Raman and Ishita to get insulted in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein!

Adi and Aliya’s romance has already caused a lot of drama on the show. Now that things are finally getting in order, new trouble stirs up in the track! Everyone has now accepted Adi and Aliya’s relationship and Ishita has convinced Raman to accept Aliya as well. After a lot of hesitation, Raman has approved of their relationship for Adi’s happiness.

It will so happen that Aliya’s Dadi will now organize a pre-wedding ceremony according to Tamil rituals and everyone arrives for the puja decked up in traditional outfits. Adi and Aliya sit for the puja and ceremonies are about to begin. That’s when the whole incident will start. The Pandit will tell Raman and Ishita to sit for the proceedings. But Vandu’s mother in law will create drama.

She claims that Raman and Ishita have been away from each other for several years and hence they are not the ideal married couple. She insults them and says that they are not a real husband-wife couple! Aliya’s Dadi, who wasn’t aware about the same gets shocked to hear about it!

Raman and Ishita feel insulted and are ashamed. Raman is also angry and we are expecting some intense scenes to follow!