Saathiya: Gopi to find out Radhika’s dubious plan behind marrying Jaggi

Star Plus’ popular show Saathiya (Rashmi Sharma Productions) is going great guns with Jaggi (Mohammad Nazim) finding love in Gopi (Devoleena Bhattacharjee). But Gopi’s refusal has put him in a spot of bother, with him being forced to marry the girl chosen by Gopi, that is Radhika.

Well, loyal viewers of the show are now waiting to know whether situations and circumstances will pave way for the union of Jaggi and Gopi.

And it seems like it is on the cards!! Why do we say so?

Well, as per the ongoing plot, Jaggi is already engaged to Radhika. That will be when Gopi will find out that Radhika is not what she appears to be, and that she would have come with a dubious plan behind marrying Jaggi.

As per sources, “A frustrated Gopi will be seen talking it out to Jaggi, trying to explain to him about Radhika’s motive behind marriage. However, by then, a heart-broken Jaggi would have got adamant and will tell Gopi that he would go ahead and marry Radhika, as she is the one chosen for him by her.”


How will Gopi stop Jaggi from marrying the wrong girl?

When contacted, Nazim asked us to call him later.

Watch this space for more updates.