Naagin 2: Mahishasur befriended Shesha; now to turn against her

After bringing characters like Icchadari Peacocks, Mongooses and honey bees, Naagin 2 recently introduced an Icchadari Bull. Known as Mahishasur, the half bull, half man entered the show to aid Shesha in her mission.

Pretending to be Shesha’s boyfriend, Mahish manages to enter Yamini’s house. He also tries to attack Rocky but fails to do so. But an unexpectd twist in the show is about to take place and this will make the story even richer.

As per the new track, it is revealed that Mahish has his own motives behind befriending Shesha. He will now turn against Shesha and try to kill her as well. After this revealation, even Shivangi will be targetted by Mahish.