Thapki…Pyaar Ki: Another drama around Thapki’s pregnancy report

The Chhat Pooja drama doesn’t seem to end with Thapki’s secretive fast in Thapki…Pyaar Ki on Colors.

While the whole family is geared up for celebrations, the show will witness yet another drama around Thapki’s pregnancy report!

Thapki aka Vaani will get her pregnancy report in hand and while reading it, the report will slip out of her hands and land straight at Bihaan’s feet. The story will get intriguing as Bihaan will pick it up but soon, Vaani will reach and snatch the report just in time, thus giving us a hint about the upcoming revelation drama.

Another hit and miss instance will occur when Thapki will mistakenly drop the report in a pool and will then jump in search for it. Bihaan will jump behind her in order to save her and will question her about the report!

The track may also progress to showing how Bihaanwill finally end up finding out about Thapki being pregnant and will mourn on not only loosing out on his love but also the child.

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