Nitibha Kaul turns into ‘quarrel queen’ in Bigg Boss 10

Do you guys also Google Nitibha Kaul to find if she is still there in Bigg Boss 10?

Well, the statement by Salman Khan seems to have affected the Google girl Nitibha rightly.
Post her nominations (again) this week, the girl has been picking up fights with other housemates.

For footage or is it frustration, we are no one top judge.

But behold, as we have a really interesting update from the controversial house.
The Colors and Endemol show will see Nitibha turning into a quarrel queen tonight.
Post her fights with Manveer and Manu, the girl will now show her angst towards Rohan and Lopa.

Shared a source, “Nitibha will order Rohan for some work during the Raja and Rank task but he would decline saying that she is not in her costume and thus he is not obliged to follow her orders. This would irk Nitibha and she would be seen shouting at him. Rohan, on his part will smilingly ward off the situation.”

If this was not enough, she will get into a huge argument with Lopa.

Nitibha will order Lopa to make paratha and tea for her but the latter will say that she will take time. The two will continue their argument when Lopa will state that she has two hands and she cannot work so much. In the heated moment she will also ask Nitibha to get lost, which would make the beauty blow fire on Lopa.

Woaaah! Too much drama, isn’t it?