Bigg Boss 10: What can you expect with the re-entry of Priyanka Jagga

Priyanka Jagga from Germany was the first commoner to be eliminated from Bigg Boss 10. Back then, her eviction didn’t come as a surprise. In no time, she had become quite infamous among the contestants for her constant yelling and brawls with others. Now that the marketing professional is going to be back in the house, we are surely going to witness a lot more drama. Here’s what you can expect with the re-entry of Priyanka Jagga: by Gursimran Kaur Banga

1) More brawls – Her return will surely be a cause of worry for Rohan Mehra and Bani J since both of them had got into massive fights with her. Priyanka had previously fought with Rohan for spilling water on her and asked him to wash her clothes for the mistake. Not only Rohan, she did not spare Bani J either. After a task in the Bigg Boss house, Priyanka asked Bani to wash her pants in which she had peed. Hence, we can expect Bani and Rohan to be more alert and guarded with her in the house.

2) Catfights and more noise in the house: Priyanka was quite loud-mouthed the first time around and did everything to gain attention, be it snapping at other people or yelling at them. Time and again, she got into brawls with the contestants which led her to cause too much noise. This includes the time when she fought with Lopamudra Raut, a celebrity contestant on the show. The two had a heated argument with each other.

3) Priyanka might seek revenge for eviction: Quite clearly, Priyanka knows the ones who voted her out in the elimination round. Hence, it would come as no surprise to see her getting back at them. Unlike the other wild card entries, contestants would have to be more careful about dealing with Priyanka, who now knows it all.

4) More mean acts: Besides being mean with Rohan and Bani, Priyanka had ganged up with Om Swami and instructed him to ring the ‘Hukm Ki Ghanti’ after the Sevaks were fast asleep and demand for food. This just goes on to show that she will create more drama in the house yet again with her mean acts.

5) Play the game smartly: Priyanka might have gone wrong the first time around, but having followed the game after her eviction, we are sure she is better prepared to handle the contestants. While others might still not know about their enemies or friends in the house, Priyanka surely knows everything and might use it against the contestants to gain friends for herself.