Hidden secrets of Indiawale will be revealed in Bigg Boss 10

Day 1 was quite entertaining with the celebs turned into servants and Indiawale (common man) made into maaliks.
With the bosses giving the servant’s a hard time; it will be now time to turn the tables.
The day 2 of Bigg Boss will bring forward a new luxury budget task wherein the hidden secrets of Indiawale will be revealed.
‘Raaz’ as the task will be called, will give a chance to the celebrities to solve a riddle guess the name of the commoner contestant whose secret it would be attributed to.
If the celebrities prove successful in solving the riddle and attributing it to the correct commoner, they will get to be the maliks of the house while the Indiawale contestants will become their sevaks.
Also if the celeb gives the right answer, the chosen Indiawale will have to admit their secret and displace the piece of paper placed in a bottle in the living area.
Will the tables turn and celebrities will get the malik status?
Catch the exciting episode tonight!