Dulhan Swap track in Naagin 2

A new twist arises in Naagin 2! The track is as follows!

Shivangi tells the police that her family has been killed in an accident and the only name she can remember is that of Yamini. So the cops take her to Yamini’s place and tell her the story Shivangi has told them. Yamini laughs it off and accepts Shivangi as her own.

What happens next is that during Ruchika and Rocky’s wedding, suddenly, the lights go off and turn back on. The wedding rituals continue and Rocky puts the Mangal Sutra on his bride’s neck and when she raises her Ghungat to get the sindoor applied, is when it is revealed that she is Shivangi and not Ruchika!

So when the lights would have gone off, Shivangi would have taken the place of Ruchika somehow. Looks like the game of revenge has begun!

This sequence is going to lead to some major drama and we can’t wait to see what happens next on Naagin 2!

Brace yourselves up for some twists and turns!