Sharmin Kazi: I believe in cooking my own diet food

Actor Sharmin Kazi is happy and elated to be seen in the character of Yuvani in Star Plus’ show Suhani Si Ek Ladki (Panorama Entertainment).
After playing the simple girl role in her earlier shows, Sharmin is all the more pepped up to play the character with oodles of attitude in the above mentioned project.
Says Sharmin, “I have never done this kind of a character before. Yuvani is a modern girl with an aspiration to become a model. She has her own ways of living life. She’s not happy with her mom, as she feels her mom is more close to Krishna.”
Sharmin, who is simple when it comes to her make-up in real life, finds it a challenge to look classy, yet modern on screen in Suhani. “I played the simple girl in Million Dollar Girl. This character in Suhani is so different, as it requires me to look modern as she is an aspiring model. So this means I have to spend a lot of time daily on my look and make-up. I have to say, I am enjoying this too.”
Talking about using make-up in daily life, the girl adds, “I prefer to keep it simple. I am usually seen with sun-screen and lip balm when I am not shooting.”
Sharmin is quite health conscious, and takes her own food daily to the set. “As actors, we need to take care of the food we eat. I am very diet conscious, so I see to it that I pack everything that I need for the day. I never take food from the set. Even if I have an early call time, I see to it that I get up early, work out and cook for myself. I believe in cooking my own diet food. But I guess if work gets all the more hectic, I have to train a cook to prepare diet food for me.”
Way to go, Sharmin!! All the very best to you!