Ajaz Khan: Am I so crazy that I’ll send nude pics to someone randomly?

As reported by our tellybuzz team earlier, former Bigg Boss contestant Ajaz Khan was arrested recently for sending nude pictures to some girl in suburbs of Mumbai. Ajaz now has come to media to speak about the incident.

Speaking to press, he claims, “There are many fame-hungry people roaming around who add celebs like me on various social media platforms, befriend us and then try to provoke us. Once we fall into their trap, they use us. Do you think I am so crazy that I will start sending nude pics and obscene messages to someone just randomly? The media runs headlines without even speaking to me just because I am a celebrity.”

According to reports, the complainant said that last month, she received a friend request on Facebook from Ajaz. She accepted it and the two started chatting on the social networking site. Later, they exchanged phone numbers and started chatting on WhatsApp. Earlier this month, the complainant appreciated Ajaz’s WhatsApp profile picture, and then he allegedly sent her an obscene selfie. But Ajaz says, “She added me on Tinder first, then added me on Facebook and started messaging, ‘Ghar aao, dinner bana rahi hoon, drink kya karoge? Some friends are coming, but they will leave soon.’ She wanted money from me. Girls are using this as a way to blackmail people.”