Namish Taneja plans to quit Swaragini?

Namish Taneja, who catapulted to fame as Lakshya in ‘Swaragini’, has not been seen on the show since the past few days. The daily soap took a small time leap of six months and he has been shown to have going missing in the ongoing track. And now we hear that unhappy with this track, the actor is even planning to quit the show.
According to a source associated with the show, “Namish is not happy with the way his character is shaping up. He feels he is being sidelined. And the missing drama has put the final nail in the coffin. He’s now contemplating quitting the show.”
While Namish refused to comment on the news, he has expressed his displeasure on his social media account. Namish tweeted, “If u don’t like whr u r,whr u r not satisfied,whr ur talent,love & care r not utilized properly.MOVE! You’re not a tree. #MorningMotivation.”