Bigg Boss 10: Celebs wins secret task; become maaliks in the house

Bigg Boss 10 (Colors and Endemol) might be said to be a thanda season but we do find it super entertaining!

Yesterday, viewers saw Bigg Boss announcing an exciting track, Raja aur Rank, where celebs were given the task of sevaks while the commoners became a royal family.
Adding more fun to the tale, Bigg Boss gave the celebs a secret task where they had to secretly click photos of the given moments.

From Bani pushing Lokesh in the pool to Karan giving an oil massage to Navin; Manveer-Nitibha’s slow romantic dance in the pool to Baba in the Jacuzzi with a female contestants, thrilling tasks were ordered to them.

Putting in all their efforts, the celebs will finally manage to win the task and become the maaliks in the house.

Wohhoo!! Finally they win a task. What do you have to say about it???

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