Bigg Boss 10: Bani gets hurt ; lashes out at celebrity teammates

The new luxury budget task Raja Aur Rank introduced in the Bigg Boss 10 house is churning out some high voltage drama. Yesterday, we saw how few contestants from both commoner and celebrities team got into arguments and ended up fighting. Despite of all the odds, the celebrities have managed to complete few secret tasks given to them by Bigg Boss. The celebrity team has always stood together and shown unity. However, in tonight’s episode two popular members from the team will get into a fight.

During the Raja Aur Rank task, Rohan, who is given to play the role of entertainer (Vidhushak) will unknowingly hurt his teammate Bani. Whenever Rohan is part of a task, he gets carried away and over does it. Something similar happened and because of his enthusiasm, Bani gets hurt and starts bleeding. Bani is quickly given medical assistance. Because of pain Bani loses her cool and lashes out at all her teammates and asks them to leave her alone for sometime.

Rohan on the other hand feels guilty of hurting Bani and starts crying. Karan and other housemates try to calm down Rohan. They try to make him understand that he didn’t do anything intentionally and it was just an accident.

The reason behind Bani’s outburst was not just the pain but also her worry that the injury could hamper her tattoo.
It will be interesting to see whether Bani forgives Rohan and will the unity be back in the team.