Bitchy behavioral makeover of Indiawale Priyanka Jagga in Bigg Boss 10

The Bigg Boss ‘rule book’ has given the commoners the luxury of being the ‘maaliks’ to the celebrities who have been reduced to being ‘sevaks’.
And one person who seems to have taken this ‘rule book’ too seriously is the Indiawale, Priyanka Jagga.
We hear that the lady has turned to her snobbish best, from the time she’s been elevated to the level of ‘maalik’.
As per sources, “Priyanka has taken the act too seriously, and has been dictating her terms and conditions towards everyone, irrespective of their seniority levels.”
In an incident wherein the celebrity sevaks were made to prepare bhurji for food, Priyanka apparently showed her power.
The episode to be aired tonight will have her getting into a tangle with Rohan Mehra, wherein she will call the cooked bhurji ‘nasty’. Rohan will be seen trying to handle the situation, but Priyanka will literally snub him.
As we know, Priyanka is married to a Canadian. The lady is a businesswoman who runs a BPO along with her husband. The lady believes that she was forced into marrying the guy.
Is Priyanka’s behavioral change for the good? Or will her bitchiness get her enemies in the house?