New entry in Brahmarakshas follows another love triangle

Zee TV’s Brahmarakshas is no way lagging behind when it comes to TRPs. The bi-weekly supernatural thriller has always occupied the top three slots.

The showhas won over the audience with its unique concept and brilliant performances of the cast which comprises of names like Krystle Dsouza, Aham Sharma, Rakshanda Khan and Kishwer Mehchantt among others.

The current track of the show is focusing on how Aparajita, who is now the Brahmarakshas, is hell bent on killing the whole Shrivastava family. And now that Raina (Krystle Dsouza) and her father have left her in-laws home, Aparajita targets them.

As we saw in the last week’s episode, Raina’s father (Shahab Khan), who is immobile, gets killed by Aparajita and she then focuses her rage on Raina. But Rishab (Aham Sharma) comes in the knick of time and saves Raina. Raina however, ends up losing her father and the whole family mourns his death.

As planned, Raina leaves for Kamalpura, but Appu attacks the bus that Raina is in. Raina is, however, saved by Shivam, her college friend. He takes Raina to Phuli’s place where Raina wakes up and starts bickering with Shivam.

Shivam is the latest entry in the show. Played by Karan Chabbra, he is a well-educated guy, who has returned after completing his studies to free his town from the wrath and destruction being caused by Brahmarakshas.

In an interview, Karan mentioned, “I play a modern well-educated guy. I have researched about how to kill the Brahmarakshas and have come back to help my village folks. I have known Raina; Shivam and Raina were college mates and Shivam somewhere, has feelings for Raina.”

Shivam’s entry will give birth to another love triangle in the show after Rishab, Raina and Kaira (Nikunj Malik). It will now be Rishab, Raina, and Shivam.

Wow, we just can’t wait any further for this track to unfold.