Suicide, suspect and suspense in Sony TV’s Beyhadh

Sony Entertainment Television’s latest offering Beyhadh (Cinevistaas) is quite intriguing.

The talented actors’ powerful performances and captivating twists and turns have left us wanting for more.

And what’s coming up next will blow your mind.

Loyal viewers have witnessed Arjun (Kushal Tandon) smashing cake on Maya’s (Jennifer Winget) face (during her birthday), which made her recall her ugly past.

In the upcoming track, Maya will walk towards the sea, reminiscing her past. Arjun will follow her thinking she would do something stupid but she will wash her face and would leave in a cab.

Furthermore, Arjun will decide to go to Maya’s apartment to get some important papers signed but the security will not allow him inside.
Meanwhile, Maya would contemplate suicide by drowning herself in the bath tub.

Arjun will manage to enter Maya’s apartment through the window to get the deal papers signed.

On hearing noises in her room, Maya will appear and meet Arjun. Maya would ask Arjun to leave.

Next morning, Arjun will be accused of robbing a campaign plan from Maya’s office. He would feel insulted and will quit his job but Maya will ask him to prove his innocence as he was with her when the incident took place.

Both Maya and Arjun will join hands to find out who stole the campaign plan.
Will they manage to find the real culprit? Will this plan bring Maya and Arjun together?

Unfortunately, we couldn’t reach Kushal for a comment.