Bigg Boss 10: Monalisa ‘KISSES’ allegedly engaged Manu

Tonight’s task on Bigg Boss Season 10 is going to be a helluva one!

As per the rules of the task, each member of the house will be assigned a role play where Om Swami will be assigned the role of Rajkumar, Nitibha Kaul will be his wife and Lokesh will play his daughter. Manu will essay the role of Gujjar, Gaurav Chopraa will be the advisor of Raja, Lopamudra and Karan Mehra will be the cook, Bani as the bodyguard, Rahul Dev and Monalisa the Sevaks of the house and Rohan Mehra as the entertainer.

While the role play continues, the house will announce secret tasks for the celebrity members which shall be completed without the knowledge of the Raja. The task would be on the lines of clicking one photo each as a proof to the secret task.

And any guesses on what will be one of the secret tasks assigned to them?

Well, the task would include kissing Manu. Manu’s liking for Monalisa is pretty evident and there are no prizes for guessing who would be kissing the lad!

It will be none other than the pretty looking Monalisa!

This episode is definitely going to raise the entertainment quotient higher.

Stay tuned for further updates!