Dil Deke Dekho actress Navneet Nishan shares love tips

SAB TV vows to celebrate love and romance with their new romcom Dil Deke Dekho that will launch tonight (18 October).
The amazing series will narrate the love stories of three generations.
The plot of the show will highlight the struggles that each generation faces while trying to express their love for their partner.
Actress Navneet Nishan, who’s playing the role of Tulsi Chopra opposite actor Kanwaljit Singh, shares five love tips for a healthy relationship. Read on!
1. Respect
Giving respect to your partner is very important. Treat them like your equal and never put them down on any occasion.
2. Give space to each other
Give space to your partner as everyone has their own priorities, which need to be taken care of.
3. Adjustment
Adjustment is the key to every relationship. Don’t take things to ego and try talking out all issues to come to a happy conclusion.
4. Small gestures
Make sure to surprise your partner with small gestures and surprises. Sometimes, little things make big differences.
5. Sense of humour
Having a good sense of humour takes care of stressful moments. Be happy and spread happiness along. That way you can live a cherished conjugal life.
That’s some beautiful tips, Navneet!