Things to expect from Bigg Boss’ Salman special episode

If there’s no buzz around Salman Khan and his Bigg Boss antics, the season hasn’t kick-started…has it?
Because he has the power to make us fall in love with the show. We have told you what’s in store this weekened ( a bit of it) and here’s some more dope of it.
With Salman in the house, can a weekend ever be boring? Nah. We tell you what to expect inside the house…take a look:
We have seen a lot this week. From common men ruling the roost to fights and naggy conversations, Sabka badla lega tera Salman. Expect epic monologues and leg-pulling session by Salman.
Salman ka class:
When you misbehave in Salman raj, you got to get punished. He is the ultimate ring master in the show. We already mentioned about him scolding Baba and Manoj and we are sure there’s more in store for the viewers. The contestants have been making one another’s life hell and they should be ready to get a class from Salman.
Re union:
This weekend, Kamya Punjabi (Ex-Bigg Boss contestant) is going to be on the show as a guest! After a long time, it’s going to be a Salman-Kamya reunion! So, viewers will surely get to relive those days when Salman and Kamya used to have a gala time entertaining the audiences. Also, how can we forget Kamya flirting with Salman?
Punchy dialogues:
We missed Salman’s style of saying his popular punch line – Do whatever you want to do Mann! We can expect Salman to treat us with this and more.
Sense of humour:
Bhai and his comic timing is epic. When he ROFLs in the show, audiences go all tickly wickly in their homes. We simply can’t afford to miss Salman’s amazing sense of humour!
The weekend episode is going to be a laugh riot for sure.
We are eagerly waiting for this entertaining episode! Are you?