Pragya leaves from Abhi’s mehendi function; Abhi goes after her

Alia accuses Pooja of blaming her and Tanu for the previous incident uselessly. She says that Pooja is head over heels in love with her brother.
Abhi, and that is the reason she was at the mehendi ceremony because she wanted to stop Abhi from marrying Tanu.

Alia takes Pooja’s phone and shows her edited pictures with Abhi to her brother and proves that Pooja has an obsession for Abhi.
After all this drama, Abhi promises Alia never to listen to any of his fans or friends. He says that he would always listen to his family first in all matters.

Alia threatens Purab to think before planning against her from next time. She later has a heated argument with Pragya in front of all the guests at the party.

Pragya’s mother and Janki come to Abhi’s mehendi ceremony and Alia, Tanu are shocked to see them.

Pragya later leaves from the function venue and Abhi goes after her.
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