Celebs thrive on groupism says Lopamudra’s father

Ever since she entered the Bigg Boss’ house, city girl Lopamudra Raut (Miss United Continents 2016, second Runner-up) has been appreciated by the host Salman Khan as well as the viewers for her forthright stance and dignified appearance.

Well established as a strong contender in the celebrity house, Lopa was nominated for eviction on Monday by her own teammates — the celebs. In a chat with us, her father, Dr Jeevan Raut, calls out the hypocrisy of the so-called celebs…

Celebs thrive on groupism
Dr Raut makes it clear that Lopamudra is playing quite well in the reality show and adds, “She was first nominated by Bani because Lopa is a strong rival. I feel celebs’ team thrives on groupism. They are hypocrites and insecure of Lopa; they say one thing and mean something else. I feel her pageant title and achievements have made the other girls insecure. There is a sense of jealousy that thrives in their hearts because they have not been able to achieve that, so they want to oust her. I’m sure the viewers want her to be in the game.”

Refreshingly real
The proud father says that he’s happy to see the way his daughter is carrying herself in the show. “She is being a mother to all — feeding everyone, takes a stand and sticks to it. She is real and that is what connects her with the viewers. And the celebs, who are underestimating her, will soon realise their folly,” says he.

Adversities can’t deter my girl
She loves to put up a tough fight, especially when she is surrounded by negativity, says Lopa’s dad. He adds, “In the first year of her college, she had to participate in a fashion show and some of the teachers didn’t like the fact that she had to miss the classes. So, she was failed in the practicals. But Lopa stuck to her guns and scored well in the final exams while carving a niche on the ramp. That is how she is. Once she makes up her mind about certain aspects of her career or life, nobody can stop her, not even me. And I can say in all honesty that whenever she has taken a tough decision, she has always been right. Femina Miss India auditions happened during her university examinations and she went till the examination hall and came back for the auditions. Her decision to take a break for one full year, helped her reach where she is today.”

Sending the right message
Dr Jeevan says, “It is heartening to see that when other girls like Priyanka Jagga and Nitibha Kaul asked Om Swami to do some mantra jaap to save them from eviction in Bigg Boss, Lopa chose to expose the fake baba to the world. By doing this, she has given a positive message that superstition and black magic etc. are vile ploys that must not to be promoted by anyone, leave alone the girls. What more can a father ask for?”