Salman Khan loves Lokesh’s funny antics; tells her she is the most entertaining person in the house

All pumped up to host the Bigg Boss- Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Salman will be seen taking a round-up of the previous week and asking the contestants about their experience.
He would turn to Lokesh and tell her that he loves the way she entertains everyone by speaking to the camera in the most unique and entertaining manner.

Salman will further tell Lokesh to perform the Bigg Boss rap that she has created.
Salman will even imitate her and tell her that she is the most entertaining person in the house.
Salman will also ask Lokesh to say something about the four nominated contestants in her style and tell if they deserve to stay inside the house or get eliminated.
If this was about fun, common man camp members Baba and Manoj will face Bhai’s ire.

Salman will chide Baba for apologising, time and again, after making mistakes. He would ask him why does he have to commit mistakes and apologise later.
Furthermore, during the interaction with the contestants, Manoj will tell Salman rudely that he is not aware about Rohan’s name. The host will ask him how is that possible that he is yet to register Rohan’s name. Manoj would retaliate and say, “May be meri galti hain”, to which Salman will slap back: “Galti nahin aapki badtaameezi hai.”