New luxury budget task in Bigg Boss 10

Bigg Boss 10 (Colors, Endemol) is set to introduce a new luxury budget task – BB Laundry in the second week of the show.

It is an arduous task involving washing, cleaning and ironing clothes. A conveyor belt is placed in the garden area through which different types of clothes are sent in.

The housemates are divided into two teams- celebrities are team blue while Indiawale are team orange.

Once the conveyor belt starts moving, members of both the teams have to pick their set of clothes by standing behind the barricade and further wash, clean and iron them and present a final product to the inspector from the opposition team.

The inspector is given the power to check the quality of the clothes after they are washed and reject clothes that are not up to the mark and might have stains or creases on it.

While Rohan elected as the inspector for Team Orange, Nitibha is the inspector for Team Blue.

The winner of the task will not only have the opportunity to decide the luxury budget but it will also have implications on ‘satta parivartan’ and nominations.

Who do you think will win the luxury task?