Ek Tha Raja set to reprise Mughal-e-Azam’s iconic scene

Mughal-e-Azam : the magnum opus, cinema extraordinaire, the Kohinoor of Indian cinema will find its glimpses on the small screen space.

Yes, Zee TV’s Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani (Sphereorigins) is set to reprise a scene form the iconic above movie.

The coming episodes will air a major conflict between Rani (Eisha Singh) and Lovey (Poonam Preet).

Lovey will mercilessly beat up Rani, tie her hand, gag her mouth and bury her alive in a wall (remember: Akbar did the same to Anarkali in the movie).
Raja (Sarrtaj Gill) will reach the fight scene and use his senses to find clues. He will sniff suspicion and start looking out for Rani. He will spot broken bangles and blood stains on a nearby wall. Desperate and frightened, he will start digging and rescue Rani.

On the other hand, vicious Badi Ranimaa (Surekha Sikri) will offer Rajmata (Anita Raj) as human sacrifice in a temple. But in the nick of time, Raja and Rani will save Rajmata.
More good news for ETR fans!

Lovey will soon reveal the truth of her and Badi Ranimaa being responsible for the sadistic scheming. After the major revelation, Raja will ask them to leave Rajmahal.

We buzzed Eisha and Sarrtaj for a comment but they remained unavailable.
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