Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi : Sonakshi shocked as Elena accepts Vicky’s proposal!

Sonakshi and Dev’s life has been full of problems in Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi. The two have not even got the chance to go for their honeymoon trip all thanks to Neha’s disrupted married life. Neha’s adamant nature and selfish attitude has forced Ranveer to send her divorce notice. She is way too demanding and wants Ranveer to become as rich as Dev. Amid all this drama, a new love story has started to blossom. Yes, we are talking about Elena and Vicky’s love story. The two who couldn’t tolerate each other’s presence at all will soon become soul mates.

Elena always considered Vicky as a spoilt brat with no manners whatsoever. He used to hate and misbehave with Sonakshi and Elena but now things have changed. Vicky is enjoying his new job and seems to have changed with the responsibilities shouldered on him. He has become a lot calm and well behaved ever since Dev offered him a dignified position at work. Vicky not only offered to help Elena at a restaurant but also started treating her well all of sudden. At first Elena assumed that Vicky is just pretending to be good but soon realises that he has actually changed.

She starts liking him and Vicky shows interest in her too. Elena visits Ishwari Villa to teach Dev’s youngest sister and hence happens to meet Vicky quite often too. Slowly Elena starts falling for Vicky and love blossoms between them. Sonakshi is unaware of this whole story. Soon, you will also witness high voltage drama in Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi as Vicky would be purposely trying to win Elena’s heart. It would be a part of his plan to teach Elena and Sonakshi a lesson. He always wanted to take revenge on the two sisters as they have created problems for him.

Hence, Vicky pretends to be a changed man and to be in love with Elena. He also proposes love to Elena in a romantic way just to ensure she doesn’t doubt him. But Sonakshi knows Vicky in and out and is also aware of the fact that he can never change. She has no clue about Vicky’s move towards Elena and hence couldn’t warn her sister. She is busy with the problems in Neha and her brother Sourav’s life and is trying to help both of them. On the other hand, Vicky is happy that his plan is working the way he wanted it to.

But Sonakshi soon finds out about Vicky and Elena’s love story but its too late by then as Elena is already in love with him. Will Sonakshi find out Vicky’s real intentions behind proposing Elena? Will she save Elena from Vicky’s evil intentions?