Celebrities become maaliks in Bigg Boss 10

We do know you are excited about tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 10.
The ‘weekend ka vaar’ with Salman Khan promises to be an exciting affair. We have already told you what all will happen in the episode (Read).
And now we are back with a super thrilling piece of information.
In the coming episodes, the celebrities will become the maaliks and the Indiawale will turn sevaks.
Why? How? When? Too many questions right?
Here, let us share it with you…
After the weekend episodes, the Indiawale will be seen discussing nominations and will also be plotting against the celebs.
With the biggest ‘ulanghan’ (breaking of law), Bigg Boss will punish them by taking away their powers.
As viewers would know, the common man group had earlier also broken a law and had received a chance to retain their power. But this time, Bigg Boss will bring about major twist with this paasa palat.
How will the sevaks react? Will celebs avenge all the wrongdoings they faced?
Stay hooked for more!