Shivaay blames Anika for spending a night with him in Ishqbaaaz!

We recently wrote about Shivaay and Anika’s romantic moments on the show Ishqbaaz. And now, a twist in their love story is about to happen! As per the current track, Shivaay, who has popped a little too many painkillers gets in a bit vulnerable state. The painkillers get him tipsy and he can’t think straight.

Shivaay goes to Anika and speaks his heart out. He tells her how he has a special connection with her. Shivaay starts having mild hallucinations and sleeps over Anika’s lap. The next day, we will wake up and be shocked! Because of the painkillers, Shivaay won’t remember the previous night.

Shivaay gets even more shocked to see Anika sleeping with him! Shivaay will get furious and accuse Anika of taking advantage of him while he was half conscious. Anika will try her best to convince him but Shivaay will just not remember what happened the previous night. Shivaay is acting all crybaby here and he is going to stir up some drama in the upcoming episodes. He himself came to her in a tipsy state and when she comforted him, he is blaming her for using him? Keep reading this space for more updates!