Bigg Boss 10: Priyanka Jagga not going back in the Bigg Boss 10 house

Priyanka Jagga was the first contestant to get eliminated from the Bigg Boss 10 house and she surely managed to create a lot of buzz while her stay.
A recruiter in marketing, Priyanka entered the house as a commoner and set the whole house on fire.

She made celebrities turned sevaks on the show do household work in the middle of the night and during tasks. Also her loud voice and speech made her all over the place.

A day after her elimination, Bigg Boss put Priyanka’s cutout in the lawn making everyone think about her re-entry. There were speculations of her coming back soon with some new twist.

However, Priyanka, recently posted on her Facebook that she doesn’t want to go back in the house.

She posted “Friends i dont want to go back in Big Boss 10..Support me.. i lov u all Is kahani ka the End ho gaya hai..Kahani mai koi twist nai.. Enjoy jo karna hai karo yaaro..”