Priyanka Jagga and Om Swami emerged as masterminds in the game

Bigg Boss 10 has opened with great response. The commoners have made it to headlines and are definitely proving to be better performers than the celebrities. But two Indiawale contestants seem to be standing out and have emerged as the masterminds in the game – Priyanka Jagga and Om Swami.

The two have been manipulating and plotting against the contestants at various instances and have been playing double games. They have been creating a lot of confusion within the house and being the reason for most of the arguments and disputes.

While Priyanka thinks that she can use Om Swami to her benefit, she asks him to support her to trouble the celebrities by asking them to cook in the middle of the night

When Swamiji gets into a fight with the celebrities, she stands in support of Swamiji but goes against him behind his back
Even Swamiji plays a double game and tells Gaurav that Priyanka has been using him against the celebrities

It will be interesting to see how Priyanka and Swamiji’s plans will shape up the game.

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