Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi: Sona takes Dev for a drive on her scooty

While Sona (Erica Fernandes) is thinking about her brother’s problems, Dev (Shaheer Sheikh) at the same time is thinking about Neha and Ranveer. Dev tries to call Ranveer but he doesn’t pick up leaving Dev furious. Sona explains him and asks him to call him again tomorrow.

Elena comes to Sona’s house to teach Nikki. While Nikki goes out for some work Sona gives Elena a cheque and asks her to deposit it in Bejoy’s account.

At office, Dev is still furious and starts breaking things. He then asks his secretary to contact Ranveer.

Sona goes to the kitchen and sees Ishwari there. She tells her that she didn’t intend to hurt Neha. Ishwari tells her to be out of this matter and let Dev and Neha handle it. Sona tells her that she will be joining her office soon.

Dev enters Ranveer’s office and starts shouting. He gives Ranveer a new apartment’s keys and asks the two to shift. Ranveer refuses the offer and tells him that Neha should accept him as he is and he won’t leave his family for anything. Dev leaves angrily.

Dev is driving back when he sees Sona on a scooty. She asks him to sit behind her and the two enjoy a drive. Dev tells her about his meeting with Ranveer.