Shivangi gets her hands upon the mystery of ‘Naagmani’ in Naagin 2!

The story has gradually started unfolding and the race for winning the Naagmani has kickstarted in Naagin 2!

Shivanya fought for her life, and now, it is her daughter Shivangi who will be seeking for justice. As the vamps have doubled up in the show; Maheshmati, Yamini, and Shesha have come together to make Shivangi’s life difficult and it is only her love Rocky who will be by her side.

In the episodes to be telecast, it will soon be revealed that Shivangi will get her hands on the book which holds the mystery of the ‘Naagmani’!

While Yamini, Maheshmati and Shesha celebrate Shivanya’s death, Shivangi will be seen crying reminiscing her mother with the mystery book.

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