Bigg Boss 10 Review: Celebrities to play it safe while commoners to entertain

Bigg Boss is back and how! The show managed to create buzz even before its launch. By introducing common man to the game, along with the celebrities, the show has broken the norms. How the new twist turns out, remains to be seen.
The controversial series premiered last night, and going by the first episode it seems that the celebrities will continue to do, what they do best – play it safe. While commoners, such as Swami Ji and Lokesh Kumari, will ensure entertainment in the house.
In the launch episode, host Salman Khan had the usual demeanor. And it wasn’t surprising to see him laugh with the contestants, praise them or even cut them short. Interestingly, Salman became a guide for the viewers and took them around for a tour in the house. This time the elements of folk, along with the royal touch, make the house worth giving attention to.

Next, the celebrity contestants were introduced alongside the commoners. Starting with the aam aadmi, our best bet is on Swami Ji and Lokesh Kumari. With their quirks, they managed to keep us in splits, and so we can’t wait to see what they have in store for us inside. Swami Ji was on a roll – from finding a suitable girl for Salman to narrating the amusing incident of kicking a Hollywood actress. While Lokesh Kumari claimed that she does everything herself, including styling her hair and wearing a sari. Another one is Akansha Sharma, wife of Yuvraj Singh’s younger brother, who is currently fighting for a divorce. She might spill some secrets about the family that we are all ears for.
On the list of celebrities, there is no one who would deny that Karan Mehra’s presence would make them watch every episode. His romantic hero charm is something the viewers are waiting to see. Plus, even we couldn’t stop gushing looking at his love for his wife Nisha. Besides, there are hotties like Bani J, Gaurav Chopra and Rahul Dev who are going to raise the hotness bar in the house. Like always, there is a contestant from the Bhojpuri industry. This time it is Mona Lisa. One can easily expect fireworks from her as well.

Though the first episode included merely introducing the contestants and their abode for the coming days, it could have been made more interesting with different elements than a straight off introduction with a song. The performances by the celebrity contestants were seriously average and nothing too fancy.
What added glamour, however, was Deepika’s presence on the show. Even as the debate about her wearing the same dress as Kylie Jenner continues, there is no denial that she looked a million bucks in her stunning outfit and thigh high boots. She released the trailer of her Hollywood debut on the show and even met the contestants inside the house.
Bigg Boss airs on Colors, and the drama is supposed to begin today with the new rule of the house, where celebs become sevaks and commoners are the maaliks. Now that should be interesting to watch, isn’t it?!