Bigg Boss 10: Mona lashes at Celebrity teammates in the house

Despite all odds, the celebrity contestants of the Bigg Boss house have managed to stay united. Even during the recent Raja vs Rank task they played as a team and came out as winner. However, there is none contestant in the team who still feels an outsider. Any guesses who she is? Well, its none other than Mona Lisa.

The Bhojpuri actress had a major outburst on her team as she lashed out at Gaurav and Rahul. So here’s what actually happened. After announcing the winner of the Raja vs Rank task, Bigg Boss asks the housemates to nominate one weakling each from their respective teams who, according to them, deserves to go to jail.

After extensive discussions, the celebrities find it tough to come up with one name due to which Mona gets really annoyed. And, not one to keep mum, Mona takes it up with them all. She gives a piece of her mind to Rahul and Gaurav. Mona tells them that when this time she has performed so well in the task why are they finding it so difficult to pick one weakling. Mona lashes at them saying they never put so much thought before taking her name and sending her to jail last two times. An agitated Mona goes on to discuss her story with close friend, Manu who adds fuel to the fire.

Well, looks like the celebrities have started feeling the heat of the Bigg Boss house.