Bigg Boss 10: Growing friendship between Lokesh Kumari and Rohan Mehra

In just two weeks’ time, the ‘Hallo Superstar’ of the Bigg Boss 10 house, Lokesh Kumari has become everyone’s favourite Indiawali. Be it her funny antics, or her unique style of communicating with the contestants with her musical voice, Lokesh Kumari is a thorough entertainer. In fact, she is liked not only by the viewers but she also seems to be celebrity contestant Rohan Mehra’s favourite person in the house; he has always stood by her side. And even Lokesh Kumari has admitted that Rohan is her favourite person in the Bigg Boss house.

One thing that has come to notice is that whenever Rohan is around Lokesh, she can’t seem to stop smiling and gushing. In the past weeks, it has been evident that whenever someone has spoken ill about Rohan, Lokesh Kumari always taken his side and has defended him.

Even in the episodes gone by, when Rohan will be sent to jail for misbehaving with Nitibha, Lokesh Kumari will be his advocate and convince the King i.e. Om Swami to bring him out of the jail. And while Swamiji gave in, the other team members don’t agree with this decision.

With so many tender moments between Lokesh Kumari and Rohan, and their budding friendship, we cannot help but wonder if Lokesh has started liking Rohan.