‘Rank task’ to spice up the drama in Bigg Boss 10

Bigg Boss season 10 will soon wrap up, but before its culmination, viewers will witness some intense drama.

Bigg Boss will announce a very interesting task that will make the contestants fight and squabble.

The housemates will be provided with a ranking podium.
With #1 being the highest rank and 6 the lowest, the housemates will have to put their point across and justify their rank.

The rankings will have direct implications on the ticket to finale week task which will be conducted at a mall soon. The housemates will begin discussing and justifying their rank. While Manu, Lopa, and Bani will claim the top spot, Nitibha will say that she deserves to be in top 3.

On the other hand, Mona will take a backseat and claim the lowest position. Rohan, being nominated for the entire season will not be able to participate in the task.
With time running out, housemates will be seen getting into series of arguments and fights.

What will be the final ranking of the contestants? Who will be the lucky one to fight it out for ticket to finale week?

Catch the episode tonight on Colors!