how did Madhuri agree for this marriage. Shivani says the real picture is still left, we will watch it with everyone.

    Navin says Madhuri needed a man and married me to fulfill her need, Anurag and Madhuri have this deal, I got caught in this, strange, Mohini trust me, there is no proof or evidence. Sid comes and says I m the witness, I have seen Madhuri and your marriage certificate. Anurag hugs him and asks are you fine. Sid says Anupam called me. Mohini says everyone knew about this. Anurag says no, I told him, Navin is acting like a victim, truth is that he traps innocent girls like Prerna and sells them abroad, Ronita was his wife, this is Navin’s business, he doesn’t value girls, Navin is Pradeep. He shows the fake passports of Navin. Navin and everyone get shocked.

    Anurag says Navin and Pradeep are same person. Madhuri says I compelled Ronita to change her statement, I had no other way, I had stolen this passport from Anurag that time. Veena says you knew his intentions and motives, we were not ready for this marriage, Prerna felt Navin will give her a good life, why did she agree for this marriage, tell me the truth.

    Anurag says police is coming in some time. Navin holds him at the point of a knife. He threatens to kill Anurag. Mohini and everyone get shocked.

    Update Credit to: Amena

  4. Shruti says:

    Kulfi scolds Sikander and says I’m trying to say something,Sikander says sorry tell me,Kulfi says you are my father,Sikander asks what I didn’t hear you, Kulfi says You are my,amyra comes running to Sikander and hugs him,Kulfi starts crying.Amyra says please don’t leave me and mom,sikander looks at Lovely,amyra says say something,Sikander says focus on your studies and remember I love you the most,you are my daughter and I’m your dad and no one can change this truth,amyra leaves. Kulfi says I will talk to you in the evening.

    Lovely and Sikander leave,Kulfi says I will have to talk to Amyra, that he won’t leave her and lovely. Kulfi with her friends at lunch time,Amyra and her friends grab her table purposely,Kulfi says no issues let them have the table let’s go,I know you

    are upset and angry but come let’s talk it’s important,amyra says stay away and throws juice on her and calls her dirty girl. Kulfis friend and Rohan get into fight,Kulfi stops them and says it’s between us don’t fight.
    Amyra is told ma’am is calling her in store room, amyra sees kulfi in storeroom, both get locked,Kulfi says Meet open then door,meet says finish your fight then we will. Adi says lovely relation between lawyer and his client is just like doctor and patient and so I need all the truth,does Sikander have more affairs, Lovely says no not at all,he is not a cheat,Adi says you can’t support Sikander,and if you want amyra you will have to fake,see you later.

    Kulfi asks her friends to open the door, Amyra blames her and scolds her, Amyra pushes a table puts chair on it, and tries to get out of window,Kulfi tries to warn,amyra yells at her. Kulfi says Amyra you will fall. Amyra says ill do anything to get out of here,Kulfi sees the chair sliding off the table and holds her hand beneath it, amyra sees it, and quickly gets down,amyra sees kulfis injured hand and scolds her,Kulfi says you would fall.

    Lovely and Sikander come face to face, both thinking of whether each one really wants divorce, both converse with music, school bell rings, amyra panics and says I was trapped here before all will forget me,sikander sir won’t forget you,amyra says he does forget me but never me,amyra gets panic attack. Kulfi says breathe,Kulfi remembers lovely once using paper bag to breathe I. Kanin attack and starts looking for it and gives it to amyra and asks her to breathe in it. Kulfi starts shouting for help. Sikander and lovely waiting for amyra and kulfi, Sikander asks a kid where is Kulfi,lovely says Amyra isn’t here too but all you see is Kulfi,Sikander says why do you always think this way,Lovely says god,I will find my kid on my own,Sikander and lovely get inside to look for kids.

    Kulfi takes care of Amyra,Rohan tells Sikander and lovely about the fight, Sikander blames Lovely for it, and both start fighting. Amyra starts crying seeing Kulfi take care,both hugs each other.

    Pre cap : amyra scolding kulfi, kulfi says I’m your sister, and if Sikander is your father he is mine too.

    Update Credit to: Tanaya

  5. Shruti says:

    The Episode starts with Imli saying you won’t be able to defeat me. She challenges Chakor. Chakor and Raghav leave. Its morning, Anjor knocks the door. Chakor wakes up and puts water on Raghav to wake him up. He gets up and asks what did you do. Chakor says Anjor has come. Anjor asks her to open the door. Chakor falls over Raghav. She goes and opens the door. She says happy anniversary mum and dad. She gives her bouquet. Chakor sees Suraj’s pic and cries. She keeps flower. She thinks of Suraj. They make the guest list for party.

    Suraj says the guest list can’t get shorter. He jokes. FB ends. Chakor says there won’t be any party, remove these balloons. Raghav says you have made my daughter upset, tell her the truth. Chakor asks what truth. Raghav says that you want to celebrate this anniversary

    as a festival. He tells Anjor that Chakor wants a grand party. Anjor says we shall party. She goes. Chakor cries thinking of Suraj. Raghav says I know its tough for you to live with a stranger like this, Anjor will feel bad if you refuse, we didn’t tell her that her dad is no more, she has no idea about Rajjo’s incident, we will tell Anjor that Suraj is no more, and also about Imli, I always talk about her.
    Chakor says you need an excuse to chant Imli’s name. He says Imli has shaken the village by her terror, anyone will be impressed by her, I mean Imli is an artist, she is different. She says we shall think about Rajjo, her heart will break if we party. Rajjo meets Chakor and Raghav. She asks Chakor to go ahead with party for Anjor’s sake, everyone will be happy. Raghav gets a water jug and asks Chakor to wash his feet. He says its proved that I m saying right. Chakor pours water over his head. Rajjo smiles. He looks at Chakor. Imli asks the goons to attend the party and keep a watch to inform her. She says there will be a big game in haveli today, this will confuse Chakor, I will answer Chakor’s every question today.

    Tejaswini cries seeing Suraj’s pics. Anjor asks how did you like this. Akash says Tejaswini has liked it. Tejaswini says yes. Anjor goes. Akash says we have to do this for Anjor’s sake. Anjor welcomes everyone in the party. The man asks where is Chakor and Suraj. Anjor says they would be coming. Chakor and Raghav come downstairs. Anjor and everyone clash. Flowers fall over them. Lights come. Anjor says stay here, there is another surprise for you. The lights go. Anjor calls someone. Krystle D’Souza comes and dances with Raghav on Disco club….. Chakor looks on.

    Anjor goes missing. Chakor shouts out Anjor.

    Update Credit to: Amena

  6. Shruti says:

    Scene 1
    Tettar says aqre you out of your mind. Babbu says I will kill everyone. Tune says you can’t touch anyone in this village or none of you would go back alive. Ritu says lets find a way out. Nimki says wedding will happen. Diamond says I don’t even know her. Nimki says dont’ be shy your dad knows everything. Nimki says Maua get he girl ready. Tettar says he didn’t come to tease any girl. Nimki says what else he came for? Ritu says he was going somewhere. Tettar says this is just to accuse me. Nimki says get mandap ready. Tettar says stop it. They ask what else did he come for? babbu says to rape Bijli in anger. Everyone is shocked.

    Dablo comes home and tells Annaro they broke Annaro’s hands. Rekha says why? Dablo says he teased a girl from there.

    Annaro says Nimki is doing all that. Rekha says she is becoming like tettar. Sweeti says Tettar will handle it. Dablo says they have tied it. Rekha says they would get diamond married to him. Annaro says ask her to shut up. Dablo says he can’t marry a girl from that village. We got rid of one from ghat tola and now we have a now one she isn’t even mukhya. She says annaro it should be in your hands. Rekha leaves.
    Nimki says you wanted to keep us in dark right? People suffered here. My father suffered. His head was broken so we broke hands of your son. Now you can go, electricity should come back in an hour. A man says we can enter that haveli next time and ruin everything. Babbu says how dare you.. Diamond says please lets go. They take Diamond from there. Babbu says you see what I do now Nimki. Your friend Abhi isn’t even here to save you. Abhi comes there on a bike. Nimki smiles. Everyone’s happy. Nimki hugs him. Light comes back. Ritu says how did it come back? Abhi says I am back tettar. Nimki says they were threatening us. Ritu says he might be back to take his stuff from the quarter. Abhi says no, I am BDO of this place. I was just transferred here. So I got the electricity back. I have contacts in Patna too. So I told them Babbu wants me out of here, so they said we will get babbu out of there. Babbu takes out his gun in anger. Abhi says not even villagers are scared of you how can you scare me. Go before you get insulted more. Tettar says let’s go Babbu. They leave. Nimki hugs Abhi. She says it was such hero like timing. Tune smiles. Everyone chants for Abhi.

    Scene 2
    Diamond screams and cries. Sweeti says why are you cring like a girl. Annaro says they have cut all his hands. It hurts him so much. Annaro says they crushed his hands an you came back. People know me by your name. Do you have any dignity left. Is there any man in this house? Babbu says I wanted to kill her, but Rityu and Tettar got me from there. Ritu says we couldn’t do anything here. Annaro says you couldn’t even kick the BDO out of here. You will make your father in law unnamed like yourself. Tettar says shut up now. Jhariya says no one was scared of Tettar there. Tettar slaps him.

    Precap-Nimki says with come back we should do something great. Let’s write a notice to Tettar.

    Update Credit to: Atiba

  7. Shruti says:

    The Episode starts with Niyati playing with baby. Uttara comes to taunt her that Falguni was missing in the naming ceremony. Niyati hides the bangle from her. Uttara goes. Niyati picks the bangle. Uttara comes back and asks about those bangles. Niyati lies to her. Uttara gets questioning her. She says you don’t know anything, as your sister has got this bangle for Goving. She changes the baby from her and takes him to Vidhaan. Niyati asks her to stop. Uttara shows the bangle to Vidhaan and asks him to ask his wife about it. She says Falguni had come here in naming ceremony and didn’t let us know. Vidhaan asks did Niyati know this, why didn’t we know. He says Falguni’s face was covered, Niyati took Govind to her. Uttara says the family isn’t letting us live in peace. She gives baby to Vidhaan

    and goes.
    Niyati says Falguni has saved our lives many times, she has raised the child for us, she has born the pain of delivery. He says she has tried to steal the baby from us, better don’t talk to me about her. Niyati meets Falguni and apologizes on Vidhaan’s behalf. Vidhaan gets happy about the big contract. Mr. Gyaan Mehra comes. Vidhaan says our fate treasure will be unlocking now. Falguni shows the hope box to Niyati and says mum always had hope and patience, everything will get fine. They join hands. Vidhaan asks Mehra not to worry, his project will be managed well.

    Mehra says I want Falguni to manage the project. Vidhaan and Uttara get shocked. She says Falguni doesn’t work with us now, Vidhaan will be managing your project. Falguni prays and asks Lord to do something so that she can stay with her sister and baby. Mehra says its a big project, I just want Falguni to manage this, else I will have to take this project to someone else. He goes. Uttara asks do we need to go to Falguni for this project. Vidhaan says that won’t be needed, we don’t get personal matters in business, I will go to talk to Falguni, she won’t refuse, we will give her commission.

    Falguni says Lord will listen to us. Vidhaan comes to talk to Suyash and Falguni. Suyash refuses to talk. Falguni asks Suyash to let Vidhaan say. Vidhaan says Mehra got a big project, he wants Falguni to handle the project. Suyash says he has come to meet you for his profits. He asks Falguni to come. Vidhaan tries to offer them commission. Falguni says let me talk to Vidhaan, the commission isn’t enough, I have a condition, Suyash and I want to come and stay in Rawat mansion with everyone. Vidhaan gets shocked. He gets Suyash and Falguni home. Uttara says you think I will let you stay here. She threatens them. Falguni says this time you can’t do anything. Uttara asks how dare you talk to me like this. Falguni says you don’t understand any other language. Uttara raises hand to slap her. Falguni holds her hand. She says I will not tolerate anything now, remember this. Uttara asks by whose permission did you come here. Vidhaan says I got them for the deal, clients just want to deal with Falguni.

    Uttara looks for the will. Falguni says its with me, you can never find it, I will be with my son always.

    Update Credit to: Amena

  8. Shruti says:

    The Episode starts with Akbar saying you saved Salim and got rewarded for it, you got close to Jodha and also got Salim’s friendship, I was warned by my family about you, but I never paid heed, whatever you did, the reward is… you aren’t a maid in this palace now. Anarkali thinks Akbar may have agreed for Salim and my relation. Jodha thinks but Akbar has promised my brother, he doesn’t break promises. Maanbai thinks Akbar is making Anarkali his bahu, but he promised me, I won’t accept this insult. Akbar makes Anarkali wear a crown. Anarkali smiles. Akbar says Anarkali is now a dancer in this palace. Everyone gets shocked. Anarkali cries.

    The women make her wear ghungroos. Akbar insults Anarkali. He says these ghungroos are your identity from today. Jodha thinks what did

    you do, no one will see Anarkali will respect now, you have snatched her respect, it would be better that you took her life. Akbar says you will become dream of entire country, not just of one husband, you will be dancing wearing ghungroos, you will be entertaining everyone, you are not just of one man now, every lover will talk of your stories, you are the dancer of Indian now. Jodha cries for Anarkali. Akbar says your work will be just to dance, the country is yours and you are of the country. Anarkali cries and thinks of Salim’s words. Jhillan asks Akbar to pity Anarkali, she is very innocent. He justifies his decision. Jhillan begs him to forgive Anarkali.
    Akbar says be thankful that I didn’t kill her, I have given her respect by making her a dancer, I declare that Anarkali will dance in Salim and Maanbai’s marriage, the journey won’t be tough to become a dancer, you have to burn to become gold, you have to bear pain, your journey begins now. Anarkali cries. Akbar says you will get money and luxuries, you will have maids in your service, you don’t get one thing, a husband, dancers don’t have husband in their fate. Anarkali goes. She sits in her room and says Salim will come, everything will be fine.

    Jhillan says now these ghungroos is your fate, you were proud of your love, you got this reward, you are just a dancer now. Jhillain cries and says you can’t be someone’s wife, you are just a commodity now, its better you die. Anarkali says no, Salim will come and make everything fine. Jhillan angrily slaps her. Anarkali asks why are you crying, I won’t wear these ghungroos, I will talk to Salim. The women come to take Anarkali. Anarkali throws ghungroos and refuses to go. The women drag her. Anarkali gets hurt and dragged with bleeding feet. Jhillan cries. Khanam looks on shocked. Anarkali refuses to go. Khanam asks where are they taking Anarkali. The woman says Anarkali will become a dancer, she will be taken care of by Nargis.

    Nargis says world is a war, man has power, woman has beauty. She says you will become a dancer now. Anarkali gets shocked.

    Update Credit to: Amena

  9. Shruti says:

    Scene 1
    Asmita says I have to focus on my mission. shan was drunk yesterday. i should forget what happened. She dances. Shan says should i call Puchki? Should i ask her if I said I love you. What happened last night? Am I imagining this? Ridoy and Paro come. Ridoy says lets go and celebrate. Us four. Shan says there is a lot of work. Ridoy says let’s go. Bua comes. Paro touches her feet. Her saree falls. Bua says handle this palu, this is respect of this house too. Ridoy says we are planning a picnic. Bua says we would go to. Ridoy says let’s go on picnic. bua says in heart what you said drunk last night, I will make you say that in senses too.

    Nevi comes to Asmita and invites her to picnic. She says how would i face shan after what he said.
    Ridoy and paro do the

    preps. Everyone waits for Shan. Shan comes out. He says let’s go. Paro says I would sit with Shan. Bua says no I always sit with him. She makes Paro sit at the back. Shan says where is Asmita? Paro says she would come. Ridoy says we have to wait for her. Asmita comes running in front of his car. Shan looks away from her. He comes out of the car. The song Phir Mohabbat plays. Ridoy says please sit. Shan opens the door for her. She sits at the back. Shan starts driving. He looks in Asmita’s eyes from the mirror. Bua says all good? Shan says yes. She says let’s go.
    Ridoy plays a song and says this song is for Asmita. he plays the bas tum tak. Asmita recalls Shan saying i love you Puchki. He stops the car. Ridoy says what happened. Bua says he stopped at the dhaba so we can have tea. Let’s get tea. They get out of the car. Shan and Asmita are in car. Shan says I want to talk. Asmita leaves. Shan says listen.. She goes inside dhabad. Asmit washes her hand. Shan comes there locks the door. She says this is ladies washroom. He says I don’t care. She walks out but falls. Shan holds her. They both fall on each other. Asmita says this is wrong I have to go. He says please listen.. HE says I have to stop this before this it escalates.

    Paro says I wish this car breaks and.. Dadi says shut up. Can’t you say good things. The car stops. Shan tries to start it. Paro says come out. See how romantic this place is. Bua says the car is broken and you both are saying it is romantic place? Shan says let me look for fuel around. Paro says I will go with shan. Bua says you are wearing heels. You can’t walk for a minute. Bua says asmita you go with Shan. Paro says I will. Bua says you stay here you can’t walk in those heels. She says shan go with asmita. Bua says in heart I hope they talk to each other and clear everything.
    Shan and Puchki are walking in jungle.

    Precap-Snan and puchki are lost in jungle. He says we have to stay the night here.

    Update Credit to: Atiba

  10. Shruti says:

    Scene 1
    The bullet was shot on Tara. Deep picks her. She says I am fine it was on my arm. Virat says who shot Tara? Deep looks at the hand behind the tree. He says you can’t hunt a lion from behind a tree. Come out, you are wearing that police uniform. Abhi comes out.. Deep says I can look around in dark too. Don’t be a coward. Virat says shoot her Abhi. Deep says my friends come on time to save me. Arohi comes there with police. Abhi hides. Deep says I knew you would come back. Arohi says what were you doing virat. You can’t take law in your hand. Virat says h ran from jail. He hit a few prisoners too. A woman comes out and says you can’t encounter like that. Virat says who are you? She says i am CBI officer, Opasna. This is high profile case and I am here to

    supervise it. You will work under me. Virat says I don’t work under anyone. She says you have too. She asks policemen to make him sit in the jeep. Deep says I want to talk to my wife. He goes to Aroh and says I knew you would come to save me. She says to send you back to jail. He says why do you keep testing your love? She says this isn’t love.
    Arohi leaves too. Tara says Arohi you can’t take deep from me. Luck wont work with you every time.
    Scene 2
    Arohi gets a lawyer for Deep. She asks him to reopen all files. abhi says what new game are you playing now? Tara calls someone and says you know what my new game is.
    Arohi says you never told me why you came here? What is your mission? You only did drama that you are helping me but you have something against deep. You were with Virat right now. You went there to kill deep. He says yes I want to kill Deep. I wont tell you. I wont let him come out of that jail. He has to die. arohi says tell me why you hate him. i had to take my revenge from Deep. He is my sinner. I wont let you kill him. I sent him to jail and I will get him out.
    Tara says on call I decide who lives and who decides. Arohi can’t stop me.

    Virat gets out of his van. A man attacks him. Virat catches him. He locks him with Deep. Constable says he is the new prisoner. He tried to kill virat. It is Tara disguised as a man. She says to deep you are weak with this food? Deep takes off her beard and says I can never be weak, Tara. She says I knew you would recognize me. I remembered you every minute. I came here to make a new plan with you. He says you didn’t need to do all this. One person would do anything to get me out of here. He says Arohi you are late.. Arohi comes there. Arohi says shut up. Sign these papers to reopen your case. VIrat says you are doing wrong. She says you can’t do anything. Virat says wanna know what can I do? Opasna asks Virat to get out of there.
    Arohi asks deep to sign the papers. Opasna says to Virat you are always hot headed? I like such people. You can call me opes.
    Deep holds Aroihi’s hand and pulls her close. He signs the papers. Abhi says I wont let you win Deep. I will kill you this time.

    Precap-Virat says I can kill him in jail. You can’t get Deep out of here. Aroh and wasu are in car. ARohi says thanks for meeting that person ma ji. Someone kidnaps them both.

    Update Credit to: Atiba

  11. Shruti says:

    Scene 1
    Guddan says I have been doing all my mistakes and writing them here. He says why do you keep reminding yourself with these mistakes? You should accept, fix and move over these mistakes. Your mom’s photo should be in a better place. She says I am used to of this. I deserve this. You wont understand because you didn’t do anything you would regret all your life. These mistakes come back to me everytime. I don’t run away from them. I write them. She goes in and cries. AJ is about to put his hand on her shoulder. AJ recalls what she said. He looks at the notes and sits down distressed himself. AJ writes a mistake on notepad. He pastes it on the board. Gudan turns back and sees him pasting one there. Guddan looks at him dazed. She reads it.. I couldn’t

    save my wife Antra. I will live with this regret all my life. He comes to his room and looks at antra’s picture. He is in tears. AJ sits down in tears. Guddan looks at him.
    AJ hugs Antra’s picture. He leaves the room. Guddan says what did I do. I made him relive his pain. He comes to the hall and hears Antra shouting. Guddan comes downstairs too. She looks at AJ sobbing and panicking. He runs out. Guddan comes after him. AJ comes to kitchen and cooks. He throws the lighter away. AJ looks at Guddan. She says please eat. I haven’t eaten either. Eating alone isn’t good. He says Antra is always with me i am never alone. Guddan says then eat with Antra. I would eat with my mom. If you eat with me, I wont speak this much. If you don’t eat, I will keep speaking like I always do. Guddan comes to the hall.

    Dadi turns on the light. She say why are you upset? Guddan says I was giving food to the fishes. Dadi says you can’t hide your pain from me. Durga asks all servants to come in the hall. She says your holidays are over. Everyone has their works assigned. No mistakes can be done. Pick your chits and start the work. Durga says to saru and laxmi your MIL’s rule is over. So you have to work, or are you like her now? She gives work to Laxmi and Saru. Guddan says you gave the work to everyone. You are just like my PT sir, he has huge mustaches and was strict. Laxmi says but she doesn’t have mustaches. Guddan says what should I do? Durga says you shouldn’t do anything. That’s the only thing you do fine. Tomorrow is our Christmas party. I don’t want any mess. Gudan says you are right. Why would I work. You three would work for me. I will celebrate Christmas. It would be so much fun.

    Scene 2
    Laxmi’s saree is torn. She says who did this. Guddan is making decorative from it. She says are you a kid Guddan? durag says are you crazy? Guddan says I didn’t do it intentionally. I would egt you a new saree. I made this collage for my dad. I thought this was a cloth not your saree. Durga says in heart I was wrong. Now I would give you work and make you realize how bad you are.

    No precap.

    Update Credit to: Atiba

  12. Shruti says:

    Vin tells Siddhi that she can punish him. He holds her hands and makes her slap him. She tells him she wants to give him something. You might like it.

    Urvashi reprimands herself for falling in Rajvir and Siddhi’s trap. I will be thrown out of this house now!

    Siddhi returns with divorce papers. I don’t have forgiveness to give you today but I will surely give you something which you had been waiting for. She shows the papers to him. He shakes his head but she signs the divorce papers in front of everyone and hands them to him. I have signed the divorce papers now. Everyone is stunned. Siddhi points out that they mean nothing to each other after today! Our relationship died the day you dint trust me but Urvashi. I am a woman. A woman can bear anything. Her husband might cheat her

    or threaten her but she can never bear it that someone maligns her dignity. You lost me the very moment you doubted my dignity! I was here to prove my innocence. I gave Agni Pariksha just like Sita Ma had. She trusted fire and completed her Agni Pariksha while Shree Ram lost her. I dint do this to gain you back. I just wanted to prove my innocence. A woman always succeeds in doing so but the relations get the burnt. Same has happened with our relation! She recalls how he had thrown the mangalsutra away. She unties the mangalsutra she had been wearing around her wrist and returns it to him. You were right. I was playing a game but it is over now! I only wanted to expose Urvashi in front of everyone. Her lie hid my truth. My work here is done. I have no reason to stay here anymore! Manjari smirks. Rajvir comforts Prachi. Siddhi comes downstairs holding a suitcase. Vin begs her not to go anywhere. Please forgive me. She ignores him. Shankar also requests Siddhi not to do this. Please forgive us. We misunderstood you. You are the pride of this family. Don’t leave this house. Siddhi says till yesterday I was hoping that everyone should just understand that I am a decent girl. No one could do that. You all made me daughter, DIL once again today? How can a relation survive in a house where a woman isn’t trusted? I came to you too and requested you to believe me. What did you do that day? You snatched my right to call you Papa ji. Vin looks at her teary eyed.
    Prachi requests her sister to stay. Everything happened as per our plan. What’s the point of leaving now? Siddhi tells her she has come too far now. I am very happy for you though. You have actually grown up. I dint expect what you and Rajvir did for me. I am not worried about the house anymore as I am leaving it in your hands. Prachi cries. Siddhi tells her to control herself. I want to say something before I leave. Don’t build relations in this house on the basis of trust. Only trust yourself and no one else. You will only get cheated in return if you trust others! Don’t make the mistake that I committed. She walks out of the house. Vin watches her leave helplessly and breaks down. Prachi cries holding Rajvir. He comforts her while Manjari comforts Vin. Vin stands up and wipes his tears. He begins to walk absentmindedly. Manjari calls out after him but Shankar advises her to let him be alone for some time.

    Siddhi is in an auto. She recalls what just happened. Sad song plays. Vin too is thinking of the same. He comes to house temple and looks at small Ganesha idol. Their past memories flash in the background. Siddhi comes to her parents’ house. Both of them are crying badly. Vin holds the idol. How did I commit such a big sin? Siddhi kept saying she is innocent but I dint pay heed to her words. He screams angrily. Why did I do this?

    Vin calls Siddhi. She starts speaking to herself. Why are you calling me now? I begged you so much but you only mocked me. There is nothing left to be said or heard between us now! She disconnects it. Vin tries again but her number is switched off. He throws the phone angrily. Talk to me once Siddhi or I will go mad. Someone pats at his shoulder. Vin looks up. Rajvir apologizes to him for coming to Kundra House in the disguise of Baba ji. I had to help Siddhi prove her innocence and there was no other way. Vin replies that he need not apologize. I was the one who was wrong. I dint trust her even when she kept on begging that she is innocent! I don’t know what had happened to me! Where is Siddhi? I want to meet her and apologize. Please tell me. I don’t know where she would be. Make me meet her once. Prachi tells him that she might know where her sister might be. Vin requests her. Prachi agrees to tell him. Don’t think that I have any sympathy with you after what you have done to her! I only feel you should apologize to her once. I will take you with me. Vin seconds her. Siddhi deserves a lot more than what I could give her. Please take me to her. I only wish to apologize. I don’t want anything more.

    Precap: Gauri asks Urvashi to leave the house. You aren’t needed here! Urvashi faints. Doc checks her and shares that Urvashi is pregnant. On the other side, Siddhi opens the door and finds Vin standing at the door.

  13. Shruti says:

    The Episode starts with Vikram telling her that Bhaiyya himself called him heir and made him sit on the singhasan. Pingla says my son was a child then and says this singhasan is of my son. She says it was necessary for us to get the singhasan and that’s why added wine in kaal bhairav’s milk. She says yes, I am guilty if I want my son’s betterment. Vikram is shaken up with her words. He thinks of his brother’s words asking him to do justice. He recalls his words asking him to take care of them before leaving. Vikram says ok and hugs him. Padmini asks Vikram what happened. Vikram thinks he couldn’t take care of them. Padmini says whatever happened can’t be changed now. She tells that justice comes before the relations and asks him not to cry. She says time has come to justice.


    to the court, Acharya ji says crime is proved and asks him to do give verdict. Vikram says I can’t forgive the guilty. He says they are raj drohi and dharm drohi and says they are guilty of kaal bhairav. He says Kaal Bhairav will punish them. He calls Kaal Bhairav and does his puja. Kaal Bhairav appears infront of him. Vikram tells him that he needs his help and tells that the guilty who ruined your tapasya is caught and I want you to punish them. Kaal Bhairav says their crime is big that even death punishment is small for them. He says one big dharam have happened because of them and I got freed of brahma seesh dosh. He leaves the decision on him. Vikram asks Senapati to present them in court. Acharya ji says how justice will happen now. Betaal tells how Vikram will do justice now. The people think if Vikram will forgive them. Vikram comes to the darbaar and says I understand everyone’s dilemma. He says for the first time, I couldn’t take a decision, but when human can’t take decision then Devta showed the way. He says kaal Bhairav forgave them and that’s why I am freeing them. Bharmal asks them to leave him. Vikram says someone else is involved because of whom they were forced to do this crime, and says that person is me. He says I am guilty along with Pingla and Bharmal.
    Acharya ji says this is not right. Vikram says this Rajya is of my brother and his wife thinks that Bharmal is the heir of Ujjaini. He says every mother have the right to think about his son’s betterment and says if I have handed over Ujjaini to him then they wouldn’t have done this. He says what my brother couldn’t do, I will do and tells that he is leaving all his duties from now onwards and give all rights to devi pingla and bharmal. Pingla and bharmal are shocked. Vikram apologizes to her and tells that he took time to understand this and says this Rajya is yours and this Raj Singhasan is of Bharmal. Bharmal smiles. Pingla looks on.

    Vikram removes his crown and keeps on the singhasan. He asks Acharya ji to make the arrangements of Bharmal’s Rajya abhishek. Acharya says but. Vikram says this is my final decision. Senapati asks Vikram not to do this and says you are not only our Samrat, but our justice. He says we will not accept anyone as our Maharaj other than you. The people of Ujjaini also refuse to accept him as the Samrat. Vikram folds his hand and leaves from the court. Samrat tells himself jai bharmal. Pingla thinks Vikram have to die. Padmini removes the ornaments in her room. Vikram comes there and apologizes to her. Padmini asks him to call her Padmini and not maharani. He apologizes to her for getting punished for his doings, and says this is my decision to leave Singhasan, but you have to bear. Padmini says I have taken promise that whatever decision you will take, I will be with you. She supports his decision. Vikram gets glad and says you have won me. He hugs her.

    Vikram tells Acharya that he will not change his decision. Vikram and Padmini are leaving. Pingla comes there holding sword and asks how he can think that she will let him go.

    Update Credit to: H Hasan

  14. Shruti says:

    The Episode starts with everyone asking Ronak to think well before promising Muskaan. Muskaan thinks just three vows are left, how will this marriage stop, Ronak and Sir ji aren’t doing anything. Sir ji stops Ronak and asks him to think again, his life will be ruined. Gayatri gets puzzled. Sir ji says you will be bonded with her all life. He sees everyone and changes his words. He says Ronak is a free bird, he won’t be able to do this. Gayatri asks Ronak to give the vow. Ronak promises to do his responsibility and not let Muskaan get hurt. Gayatri asks Sir ji to promise that he will always manage her expenses. Sir ji jokes and promises. Ronak is asked to promise Muskaan. Gayatri jokes and asks Muskaan to control Ronak’s expenses.

    Muskaan asks Ronak to promise her that he will take her consent

    in all decisions. Ronak promises Muskaan and says I will make you my CA, I won’t do anything without your consent. Gayatri says promise that you will never insult me in front of anyone. Sir ji promises her. Ronak’s turn comes. Sir ji asks Ronak how will he give respect to Muskaan, people won’t respect him knowing he has married a dancer. Ronak promises to never insult Muskaan and give her respect in front of everyone. Gayatri asks Sir ji to promise loyalty to her, no woman will interfere between their relation. Muskaan thinks why is this deal tying us in fake promises.
    She wishes the marriage stops. Sir ji promises that he won’t let anyone come in their relation. Ronak gets angry and thinks this man isn’t hesitant to make fake promises. Muskaan asks Ronak for the vow. Ronak promises that just Muskaan will exist in his life. Pandit asks them to get up for wedding rounds. Ronak asks sir ji to help him. Ronak and Muskaan begin taking the wedding rounds. Sir ji looks on shocked. Muskaan sees Ronak.

    Ronak asks Sir ji to do something, its all in his hands. Sir ji says you have to step back, I will manage. Ronak says no, you have to help me. They get talking while the rounds go on. Muskaan says Sir ji has gone, who will stop the marriage now, do something. Ronak looks for Sir ji. Six rounds complete. Ronak says sir ji will stop the marriage. Gayatri asks them not to stop this way and complete the rounds. Pandit says this last round will complete the marriage. Muskaan looks at Ronak. Sir ji gets a heart attack and falls down. Everyone gets shocked and rush to him. Ronak asks Hanumanth to get the car. He takes Sir ji to hospital. Muskaan is left alone in mandap.

    No Precap

    Update Credit to: Amena

  15. Shruti says:

    The Episode starts with Kartik saying the baby is mine too, I should have got this news, why didn’t you inform me, maybe you thought I was angry and I didn’t want the baby, but if the baby is conceived, who am I to…. He smiles and says the fear turned into happiness now, I m so happy. She cries. He says I m feeling this now. Rahaatein….plays…. They hug. He lifts her. Kirti says what will they think that we aren’t with them in their happiness. Dadi says congrats and hugs Bhabhimaa. Everyone hugs. Lav and Kush say we will bossy around on the baby.

    Naksh says I will message dad about it. Everyone is happy. Kartik says I m so happy. Naira says I tried to tell you, sorry. He says its my mistake, I strongly refused, sorry. She shows him their baby. He asks

    what’s this, is this dot our baby. She nods. He asks really, are you sure. He zooms in and sees. They laugh. He says I m very happy. He takes selfie and says we will take selfie every day now. She says baby should be there in pic. They take selfies. She says my happiness for doubled, we forgot, everyone is waiting for us. He says yes, get ready, come. She kisses him. They go downstairs. Kirti sings Dil se bandhi ek dor…. Everyone sings and dances around Kartik and Naira. They all dance and bless Naira. Kartik hugs Naira.
    Dadi and everyone ask Naira to drink milk. Naksh says I have fresh experience. Akhilesh says Surekha had many mood swings. Surekha says I had twins, double trouble. Manish says one doesn’t know what to do, this journey is surprising. Kartik says its enough now. Naira says there are nine months ahead. Naira and Kartik smile. Naira talks to her baby and sits reading Akshara’s diary. She thanks Akshara. She says the journey is same, but the experience is different, about the magic within you. She says mumma, I m feeling this magic right now. She dances. Kartik asks can I join too. They dance.

    Naira asks Kartik what is he doing now. Kartik says I felt like looking at it. He shows the sonography report pic. She says you are so cute, lets sleep and dream about the baby. Manish comes to Dadi. She asks what happened, is everything fine. He says yes, I wasn’t getting sleep, I was thinking about the baby, I m excited and see their faces, I hear them calling me Dadu and Nanu. He laughs. She says you have come to say this, go and sleep. He says you are happy right. She says yes, but I haven’t gone mad, go and trouble Suwarna, call her. He says she switched off the phone. He says fine, go to sleep. She says tell me what is it. He says I m very happy, pray that no one’s bad sight spoils our happiness. He hugs her.

    Naira wakes up and cries in pain. Kartik asks what happened, I won’t let anything happen to our baby. She falls back. He shouts Naira and wakes up. Naira asks what happened, did you dream anything bad. He says I watched a horror film with Lav and Kush. She says I m with you, there is just one Chudail here, that’s me, go to sleep now. He thinks what was this scary dream, its an auspicious day and…. He thinks of Naira and hugs her. He thinks we will weave good dreams.

    Dadi asks what do you mean by We are pregnant, just a woman is pregnant. Kartik says gents also become fathers. Dadi says I can’t argue with you.

    Update Credit to: Amena