I will not kill, but torture Salman Khan: Swami Om

The Swami Om quagmire gets deeper with each passing hour.

The man, who is all about treachery and vice, continues to rake up a ruckus via his repulsive rhetoric.

Swami was ousted from Bigg Boss 10 owing to his heinous act of throwing pee on co-contestant. Since his exit, he has been belching curses on the show makers (Endemol and Colors) and host Salman Khan.

In one such impromptu rant, Swami said that he is being approached to return to the show and would do so on one condition. Salman has to apologise and rub his nose on his feet during the press conference he is set to conduct soon in New Delhi, as reported in media.

The Swami further went on to threaten that on not receiving an apology, he would storm the Bigg Boss set on the day of finale with 1 lakh of his followers and beat up Salman.

“I will beat him on the stage. I will not kill him, as I want to torture him,” Swami was quoted in the media.
Earlier too, Swami has leveled allegations on the show makers of drugging the contestants.

He also claimed that during his exit, he beat up Salman and dragged him by his hair, which of course is quite far-fetched.

Sinister he may be, but Swami Om is the face of BB 10. Live with it!!!