Bigg Boss 10: Om Swami and Lopa gets into fight again

Commoner contestant, Om Swami and celebrity contestant Lopamudra have always been at loggerheads since the day they entered the house. In the first week itself Om Swami and beauty queen Lopamudra Raut made their volatile relationship quite evident. And now, as the third week kicks off, the Bigg Boss house will bear witness to a rematch. Om Swami, who has claimed that he considers Lopamudra as daughter numerous times will accuse her of being a tattletale.

Lopamudra overhears Om Swami’s secret conversation. Fearing that she will tell the other housemates regarding the conversation, Om Swami warns Lopamudra to remain quiet and not repeat his words to anyone.

Irked by Om Swami’s rude behaviour, Lopamudra calls Om Swami a hypocrite, revealing that while in front of everyone Swami considers her to be his daughter, he has no qualms about making false claims against her behind her back. Lopamudra tells Om Swami that he has no right to dictate her behaviour in the Bigg Boss house or in life, in general.

On the losing side of the argument, Om Swami leaves without saying anything.