Rohan and Swami Om fights in Bigg Boss 10

The precap episode last night in Bigg Boss 10 (Colors and Endemol) saw Rohan Mehra getting infuriated upon Baba Swami.
Well, here we have exclusive details of the fight.
Rohan, who will be angry upon Baba over his act in the previous tasks will decide to seek revenge from him.
The young lad will ask Baba to clean the jail completely. He would say that he has dirtied the jail quite a lot in my last stay, and that he should clean it before someone else goes there. After Baba will refuse it repeatedly, Rohan will threat him of jail term.
Shared a source, “Baba will get insulted over being ordered by Rohan and will shout, ‘Ke aaj tak koi aisa paida nahi hua jo mujhe jail bheje’ (like really!? Hasn’t he being already jailed twice??). Well not someone to bow down, Rohan will continue with his fight when Bani, who would be lying around will shout at the two for so much noise.”
Aaah! Fir kya?
Well, intimidated by Bani, Baba will go ahead with the chore and clean the jail.
Waaah Rohan waah! He really managed to get his job done.
Interesting dope right? For more, watch the show tonight!