Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi : Dev and Sona argues over Ranveer

Sona (Erica Fernandes) tells Ranveer’s sister-in-law that Neha is angry and needs time. The two decide to speak with Neha and Ranveer as try sorting things between them.

Ishwari is sitting in her room and crying. Sona enters her room and tells her that she understands what she is going through. Ishwari tells Sona that she won’t let Neha go anywhere now and pay all the attention towards her. She also tells Sona to be out of this issue as she is not from their family and doesn’t know the past.

Sona is in her room when Dev enters and hugs her. The two are talking romantic when Ranveer comes to their house. He asks Sona why is she interfering in his family.

Ishwari gets upset from Sona and Radha starts shouting at her. Dev supports her and tells everyone that Sona’s intentions weren’t wrong. Ranveer tells Dev to stay away from his family and walks off.

Dev angrily enters the room. He tells Sona that he understands. She tries telling him that she wants Neha and Ranveer to get back together but Dev says it is not possible now. She starts taking Ranveer’s side, leaving Dev more furious.