Bigg Boss 10: Day 17 Synopsis

The Royal Kingdom and its subjects wake up to ‘Nazre Mili Dil Dhadka’ welcoming the second day of the luxury budget task. Worried about plots to snatch his mighty throne, Om Swami and his royal family are grumpy about having slept in the living room to protect the kingdom. Quite vexed about this, Manveer points out Swami’s insecurity which earned the royal karmachaaris a good night’s rest. Rohan insists that he wants to help Manoj to put his clothes and after a lot of pleading, Manoj agrees. But, Nitibha gets annoyed with Rohan because he’s taking his role too far. Manoj feels that Rohan is playing a game by showering the men with attention, but remains unperturbed by it.

Making the task more interesting is Om Swami’s rajya abhishek ceremony planned by the Indiawale. The celebrities readily agree because it gives them an opportunity to complete their secret task. Just to annoy Lopa, Nitibha orders her to bring her crown for this ceremony, but Lopa flatly refuses. In fact, she tells Navin and Manoj that she has earned the crown with her own hardwork and cannot just hand it over to someone for a task. The Rajya Abhishek ceremony begins with Om Swami taking a dip in the swimming pool and progresses thereon. The royal subjects, i.e. the celebrities follow it up with a milk bath, and conclude the ceremony with a special bath organized for Swamiji in the Jacuzzi where sevikas Mona and Lopa help him out. The Rajya Abhishek ceremony finally comes to a close with Nitibha crowning the king and everyone leading him back to his throne.

Adding some fun to the task, Rohan prompts Lokesh that they must escape since people will not accept their love. He takes her to the swimming pool saying that was willing to jump in for their love’s sake. And, while Rohan stealthily slips out of the way, Bani successfully pushes Lokesh into the pool. When Om Swami gets to know about this, he gets really annoyed with both Lokesh and Rohan and decides to punish them after subjecting them to his wrath. A lot of the contestants believe that Swamiji has taken his character from the task too far and is disrespecting the contestants. And, they even bring it up with him – some calmly and some with much fury.

With celebrities getting desperate to successfully complete their secret task and hope for respite from being sevaks for three weeks in a row, how will the luxury budget task end? Will the celebrity contestants overthrow the king’s rule?