Aliya to frame Pragya in Kumkum Bhagya!

Aliya and Tanu have been trying to get Pragya away from Abhi since forever! They are ruthless and have no limits. They have even tried to get Pragya killed just so that Tanu can marry Abhi.

As per the current track, Pragya has hidden Abhi’s name in her Mehendi and both of them are having a fun time. Abhi wants to look at Pragya’s Mehendi so he takes her hands in his and is looking at her Mehendi. This makes Tanu all the more jealous of Pragya! During the ceremony, Aliya was insulted and is all set to make Pragya pay.

She hands Pragya some papers and tells her to get Abhi’s signature on them Asap. Pragya takes the papers and just when Abhi is about to sign the paper, Aliya walks in and stops Abhi. She frames Pragya and tells Abhi that Pragya wants to trick him into transferring all the property to Pragya!

Okay, what? Out of nowhere, why would Pragya suddenly want property?!?

Abhi tells her that Pragya can’t do such a thing and calls his assistant. The assistant is a puppet controlled by Aliya who says Pragya has framed the papers! Aliya then tells Abhi to call the police and get Pragya arrested!

What’s next? Stay tuned for further updates!