Former Bigg Boss contestants Dolly Bindra cheering for Lopamudra Raut

It is not just her teachers and friends in Nagpur who are going all out to support Lopamudra Raut, former Bigg Boss contestants like Dolly Bindra are also cheering for her.

She is playing very well
In a candid chat with us, Dolly Bindra said, “Lopamudra is playing very well. It is nice to see her take a stand against someone like Swami Om, who has many cases pending against him. I’m really amazed that none of her mates from the celebs’ team have come forward to support her. But then Lopa doesn’t need any support. Woh ek bhartiya nari hai, jo sau pe bhari hai.”

Dhongi baba tried to intimidate lopa
Dolly Bindra says that she was really upset when she saw Swami Om trying to intimidate Lopa. “He had no business trying to threaten and intimidate Lopa. He tried to stop her from leaving the room, doling out various threats. I’m glad she did not cow down. If he had tried such a stunt with me, he would have got it left, right and centre. But then what else do you expect from a man who was slapped on the national TV. There is a court hearing that he is supposed to attend on November 8. This man who threatened to kill Saif Ali Khan and other big stars is a fraudster and I hope all the girls inside the celebrity house give it back to him just like Lopa is giving.”