Future of Colors’ Bigg Boss 10 by Munishai Khatwani

Colors’ Bigg Boss 10 is back with a bang! It might not be even a week-old, but is already creating a lot of buzz.

As we know, the Bigg Boss 10 has commoners competing against celebs for the coveted trophy.

The previous season of Bigg Boss was said to be a bore, but will season 10 manage to entertain us?

Let’s find out what our in-house tarot card reader Munishai Khatwani has to say about it…

“Bigg Boss has got the Card of Ten of Pentacles and Sun, which means that this season will have a fixed audience. It will do well, but at the same time, it will be involved in many controversies. The host of the show Salman Khan has got the Card of World, which connotes that he will do fabulous as a host.”

She continued, “I don’t really see commoners making their way till the end, but there are a few celebs- Karan Mehra, VJ Bani and Rahul Dev- with bright chances of impressing masses.

“Bani has got the Card of Ten of Wards, which says that she will focus on the game rather than getting bothered by others. Karan’s Two of Cups signifies that he will be a peacemaker in the house. While Rahul has got the Card of Three of Pentacles, meaning that his attitude will be liked by viewers.”

So, guys, are you enjoying BB 10?