Karan Mehra: After Naitik, people will get to see the real me in Bigg Boss

It was a huge surprise for fans as the dashing Karan Mehra aka the ex- Naitik from Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai entered the controversial house Bigg Boss 10 (Colors and Endemol) last night.
Before entering the den, Karan spoke to us and shared his excitement.
“This is something I haven’t done before and am really looking forward to Bigg Boss. It’s a very different feeling and am sure the experience would be unique. Though we hear a lot about Bigg Boss, I think it is a fun place to be and this time the format is also new, so let’s see how it turns out to be,” he said smilingly.
Karan added, “People have seen me for ages as Naitik and it is a great opportunity to showcase the real Karan to them. What he feels, how he reacts; it would be a fresh experience for my audience too. I will be put under a lot of pressure and I will really like to know how I would react. This kind of attracted me as I am known to be patient and I want to see how long it lasts (laughs).”
When we quizzed him about his health issues (suffered back issues), he said, “It is getting better. For the last five months I took care of myself and though it is not entirely sorted, it is kind of taken care of.”
Furthermore, when we asked Karan if Bigg Boss was the reason for quitting Yeh Rishta, he said, “It’s a misconception. People think contestants are signed beforehand. But it was around a fortnight back that I signed the show.”
With the format having a mix bunch of celebs and common man, we asked the actor if he will be comfortable with them. “I don’t think it would be an issue. I was not born a celeb and have had a upbringing like any normal person. I have no air or ego of being popular and that would help me to connect with the people in the house. I can easily relate to them.”
And what if one of them turns out to be his huge fan, we questioned. “Aaah that would get difficult (laughs). But it will be fun and nice to have some support in the house already. I have always loved and appreciated my fans and I think it will be a great time to interact with them.”
Talking about Nisha (wife Nisha Rawal), Karan shared, “It’s the biggest drawback that we will be away from each other for so long. But she supported me and was the one who pushed me and I am sure we will do good.”
And finally when we asked if he and his co-star Rohan Mehra (co contestant) will team up together, the actor said, “The boy has grown up in front of me and I have always taken his stand. He knows it and appreciates the fact, so it will be a happy time for us. Although it’s funny and ironical that I said good bye to him in Yeh Rishta…and now that we meet, we will be again in a show together.”
Before bidding goodbye to us, Karan said he is eager for the show and requests his fans to vote for him.
Good luck Karan!