Five must-do advices by Bigg Boss Season 1 winner Rahul Roy

The most controversial reality show Bigg Boss (Colors and Endemol) is all set to launch this weekend.
Started a decade back, the house of Bigg Boss will for the first time open its doors for commoners to stay captive for 100 days, along with celebs, and be the ultimate winner.
The first season of the series saw Aashiqui star Rahul Roy take home the trophy and the prize money as the champion.
When Rahul had entered the show, not many had imagined a winner in him. A demure personality, soft spoken, not someone to indulge in fights, he seemed completely in contrast to his fellow mates who bamboozled one and all with their flamboyant and overt personas. But his honesty and consistency touched viewers’ heart and he surpassed everyone to become the champ.
Leaving behind his sparkling career, Rahul stepped out of the limelight to focus on his personal issues. He recently forayed into TV recently when he donned the captain’s hat for one of the BCL teams.
And now, he will be making his big screen comeback with 2016: The End. At the promotional meet, we caught up with the star who still looks as handsome as ever. His silky long hair adorning his face, the man can still melt many hearts.
As we got into a conversation, we asked Rahul, what according him are the cardinal rules of winning Bigg Boss.
Going back into his moments in the house, the actor thoughtfully said, “Bigg Boss has evolved a lot over the years but few things do remain the same. I would also like to mention that Salman (Khan) is doing a fabulous job and he adds a lot of fun value to the show.”
Here are five must-do advices for Bigg Boss 10 contestants.
1.Choose your fights

Fights are inevitable but you should choose them wisely. One should understand the consequences of your anger towards specific people. Also fight but know when to stop.
2.Have a clear vision
Make sure you give out clear signals of what you want from housemates and audience. Have a clear vision of how you want to be interpreted as. You should clearly know what you are saying and doing and be up to take responsibility of it.
3.Be honest and consistent

Audience can see through your performance and will know if you are putting up an act. Be honest and consistent, that is a mark of a real player. And viewers would vote for only them.
4.Don’t be in a rush to form alliance
There is no hurry, so analyze everyone and choose your friends and enemies carefully. Don’t judge people too soon. Have a good time with every contestant.
5.Try not to embarrass yourself too much

There are too many cameras pointing towards you, and the world stalking your every move. Have fun but do not embarrass yourself too much. You will have to live with your actions forever. And you would not want to be haunted by it.
Wow! That’s some wisdom Rahul!!