Bigg Boss10: Mona teaches Swamiji dance moves

The situation in the Bigg Boss 10 house is getting tensed with each passing day. Few housemates are finding it difficult to cope up with the pressure. However, there is one contestant, who surely knows how to keep everyone amused. Over the past two weeks, Om Swami has entertained his fellow housemates with his various antics and over exaggerated claims.

In tonight’s episode, Swamiji will continue to do the same as he will engage in a fun filled dance with fellow housemate Mona Lisa while taking a dip in the house pool. Upon seeing Mona swimming, Om Swami also entered the pool whilst wearing his signature Saffron clothes.

Mona will teach Swamiji a few dance moves and he will joyously dance along with her. On seeing Swamiji’s performance, Manu and Manveer will grill Swami about his behaviour.

Swamiji will defend himself by saying that he got into the pool to encourage Mona whom he considers to be his daughter.