Bigg Boss 10: I don’t like Mona Lisa says Manu’s fiancee

Wading through innumerable controversies and fights, love has always managed to find a way in the Bigg Boss house. Every season’s highlight is at least one love story brewing between two inmates. And this time, it’s city boy Manu Punjabi and Bhojpuri actress Mona Lisa ‘s chemistry, which has drawn the attention of other contestants and viewers alike.

Interestingly enough, both of them are committed to different people outside the house. While Mona has a boyfriend named Vikrant Singh Rajpoot whom she plans to marry soon, Manu is engaged to Jaipur girl Priya Saini, who he is also in a live-in relationship with.

They both started dating seven years ago and have been staying together for the past four years. In a chat with us, Priya expressed her dislike for Mona, while Manu’s elder sister Honey thinks it’s nothing more than Manu’s strategy to survive the show longer.

Looks like controversy has made it outside the Bigg Boss house as well. Lashing out at Mona Lisa, Priya told us, “I hate Mona Lisa; she is a despo. Woh jab dekho Manu ke aas paas ghumti rehti hai. She has been nominated so many times in the show. She would not have been able to survive the show, had it not been for Manu. In fact, in one of the episodes, Manu ne bol bhi diya tha ki Mona ne ek mahina survive kar liya show mein, that’s more than enough. She knows that the day Manu and Manveer (another contestant on the show) abandon her; it would be very difficult for her to stay in the house. That’s the reason she keeps hanging out with both of them and tries to get intimate with Manu by hugging and kissing him.”

Manu is friendly towards all his female pals. She added, “As far as Manu is concerned, I know he just treats her as a good friend. I know a lot of people think that Manu is equally at fault since he too is committed. But this doesn’t affect me as I know that Manu is like that off-screen too. Woh apni saari female friends ke sath aise hi friendly hai jaisa Mona ke sath hai. Sometimes I used to tell him that other girls might take his over-friendly nature otherwise, but that’s how he is. I am sure that he doesn’t feel for Mona the way the makers of the show are trying to project. I saw one episode where she was complaining that Manu doesn’t pamper her. She gets jealous when Manu talks to some other girl in the house. Well, I hate her even more after seeing all this!”

While Priya seemed to be in a defensive mode when it came to Manu, she did confess to us that she felt insecure when Manu sang a romantic song for Mona. “I am a normal girl and I do feel insecure at times. I am not with him 24*7, Mona is. I remember one of the episodes where Manu sang a song for Mona. That time I couldn’t control my emotions and started crying as Manu used to sing that same song for me. But later, I composed myself realising that things are not always what they seem to be. I completely trust my fiance,” she said.

When asked if she has any favourites in the house apart from Manu, she said, “I like Lopamudra Raut. She seems to be a sweet girl. I would be happy to see Manu and Lopamudra becoming good friends.” Priya revealed that as soon as Manu comes out of the show, they both would have a Goa wedding.

Manu’s fiancee might have strong reactions to his bonding with Mona Lisa, but his elder sister Honey thinks it’s nothing but Manu’s strategy to remain in the show for longer. She told us, “A love story on Bigg Boss is given in all seasons. Agar koi love angle nahi hota, then the audience finds the show a bit boring. Whenever there is a love story, the makers try to keep those two contestants in the show. Also, it helps the contestants get more votes, which is a win-win situation for both. I think this is Manu’s strategy and I see no harm in it.” Honey added, “I know Manu very well. I don’t think there is anything going on between the two. We all want him to win.” His sister along with her entire family hasn’t missed a single episode of Bigg Boss 10. “We leave all our work and see the show. Only after the episode gets over, we have dinner. We also see uncut videos of the show.”
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Manu’s elder brother Amar Punjabi, who stays in Jodhpur with his mother and wife, said, “We didn’t expect Manu to do so well in the show. We also know that there is nothing to get worried about as far as Mona is concerned. This is what we have been telling Priya also; she is also a family member. I think any girl would get bothered to see his fiance romancing some other girl. But it’s all part of the show. I think she has also understood this now.” Amar also shared that all his neighbours and friends are equally excited to see Manu in Bigg Boss house. “We had put a big projector screen outside our house and invited everybody to see the inaugural episode,” he said.