Bigg Boss10: Salman-Bani’s clash on Swami Om’s e’pee’c act on Weekened Ka Vaar

Aren’t you all excited to know Salman Khan’s reaction on Swami Om’s pee drama?
Well, with Stardust airing on Colors on Sunday, Bigg Boss Weekened Ka Vaar will air on Friday and Saturday.

And here we bring you an exclusive update from the show.

Earlier in the day, we reported about how Salman was furious at Swami Om’s pee act and said that he would have thrown him out if Bigg Boss hadn’t taken an action.

Now, with the house left with no captain, Salman will ask the housemates if it’s disappointing that there is no captain. The inmates would reply stating that Bani J should have been announced as one, post the task got cancelled.

The host will angrily tell them that Bani broke all rules and didn’t wear the mic for so many hours and doesn’t deserve to be the captain.

Salman will tell Bani that it could have been a great opportunity for her to be the captain but she broke so many rules.

The VJ will shot back at him saying that she never dreamt of something like this and was looking for some solace, and just wanted to talk to someone and was waiting for Bigg Boss to call her.

She will however get a bit agitated and in a high pitch say, “Please excuse me if I broke the rules.”

Taken aback, Salman will explain it to Bani that Bigg Boss had already taken a strict action against Swami and thrown him out, there was no need for her to fight back. He will add that every housemate should follow the rules, in all cases.

Bani will be seen breaking down and saying that all she needed then was someone to talk to. As the housemates were not ready, she had to blackmail Bigg Boss into talking to her.
Salman will calm her down saying that there are people of all kinds and one has to learn to deal with them.

Saying that it is not justified, Bani will once again break into tears.

Drama on the cards, isn’t it?

Catch the fun tonight on Bigg Boss 10 (Colors and Endemol), 10:30 pm.