Bigg Boss 10: Day 18 Synopsis

As the house welcomes a new day with the celebrities taking over as maliks, the contestants wake up to the tunes of ‘Baba Re Baba Yeh Kya Ho Gaya’.

As the new malik of the house, Rohan orders Om Swami to clean the jail to which Swami retorts that he will do whatever his Prince wants but not aid his revenge. Exasperated with Swami’s response, Rohan says that if he doesn’t clean it he will be sent to jail.

Shocked with the way Monalisa is giving orders to the sevaks, Manveer complains to Manoj saying that she’s nagging them. But, Manu supports her and says that the celebrities haven’t exactly supported her, so now its her time to have some fun. And soon Mona and Lopa get into the pool to unwind enticing the Indiawale who cannot stop ogling at them.

Later in the day, Bigg Boss asks the housemates to nominate one weakling each from their respective teams who, according to them, deserves to go to jail. After extensive discussions, the celebrities find it tough to come up with one name due to which Mona gets really annoyed. And, not one to keep mum, Mona takes it up with them all. On the other hand, the Indiawale are quick to decide that Nitibha was the only one whose performance was not up to the mark.
On seeing, Mona have lunch with Manoj, Gaurav asks her if she is still upset about the nominations. And Mona replies that she was in the washroom when the celebrities ate lunch which is why she joined them. But Gaurav had another story to tell. Apparently, the Indiawale said that Mona had already eaten her lunch which is why they proceeded without her. But, the truth of the matter is that Manoj lied to Gaurav because he had cooked a special dish for Mona and he wanted to eat it with her.

When the contestants are resting in the evening, Bigg Boss punishes Bani, Gaurav and Rahul for breaking house rules and constantly speaking in English. As punishment, they were commanded to pedal a sewing machine like device through the night while ensuring that its light remains lit all the time. If the light were to go off, an alarm would sound in the house waking up the other contestants from their sound sleep. And as is norm with tasks, this one brought a quarrel too – this time between Bani and Gaurav. Taken aback by his comments, Bani not only gives him a piece of her mind, but also ends up in tears.

After a tiring day of arguments and misunderstandings, will the contestants get some sound sleep as Bani, Gaurav and Rahul struggle through the night?